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Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Essentials Haul #4

Hey another post today for ya'll!! I am just sitting around just relaxing today so I thought I would get some blog post up for ya'll. So in the past week or two I have got some more things for Chloe and wanted to share. I am also 24 Weeks Pregnant today!!!

I picked up some more Diapers and Wipes. I believe it's always good to be stocked up on diapers and wipes before the baby arrives. This is my 4th pack of these diapers and my 2nd pack of wipes.

My Mom picked these up for me. It's by Kidget and they are 3 bottles that are 9 OZ. Also they are BPA Free. I like the cute designs on them and how it comes with a mini spoon!

My Mom won this out of a machine for Chloe. I love penguins so I thought Chloe would love this too.

I got this when I went to my 4D Ultrasound. They gave me a mini size of Similac Formula since I am doing formula over breastfeeding for certain reasons.

I also got this when I went to my 4D Ultrasound. It's a Similac Simply Smart Bottle. It's BPA Free and it's a 4 FL OZ bottle.

*This is all that I got in the past week or two. Next baby essentials haul might be a big one because my boyfriend is taking me shopping for Chloe. Hopefully to buy her some clothes!! I haven't bought any girl clothes yet.*

CES <3

Pregnancy Log #7: 24 Weeks!!

Hey everyone today I am doing a pregnancy log since it's been 2 weeks since I did a pregnancy log for ya'll. The past two weeks has been okay I seem to have gotten over my stomach virus and I been making sure I drink plenty of water. I am 24 weeks pregnant today and it seems to be going by fast!

How many Weeks and Due date: 24 weeks and my due date is March 22, 2013.

Gender: It's a Girl

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Moody, Leg Cramps at night, Back hurts, Nose Bleeds, and been out of breath lately. I also am congested but I am congested all year long.

What does Chloe look like:

What does my Belly look like:

How much do I weigh: I weigh 108 pounds now. I have gained a total of 10 pounds so far during pregnancy.

Sleep Habits: I haven't been sleeping that good. I need to make time to take naps during the day so I can rest.

Next Doctor Visit: I see my doctor December 27th at 8:45am. We are gonna do the Glucose Test and check the baby heartbeat.

How are You feeling right now: I am exhausted and little moody.

Looking Forward To: Finishing the Fall Semester so I can have a good break.

*So this is everything for now to update ya'll on. I hope ya'll like seeing this type of blog post. This is gonna be my first child!*

CES <3

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 406 "We all go a little mad"

Hey VD Fans!! Are you excited about tonight's episode? I know I am because I am a Elena and Damon fan! Sorry Stefan... Anyways let me recap on the last episode where Elena is having horrible hallucinations.
Elena is still having horrible hallucinations that are brought on when she had killed the vampire hunter. They are only getting worse with time and she is also seeing Katherine! The vampire hunter won't stop till Elena kills her self. Klaus decides to take Elena hostage and put her in a room so she can't harm her self. Stefan and Damon decide to take matters in their own hands and try to save Elena. Damon and Bonnie go see Professor Shane where he tells them about a curse, it's about whoever kills "The Five" vampire hunter they will be haunted. They needed Jeremy help because he is a potential vampire hunter. Tyler gets one of the hybrids to help break out Elena since he is not sired to Klaus anymore. He helps get Stefan inside but Elena is going crazy and stabs Stefan and runs off. They now have lost Elena again! Really? Anyways Stefan asks for Damon help because Elena seems to listen to Damon more than Stefan. Tyler wants to get his friend out of town when Klaus shows up and figures out what they had done to his Hybrid. Klaus doesn't kill him but he dies anyway because Jeremy kills him and this causes Jeremy to get more of the magic tattoo. Tyler is not so happy with that and is mad at Caroline because she has to go on a date with Klaus. Elena goes to where it all started at the bridge and is greeted by her mom which is another hallucination. Elena takes off her ring and decides to die when the sun comes up. Finally Damon shows up and saves Elena again as usual. Elena is now free and decides to have a talk with Stefan. She tells Stefan that her emotions for Damon are heighten and they decide to break up. I hope her and Damon finally get together!!!

