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Friday, February 10, 2012

Vampire Diaries Fashion Series:Elena

Hey everyone! This is my first post for this Series of Vampire Diaries Fashion. My last Series I did was on Pretty Little Liars Fashion and you can check that out! I am doing Fashion for Elena, Katherine, Bonnie and Caroline. This first one is all about Elena Style and what I think she would wear.
Elena style is mostly Casual but when it's expected for her to dress up Elena knows how to get a crowd to look at how amazing she is. Elena though mostly wears knee high boots, V-neck tshirts, tank tops, Jeans, Leather Jacket and the necklace that Stefan gave her.

Disclaimer: This is just my View on her style and what I think she would wear.

Just a Simple red Tank Top that Elena could pair with a leather jacket, jeans and some boots.

Elena is shown sometimes wearing Knee High Boots.

Just a Simple V-neck Tshirt that Elena often wears in the Episodes.

As we now see Elena works out a lot often now so I thought that this whole outfit is something that Elena would wear when she goes running or just hitting the punching bag.

These are some cute Jeans that kinda have that ombre look at the bottom of it. Elena could easily pair these with a Tank Top and some flats and be on her way to school. She can also pair this with a color scarf for some pop of color.

Elena sometimes is seen wearing a Leather Jacket.

Elena has a Bag just like this that is Seen most often on the Show.

Elena wore a Dress similar to this for her Birthday Party.

*So I hope that you had Enjoyed this. Comment below on what you thought about this! Next up will be Katherine*

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