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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vampire Diaries: Klaus and Caroline

Hey Everyone! So yes this is all about Klaus and Caroline Relationship between them and how they act toward each other. I don't know about ya'll but I am obsessed with these two hooking up.
These two are the complete opposite but hey have you ever heard the saying that opposites attract. Anyways Caroline sweet but she also speaks her mind. Klaus is out to gain a whole army of Hybrids but there is a side of him that a lot of people don't get to see, he can be caring. Klaus and Caroline didn't really come into contact until Klaus turned Tyler into a Hybrid and thats when Tyler sired to Klaus. Caroline wasn't happy with this at all because Tyler was changing his attitude about everything. Tyler couldn't help the way he was and believe Klaus helped him. Klaus and Caroline first interaction was when Tyler and Caroline was in the woods and Tyler told Caroline that he wanted to be with her and that he loved her. When they started to make out, Tyler wasn't aware that he had bitten Caroline. Matt soon had found Caroline almost dying when Matt took her home and was trying to get help from someone.
 Klaus came to visit Caroline and said that he can help her to live if she wanted to. Caroline said that she didn't want to die so Caroline took a drink from Klaus blood. I think from that moment is when these two started to become closer and when Klaus knew he had feelings for her.

The next day when Caroline woke up she found a gift waiting for her from Klaus. When she opened it, it was a Diamond Bracelet.

You can start to tell that Klaus humanity is starting to show because of Caroline. He fancy her, she is delightful, she is smart, and he believes she is beautiful. I think he is starting to fall for her.

Soon it was time for the Originals Ball and Klaus knew exactly who he wanted to dance with and that was Caroline. He even bought her a dress for her to wear to the ball. Caroline though doesn't believe he should try and buy her Love. It doesn't work that way-Caroline

Caroline didn't really wanna go to the Ball but she saw Matt was coming so she went. When Caroline and Klaus was dancing together I was wishing maybe a kiss would happen but no. I think they look perfect together!

Their relationship wasn't getting anywhere when Caroline told Klaus that he can't just buy her Love, that it didn't work that way. I think from what she said that Klaus knew it was true and had to change so that Caroline can start to love him.

Caroline also found out that Klaus draws and that he is amazing at it. When Caroline got home from the ball, she receive this drawing that Klaus drew just for her. It says "Thank You for Your Honesty"

I Ship Klaus and Caroline! I really hope that Caroline can open up to him and see where their Relationship can go from there. Even though he is the Enemy there is still room for Love.

CES <3

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