*Stay tune tonight on CW to see if Damon and Elena get together! Also tonight is the Mystic Falls Beauty Pageant*

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 11/28/2012

Hey here is my outfit for today...

Sweater: Melrose
Leggings: Mom
Boots: Dollar Store

CES <3

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 11/27/2012

Hey today I have a outfit to share with ya'll. Today in Texas it was 47 degrees and pretty much stayed that way all day!! I kinda hate the cold.

Ignore all the stains they just won't come off the mirror :(

Long Sleeve Sweater: Melrose
Yoga Pants: Aeropostale
Boots: Dollar Store

Just wanted to show ya'll my baby coffee mug. I love how it has a snowman on it! I drink mostly water in it since I can't have much caffeine. It was only $1.50!!!

CES <3

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Once Upon A Time Recap: 207 "Child of the Moon"

Hey today I have a recap for ya'll of Child of the Moon episode 7 of season 2. This episode is all about Red and about meeting her mother.
In Storybrooke, everything seems to be going well and the Dwarfs are back to mining when they find diamonds!! They need the diamonds to make fairy dust. David seems happy to have found diamonds because he thinks he can now go save Snow and Emma. But it doesn't go well when King George known as Spencer shows up to try and stop his plans. He wants everyone to know that David isn't fit to lead the people of Storybrooke. Meanwhile Ruby and Granny are getting ready for Ruby first appearance as the Wolf in Storybrooke. Ruby cloak has been missing for a very long time and is scared to turn into the wolf because she doesn't think she can control it like she used to.
To be safe they decided to seal Ruby up in Granny's freezer room to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone. But the next morning the door is broken and Ruby is gone!! David and Granny find her asleep in the woods and Ruby doesn't remember what happened to her last night. It gets worse when they find a missing person with his body torn apart and Ruby thinks she did it. David refuses to believe it's Ruby and wants to investigate. King George decides to form a angry mob against Ruby and David decides to put her in a cell for safety so no one can't hurt her till he finds the truth.
In a flashback, Red and Snow are wanting to head out of town. But a man comes across her in the forest and takes her to the hidden lair where other wolves stay. There he told her about the wolves and she discovered her mother. Granny had lied to her saying that her parents were dead when her mother was actually alive. Her mother is actually the pack leader of a whole gang of werewolves. Anita can teach her daughter how to control and be the wolf. The lessons do take time because we know nothing comes easily. Soon Red knew how to be the wolf and how to control her actions as the wolf. Snow suddenly finds Red but brings trouble with her when the Kings Guards show up killing a man that brought Red to the lair. Anita wanted to kill snow for her actions but Red didn't want her. Red didn't want to but she killed her own mother to protect Snow. With Red upset and hurt, the two women decide to leave.
Back in Storybrooke, The mob hunts for Ruby as she has escaped the cell and decides to show herself to the angry mob. Meanwhile, David and Granny investigate and find that Ruby didn't kill the guy it was King George and they also found Ruby cloak. David finds Ruby and helps show everyone that she is not dangerous. Ruby finally controls the wolf and David explains it wasn't Ruby. They soon realize George is gone and find him by a fire as he throws the magic hat into killing the hopes of finding Snow and Emma. There might be another way when Rumpl gives Henry a necklace that can let him control his nightmare. Using this control, he settles the fire and he talks to Aurora!! Aurora wakens and tells Snow and Emma that a boy talked to her and his name was Henry.

*Stay tune tonight for a new episode of Once Upon a Time*

CES <3

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Update On: College (November) 3 Weeks Left!!!

   Hey everyone, I can't believe I only have 3 more weeks of this semester of college. I am so ready for a break! Anyways next semester I am taking off and won't be going back till fall of next year. I just wanted to update ya'll on how college has been for me this month. I get out of this semester December 12th.
   I am gonna start with Art Appreciation. This month it's been pretty good we haven't had much homework in this class. We did have a discussion board but I didn't know till last minute and couldn't get it done in time. We have been talking about Street Art and Photography, I love learning about Photography. I haven't missed a lot of days of this class but this month I did miss some because of my stomach virus. My grade in this class in pretty good it's A or B.
   Next is Creative Arts for Young Children, I am done with all 16 hours of Lab! Now I just gotta focus on my grades for this class. I have been missing a lot of this class so now I can't miss any more days. The Lab assignments hasn't been to hard and my files have been pretty good. I am just worried about passing the final exam which we take December 11th. All the homework I have left is to type Lab #5 and #6 then to start studying for the final exam. I am just glad I am done with all Lab hours for this class. I just need to focus on finishing the homework I have left, focus on the final exam and missing no more classes.
   Last is Admin. Programs and this class usually stresses me out but lately I been doing pretty good. I only have missed one day so far of this class. The homework lately hasn't been to bad and we don't have much left to do. The major thing coming up for this class is the final project which I am doing mine on a Adoption Center.

