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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Review: The Movie "Red Riding Hood"

Hey! I been wanting to talk about this Movie ever since I first saw it.
Amanda Seyfried plays Red Riding Hood aka Valerie who has to fight for her life and save the people she loves from the Big Bad Wolf. Amanda plays her character really well and I think she did a good Job. I love this Picture of her!

This Movie is set in a Medieval Village that is haunted by a werewolf, a Young girl falls for a Orphaned woodcutter, much to her family displeasure who wanted her to marry a rich guy that they knew.

Shiloh plays the Orphaned Woodcutter aka Peter who falls in love with Valerie. He has to Protect her at any cost.
I think Shiloh is really sexy and plays the bad boy really good.
The Character is not wanted by the Red Riding Hood family and Rather see their daughter with someone else.

Max Irons plays Henry who is suppose to marry Valerie. His family is Rich and He knows he can provide for her more than Peter can. When hunting down the Wolf his Dad dies by the Wolf, leaving him to seek revenge on the Wolf that kills his father.

Virginia plays Suzette who is Valerie Mother. She loses her Younger Daughter because the Wolf kills her. We find out that Valerie mother has an affair with Henry father.

Billy Burke who we all know from Twilight plays Cesaire who is Valerie father.

This movie is set in a Medieval Village who is threaten by a Wolf who is killing people in the Village. The next one to die was Valerie younger sister. Valerie is in love with Peter who is a Woodcutter, her family doesn't want her around him but Valerie doesn't care because she wants to be with him. Soon after more people in the Village started to die so they had to call in people from outside their Village to help kill the Wolf. Solomon is the main guy that comes from outside the Village and into the Village to help them kill the Wolf. He starts changing a lot of stuff in their Village and causing the people to be even more fearful and not ever wanting to come out of their houses. They set off a Group to go into a Cave where they thought the Wolf was hiding but they didn't manage to kill the off. Henry Dad dies trying to fight off the Wolf which makes Henry angry and wanting revenge on the Wolf. Valerie parents set her up to Marry Henry but she doesn't want to and he knows that she is in love with Peter so he decides not to force her to marry him. One night at a Party they were having in the Village, the Wolf comes and almost attacks Valerie when all of the sudden Valerie hears the Wolf talking to her and her Friend next to her doesn't hear it. The wolf tells Valerie to run away with him to leave everyone behind. Soon everyone finds out that Valerie can talk to the Wolf, so they assume that she is a witch and they lock her up. They use her as bait in order to try and kill the Wolf. Henry and Peter decide to come up with a Plan to save her. Meanwhile Valerie is losing all her friends and she is trying to see who she thinks the Wolf can be. Soon Valerie finds out that her Mother was attacked by the Wolf but not Killed. The guys soon save Valerie and Valerie has a feeling that her Grandmother is in trouble. She rushes to her Grandmother's house and finds her grandmother dead. She thinks that Peter is the Wolf and Stabs him. She soon see's her Dad at Grandmother's house and finds out that her Dad is the Wolf that been killing people! Valerie fights him off and he dies. Peter is turned into a Wolf because he got bitten by Valerie dad.

Who is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 

I love this Movie it's a Dark tale twist on the Classical story of Red Riding Hood. It has a lot of Action and Blood but also has Romance.

CES <3

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