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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vampire Diaries: What has been going on?

Hey Vampire Diaries Fans!
So since I haven't been doing Vampire Diaries recaps I decided I will do just a Overview on what has been going on in Mystic Falls.
We all know that Elena and Damon finally kissed! I was excited about that because I think Elena and Damon should be together. Stefan hasn't been close to Elena in a while and he almost ran her off the Bridge where her Parents died at. So After the Kiss, Elena has been acting weird around Damon and the others kinda knew what was going on. Okay so we all know that Klaus and Stefan are still facing off because Stefan is still hiding the Coffins from Klaus. Stefan has got the help from Bonnie to try and figure out a way to open the Coffin because who ever is in there is the key to killing Klaus. Bonnie has tried everything but couldn't get it to open so she started to search for her Mother who she hasn't since in years to see if her Mom has any Magic to help her open the Coffin. Elena offered to go with Bonnie to meet her Mom so that Bonnie wouldn't have to go alone.
So Bonnie soon found out that her Mom doesn't have her Powers anymore so she doesn't know what to do. Bonnie Mom decided that she will try and see what she can do to help Bonnie. Stefan and Damon decided to let Klaus have the Coffins except for one and that was the key to killing Klaus that they wanted to open. Anyways we Find out that someone is Killing people and turning them into Vampires? It's not Klaus either but I think it is Meredith who is a Doctor and is fond of Alaric. So the mystery person decided to go after Alaric, Elena and Matt found Alaric dead upstairs. Alaric had to be rushed to the Hospital again because it's now taking him longer to recover. So lets move on to Tyler, Ever since he bitten Caroline, Caroline Dad decided that he can't be around Caroline till he can control him being a Wolf. Caroline Dad offered to help Tyler by making Tyler turn into a Wolf without the Full Moon. Tyler couldn't do it so Tyler decided to leave Mystic Falls until he can control who he is.
So with the Mystery person killing people and turning them into Vampires the next one on the list is Caroline Dad. Caroline found her Dad in a Supplies Room in the Hospital and he had a knife in his chest and when he woke up he was in the phase of turning into a Vampire. Caroline Dad doesn't want to be a Vampire and feed on humans so he told Caroline just to let him die. Caroline doesn't want to lose her Dad so she tries to convince him to feed but sadly he just believes he shouldn't be a Vampire. Soon Caroline Dad dies and it leaves Caroline crying because she and her Dad were finally getting close and now he is gone. This Scene made me cry because I felt sorry for Caroline.
So Eljah was let out by Damon because Elijah still had his differences with Klaus after what Klaus did to him. But what Klaus didn't realize was that all the Originals were let out and he got to see his brothers and Rebekah once again. Meanwhile Bonnie and her Mom finally got the last Coffin to open and it was The Originals Mother Esther the Original Witch. Esther is the key to killing Klaus but once she shows up and sees her sons and Daughter she tells Klaus that she doesn't want to kill him that she wants her family to be together.
Esther was protected by Bonnie's family in the past and Esther was on the other side with all the witches for a 1,000 years until she was finally alive again. For all those years she was treated badly by the witches because of her creating Vampires. Esther now wants to fix what she did because she knew that it was wrong what she did but she was only trying to protect her family from Wolfs. The Original Family decided it was time to throw a Ball and invite all of Mystic Falls. Esther wanted to talk to Elena but Damon thought it was a Bad idea for Elena to go alone so Damon told her not to show up at the Ball. Stefan didn't care what Elena did. Elena showed up at the Ball anyways and she was escorted by Damon and Stefan. Caroline was asked to the Ball by Klaus because Klaus humanity is starting to show because he likes Caroline. Matt was invited too by Rebekah, which Caroline didn't approve of. So it was time for the Ball and it was time for the Original Family to see the people of Mystic Falls.
At the Ball the Original Family said that it was time for the Waltz. Damon and Elena were partnered together, Matt and Rebekah, and Caroline with Klaus. Elena knew that if she wanted to be alone with Esther that she needed the help from Stefan. Stefan said that he would help her and Elena tricked Damon and Stefan put Damon out for a bit while Elena could get away to talk to Esther. When Elena was finally alone with Esther, Esther told her that she needed a little of Elena blood so that Esther can kill her Sons and Daughter. Elena was confused on why she wanted them all dead but Esther said that she had to fix the mistake that she did so that the Witches would take her back again on their good graces. Elena offered to help and she lied to Elijah because Elijah wanted to know what they talked about but Elena couldn't tell him the truth.
So how is the Relationship with Caroline and Klaus? Well at the Ball when Caroline was outside seeing the Horse, Klaus told Caroline that he fancy her and that he liked her! I don't know about you but I really want Klaus and Caroline to be together. Caroline doesn't think so, She tells Klaus that he can't just buy her Love by Jewelry and things. Caroline also told Klaus that she was taken by Tyler and that to give Tyler his life back. Caroline said some pretty harsh things to Klaus but I think he knew that everything she said was true about him. I felt sad because I want them two to be together. Anyways Rebekah decided to get back at Elena by wanting Ko to kill Matt! Rebekah lured Matt outside but she realize how nice Matt was acting toward her so she decided that she didn't want him to be killed. Ko told his sister that she was falling for Matt and Rebekah said that she wasn't but you can tell that she really did like Matt.
So Damon finally woke up and he was angry at Stefan for letting her go alone to talk to Esther. Stefan told Damon that he cared too much for Elena and that Damon was starting to become a Liability.  Damon decided that he needed to go find Elena and talk to her about what she did. While trying to find Elena, Damon saw Ko trying to hurt Matt and Damon saved Matt. Damon finally got to Elena and Damon grab her arm saying it was time to go. Elena asked if he was mad at her because she got help from Stefan but Damon said he was mad at her because he Loved her! Elena said well thats the problem but Elena didn't mean for it to come out that way but Damon said "No I understand, I care too much, I am a Liability, How Ironic." Poor Damon, He just wants to protect Elena!  Damon got mad and Decided to snap one of the Original's neck. Stefan took Elena home and asked what was with Damon. Elena said that she said something she didn't mean and Stefan said so did I. Elena asked Stefan if he ever cared and he said if he starts to care all he would feel is saddness and pain because he bitten Elena.
So at the Mystic Falls Grill, Rebekah came to apologize for what Ko did to Matt but Matt told her to leave him alone and he left. Damon showed up and sat next to her and started to drink because he was still upset by what Elena said to him. All of the Sudden we see Damon and Rebekah kissing and hooking up! 
Anyways Caroline finally went home after being at the Ball with Klaus. When Caroline was in her room she saw another Gift from Klaus. Caroline didn't want anything else from Klaus but decided to open it anyways.
Klaus had drew Caroline with a Horse because he knew from what Caroline said that she liked horses. At the bottom of the drawing it says "Thank you for your Honesty, Klaus."

*This was just a Overview of what had been going on in Mystic Falls in the past episodes. I hope you been enjoying this show as much as I had. Just wanna say that I want Caroline and Klaus to be together!*

CES <3

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  1. I feel so bad for Damon too! I totally agree, I really want Klaus and Caroline to be together too!