*This is all I got to update ya'll on for now. I will do another one when I finish this semester!*

CES <3

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: Thanksgiving Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope ya'll had a nice day. Here is what I wore today.

I am Thankful for my Family, Friends, Boyfriend and for my Baby I am about to have <3

CES <3

Monday, November 19, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 11/19/2012

Hey so today I have a outfit to show ya'll.

Shirt: Hybrid (Dollar General) $3!!!
Tights: Melrose
Flats: Target

CES <3

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Essentials Haul #3

Hey everyone so I said in my last Baby Haul I was gonna post what I got in the mail from my boyfriend. He decided to buy all the major stuff we need and he sent everything to me. Everything I think he said he got was from Amazon.

This is the Fisher-Price Pink Sparkles Tub. He got it for $29.96.

 This is the Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System. It was $152.99.

This is the Graco Lauren 4-in-1 Convertible Classic Crib. It was $224.99.

*This is what my boyfriend bought me for our baby. Next Haul will probably be in December when my boyfriend comes down from Hawaii to visit me. We are gonna go shopping for me and for baby Chloe*

CES <3

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pregnancy Log #6: 22 Weeks!!

Hey today I am 22 weeks Pregnant with a Girl. This week has been horrible for me because I got a stomach virus and I am dehydrated. My doctor told me I can take Imodium so I been taking that and it's been helping settling my stomach. The Sonostream was pushed back till November 24th and I will show pictures of those. I am just wishing that I will be better before Thanksgiving so I can eat a good meal with the family.

How Many Weeks and Due Date: I am 22 weeks today and my due date is March 22, 2013.

Gender: We are having a Girl. Her name is Chloe.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Less headaches, Back Hurts and Really Tired. I mostly been sick all this week which sucks.

Any Mood Swings: Not lately I just been really tired and sick lately.

What does my Belly look like:

How Much do I Weigh: I still weigh 105 I haven't gained any pounds yet from last doctor visit. Probably because of the stomach virus.

Sleep Habits: I been having to wake up early every day this week and it's been taking a toll. I just been really exhausted lately.

Next Doctor Visit: I go see my doctor November 29th as still planned. He wants to make sure I am feeling better by then and to listen to the baby heartbeat.

How are you feeling right now: I am exhausted and having a little stomach pain.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving!!

Baby Shower Details: No new information for right now. I been sick so I haven't been able to plan it out but hopefully I will know more information soon. Baby Shower is still Jan. 19, 2013. Oh and the Theme we decided on is Hawaii!!!

CES <3

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Essentials Haul #2

Hey everyone I wanted to do a Baby Essentials Haul since I haven't done one in a while. There is only 2 products I bought my self the rest is gifts from my grandma and my mom's boss. I have some bigger items coming in the mail from Amazon which I will show in a post by their self. My boyfriend is buying the bigger items like the Crib, Car Seat, Stroller and the Baby Bathtub. So here is what I got.

I got this from my Mom Boss. Just a few samples of Dreft. The Baby Detergent.

My Mom Boss also gave me these. I am not breastfeeding but these will still come in handy. I got like 10 of these. Some though I am giving away to my friend as a baby shower gift.

My Mom Boss also gave me these Gerber Baby Pacifiers. We probably won't use these often though. She gave me a lot of these but half I am giving to my friend for her baby shower gift.

My Grandma gave me this shirt for the baby.

I bought this my self. I been buying these so I wanted to pick up another pack. So far I got a 3 packs of these.

I also bought this. I haven't bought some Baby Powder yet so I wanted to pick this up.

CES <3

Vampire Diaries Recap: 405 "The Killer"

Hey everyone today I am doing a recap on Vampire Diaries. This was last week's episode called "The Killer" and it's about Connor (Vampire Hunter) He has some people hostage at The Grill.
Stefan and Klaus work together to keep Connor alive but Connor doesn't make it easy for them. Connor decides to take Jeremy, Matt and April hostage at The Grill while he waited to kill the vampires that would show up. The Gang meets together to figure out how to get them out alive but Stefan and Damon have a major disagreement. Stefan gets angry at Damon and shoots him in the neck making Damon pass out. Elena now thinks Stefan is either hiding something or is compelled by Klaus. As always Elena is caught between the two brothers. Klaus decides to help when he brings one of his hybrids to help out with the plan. When the hybrid enters, Connor had set up a explosive and it killed the hybrid. Connor tattoo starts to grow even more after killing the hybrid. Meanwhile, Caroline is surprised when she finds Haley at the Lockwood Mansion and the truth is finally out between Tyler and Haley. Tyler tells Caroline that Haley is only a friend and she is helping him with a new plan. Do you believe Tyler? Anyways Stefan finally shows up to get Matt and April out of there but still has to get Jeremy out safe. It doesn't go good when Elena shows her self as a Vampire. There was a big explosion and Stefan takes off with Connor. Damon finally catches up with them and Damon finally learns the plan when it's too late. Elena catches Connor alone and she kills Connor. That kills her hope as becoming human again. She feels regret and she tries to bury Connor. Now with Bonnie she has a meeting with Professor Shane who helps her gain back some of her magic again. Do you trust Professor Shane? The last part is shocking when Jeremy sees a tattoo that appears on his hand. Is he now apart of the Vampire Hunter??

P.S: We see that Katherine is back!!!!!

*Stay tune tonight to watch the new episode and to see Katherine!!!*

CES <3

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Update!

Hey so lately I haven't been feeling good. Yesterday I had a nose bleed and I was spitting up blood mucus and since then I been having pain like contractions. It never went away and I couldn't even sleep last night. I called the Nurse and I had to go see my Doctor today. He checked my vitals, cervix and baby heartbeat. Baby Chloe is doing good but he couldn't hear the heart beat that good because he was hearing mine and mine was beating fast. My cervix is good so no contractions or early labor. He told me I had a stomach virus that was going around and that I was Dehydrated. So I been making sure I eat good and drink plenty of water. My doctor said I can take Imodium or however it's spelled because he said that will help me, So I am picking that up tomorrow. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon. Next week I only go to class Monday and Tuesday so I get a nice break from college to rest and it's Thanksgiving so hopefully by then I will be able to eat good.

CES <3

Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrity News of The Week #4

Hey everyone sorry I didn't post this yesterday I had done a Once upon a time recap and a outfit of the day yesterday so check that out, so I decided I would post it today instead.

Disclaimer: Same as usual this is what I get off of ENews and some could be rumors. I believe more of what ENews says than any other website about celebrity news.

1. Elmo Puppeteer leaves "Sesame Street" because of Underage Sex Allegations
Really this is shocking to hear I had no idea about this. It said that the Puppeteer had sexual relations with a male minor. Crazy right?

2. Selena Gomez & Justin Beiber Break Up!!!!
I have seen this all over the news that Yes they are broken up. So who broke up with who?

3. Kat Von D and Her Boyfriend broke up
Yes they have reportedly have called it quits. Seems like a lot of the stars are breaking up these days.

4. Justin and Jessica are helping Hurricane Sandy Victims
The newlyweds are helping hurricane sandy victims by handing out relief backpacks full of supplies.

5. Lindsey Lohan bails on "20/20" Interview
Lindsey has canceled sitting down with Barbara Walters and Walters has fired back on Lindsey.

6. Wahlberg replaces LaBeouf in "Transformers 4"?!?!?
Can't believe they are replacing the main character for the new Transformers I mean they have already replaced Megan Fox.

7. Alexa Vega is All grown up and is playing in new movie "Machete Kills"

*Hope ya'll enjoyed this. Next post is hopefully a outfit of the day*

CES <3

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 11/11/2012

Hey today I have a outfit of the day for ya'll. Today was a bit cold because we are getting a cold front coming in.

Sweater: Walmart
Leggings: Got from my Mom
Flats: Target

CES <3

Once Upon A Time Recap: 206 "Tallahassee"

Hey Fans of the show today I am doing a recap of Once Upon a Time episode 6 of Season 2. Last week's episode was all about Emma Swan past and The Beanstalk/Giant.
Finally we get to know about Emma's past and about Henry's Dad. Fresh out of the Foster Care system Emma has turned to a life of crime which involves mostly stealing to get what she wants. Emma is trying to steal a Yellow Beetle when a guy sits up from the back seat and he startles her. Emma freaks out and starts to drive the car around with both of them in it when she runs a stop sign which causes them to get pulled over by the police. The guy named Neal thinks quickly and tells the cop that Emma is his girlfriend and he was teaching her how to drive a stick. Emma realizes that this is not Neal's car either and they seem to be having chemistry.
In post-curse Fairy Tale Land, Hook led the girls to a Beanstalk where the magic compass is high up with the last known giant. The Giant was the only survivor from the war that Jack led. Hook needed one of the girls to go with them and Emma decided that she needed to go with him even though she still didn't trust him. Hook and Emma climbed the Beanstalk and finally made it to the top. Hook starts to work his smile and charm on Emma, she can't deny it even if she wants too. When the Giant arrives, Emma uses a magic sleeping powder to knock the Giant out. They finally start to search for the magic compass.
Back to the story of young Emma, we find her Pregnant and still with Neal. They are trying to rob a store when they are almost caught and Emma fakes labor so they can get away. Come to find out Emma wasn't even Pregnant it was just all the stuff she stole from the store. With a close call Emma and Neal talk about settling down and moving to Tallahassee. They try but fail when Neal finds a poster of him wanted and he freaks out but Emma is willing to help her love out anyway she can. It turns out that he stole a bunch of Watches and left them in a locker at a Train Station. Emma volunteers to go get them so they can finally move on. Neal is on his way to set out with his plan when he meets August who is Pinocchio. He tells Neal that he knows Emma and that he is Emma's Guardian Angel. He shows Neal something he has hidden in a box and tells the story about what Emma needs to do. He tells Neal that if he loves her he will not go and meet her.
Young Emma shows up to meet Neal but he is not there instead the cops are there saying they got a tip about her. She is arrested and is told that Neal has ran away with the money. Later, Neal and August meet up where he hands over a envelope with the keys to the Beetle and the money so that Emma can have a better life. Neal asks if he will ever see Emma again and August says that if the curse gets broken, He will send Neal a postcard. August was true about that because when the curse was broken we see that Neal gets the postcard. But when Emma gets the envelope in jail all that was in there was the keys and no money. After that we see that she is holding a positive pregnancy test and we know that Neal is the father of Henry!
When the Giant finally wakes up Emma and Hook get separated and we see that she still doesn't trust Hook because of her past. She faces the Giant alone and she traps him and uses Jack's poison sword to get answers. The Giant tells Emma that is was Jack who started the war and took down his people. He is sure that Emma is no different and that she will kill him too. Emma proves him wrong as she exchanges his life for the Compass and a Favor. She gets back to Hook but hand cuffs him because she doesn't trust him with the compass. He seems honestly hurt by it but she can't take any chances on it. Emma comes down and they set off to find the ashes that Cora has. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Henry wakes up from a nightmare describing the same nightmare that Aurora had. He describes it to Charming as a Red Room with no doors or windows and red curtains that were on fire. It looked like Charming knew what Henry was describing, could he know?

*Hope ya'll enjoyed this episode and stay tune tonight because Red is about to be torched because of her wolf side*

CES <3

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pregnancy Log #5: 21 Weeks!!

Hey so today I turned 21 weeks Pregnant. I thought I would do a update on how I been doing. Chloe is doing good she been kicking a lot lately but she loves doing it more at night. Me and my Boyfriend decided to do a 3D/4D Ultrasound next week with a Sonostream so he can view it anytime he can since he is still in Hawaii.

How many Weeks and Due Date? I am 21 Weeks Pregnant and my due date is March 22/23, 2013.

Gender? It's a Girl and we are naming her Chloe Ann.

What does Baby Chloe look like?

Pregnancy Symptoms? Emotional, Headaches, Back hurts and Congested.

Any Mood Swings? Ever since I hit 20 weeks I have been so emotional about everything.

What does my Belly look like?

How much do I weigh? Last time I checked it was still 105 Pounds. 7 pounds total during Pregnancy.

Sleep Habits? Still the same just depends. I been going to bed around 12 or 1 am.

Next Doctor Visit? My next doctor appointment is November 29th.

How are you feeling right now? I been feeling better today than I have in the past week.

Looking forward to? 3D/4D Ultrasound, Thanksgiving, Fall Semester to be over, Josh to come visit me, Buying baby girl clothes and Christmas!!

Baby Shower Details? We had to change the date to January 19th, 2013. We are having it at a Banquet Hall. We finally decided on a theme it's gonna be Hawaii. We haven't decided on what food we wanna have yet.

*This is what is happening so far during pregnancy. I am gonna try to do these every two weeks or every week for now on. It's going by so fast!!!*

CES <3

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 404 "The Five"

Hey everyone I am gonna do a short recap today on Vampire Diaries. This episode was all about the history of "The Five" and about Elena, Bonnie and Damon going to go visit a college.
Damon decides to tag along with Elena and Bonnie to visit Whitmore College. Professor Shane is taking over the Occult Studies classes that were formally taught by Bonnie's Grandmother. There's a party happening on campus that Damon thought would be perfect for Elena to get her feedings. Elena is still a little scared about who she might become if she doesn't control her self. Damon takes advantage of it to show her exactly how to get victims. Rebekah's attempt to buy Matt forgiveness falls flat when she buys him a truck. He keeps the truck but doesn't want to have nothing to do with her. Klaus said he could help her with it but she doesn't want to deal with him. She does though gets attention when she hears about "The Five" again because she had a love interest with one of the men. Stefan has nothing to do today so he decides to bother Klaus about the history of "The Five" and why Connor is apart of it. Klaus reveals that they had a encounter with a group of powerful hunters. He also reveals about Rebekah's love interest and how he can get more information from her about a cure to save Elena. Stefan decides to help him get to Rebekah because he wants that cure for Elena but Stefan can't tell anyone about it. Rebekah tells Stefan about the past with a hunter and how she betrayed the family. At the party, Elena finally learns how to feed but she gets too much into that she forgets who she really is. Elena decides to leave the party with Bonnie and gets back home to Stefan. Elena tells Stefan what happen and he told her everything will be okay. Also we find out that Klaus had got Jeremy captured and wants him to draw the tattoo that Connor has but it's revealed that every time Connor kills he gets more of the tattoo which is suppose to be the map. At the end it shows him escape and he goes visit Professor Shane!!! So how is Shane part of it?

*What do you think will happen tonight? Stay tune to CW tonight at 7pm to see what will happen next*

CES <3

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 Must Haves to put in your purse during the Winter!

Hey everyone so lately I haven't been feeling good, I have chronic headaches so I have had a headache for the past 3 days and I am so congested right now. I thought this post would be a easy one for me to do for ya'll and to share what I think are the must haves to have in your purse when it's cold outside.

1. Lotion
Lotion is good to have because the skin in the winter gets really dry and this will help put back some moisture in your skin. Even put Baby Lotion in the Diaper Bag just in case for your baby.

2. Lip Balms
I can not express how many times my lips have been dried and chapped this month already. This will keep the moisture in your lips so they can stay hydrated and smooth.

3. Tissues
I have been so congested lately and I have been sneezing so much.

4. Hand Sanitation
This comes in handy when trying not to get sick! I know when it gets colder I always get sick.

CES <3

Monday, November 5, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 11/5/2012

Hey so today I finally have a outfit of the day since last week I didn't do one for ya'll. All last week I wore a lot of sweats and comfy clothes.

Ignore the messing room and the stain mirror.....

Tank Top: Vanity
Tights: Melrose
Flats: Target

CES <3

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Celebrity News Of The Week #3

Hey so today I am doing celebrity gossip! I hope you enjoy these and it gives you a update on what the stars been up to lately.

Disclaimer: Is the same as my last ones I did. All information found on ENews....

1. Stars Help out for "Hurricane Sandy Telethon"
I think this is amazing that they wanna help out during this time. I hope everyone was safe during Hurricane Sandy.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton Split
They call it quits after being together for 10 months

3. Kristie Alley Admits that Travolta is the Love of her Life
Yes she admits of falling for John Travolta her co-star from Look Who's Talking

4. Kellie Pickler Rocks a Shaved Head at CMA's
What do you think of this new look for her? I heard she did it for Cancer if so I thank you for your support Kellie.

5. Spears Family wins against Lutfi
A judge dismisses Lutfi lawsuit that had involved Brittney Spears

6. Brad Pitt makes a Large donation to Human Rights Campaign
Brad gives a donation of $100,000 Dollars to the Human Rights for Marriage Equality

7. Evan Rachel Wood is Married!!
She got married to the actor Jamie Bell

8. Rob Kardashian Makes it official with Rita Ora!?!
Rob confirms his relationship with the singer Rita

CES <3

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Once Upon A Time Recap: 205 "The Doctor"

Hey everyone today I am gonna do a Recap on Season 2 Episode 5 of Once Upon A Time. This episode is all about Dr. Wale, Evil Queen's Lover, and Emma finding Captain Hook.
In Fairytale Land, Regina is practicing magic with Rumpl. He teaches her how to take out a victim's heart so that you can control their will. Rumpl tells her to do it but she can't bring herself to do it. She remembers how her mother did her lover so she can't seem to get herself to do it. She can't bare to use magic for evil the way her mother used it. Rumpl feels like his taking is being wasted because of her not wanting to take the heart and crush it of a horse. I would be the same way if I had to kill a horse, I couldn't do it. Regina though is eager to continue her training so that she can bring Daniel back from the dead. She begs him for more lessons when she meets the Mad Hatter who knows who might be able to help her with Daniel.
In Storybrooke, They started to figure out that some worlds weren't affected by the curse. Dr. Wale burst into Regina Therapy Session and he demands her to send him back so he can find his brother. Regina says she couldn't even if she wanted too, she can't bring them back to their world. After leaving her Therapy Session she thinks she sees her Love Daniel. Confused she goes to look for Dr. Wale at the hospital. She discovers something horrible when she finds him and finds that his arm is torn off. He was moaning about him unleashing a monster. Regina is shocked by this and goes to see if he is still where she left him at.
In Fairytale Land, Jefferson takes Regina to meet a male from another land who said he is best at what he does. His name is Dr. Wale and he can bring people back from the dead. But he tells them he needs a enchanted heart in order for it to work. Regina decides to take Jefferson and Dr. Wale to her mothers Vault where she keeps a ton of enchanted hearts. They pick one out and doesn't know who that heart belongs to but he goes straight to work. Regina had to use a spell to preserve Daniel's body. Lightening strikes the tent and he comes out saying that the experiment didn't work. Regina is heartbroken and returns to Rumpl and takes a heart out of a student chest killing her. She is ready to learn more magic and the evil of it. Later we see that Dr. Wale didn't use the heart he took it back to his land to use on his brother to bring him alive. Dr. Wale is actually Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
Regina discovers that Dr. Wale stole a heart and had bring Daniel back to life. But Daniel is not the same person, he is cruel and confused about everything. He is now a Monster. Being a Stable Boy he goes to the stables and David helps Regina because Henry is at the Stables too! They race their to find Henry being attacked by Daniel. David wants to kill Daniel but Regina won't have that, she believes she can get through to him. At first she gets through to him but then he tries to kill her and sadly Regina kills him. She is heartbroken that she lost her love again. I do feel sorry for Regina. It's all because of her mom the way she is now.
In Present Day Fairytale World, Emma and Snow comes across people that are dead but do find Captain Hook. Emma knows when someone is lying and she can tell he is lying about who he is so they tie him up. He finally comes clean and tells him he is Captain Hook. He also has to tell them that Cora wanted him to find a portal into Storybrooke. Hook said though that instead he will help Emma and Snow instead. They ask why and they find out that he wants to seek revenge on Rumpl because of what he did to him. They decided to let him help them but they still don't trust him fully.

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