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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 405 "The Killer"

Hey everyone today I am doing a recap on Vampire Diaries. This was last week's episode called "The Killer" and it's about Connor (Vampire Hunter) He has some people hostage at The Grill.
Stefan and Klaus work together to keep Connor alive but Connor doesn't make it easy for them. Connor decides to take Jeremy, Matt and April hostage at The Grill while he waited to kill the vampires that would show up. The Gang meets together to figure out how to get them out alive but Stefan and Damon have a major disagreement. Stefan gets angry at Damon and shoots him in the neck making Damon pass out. Elena now thinks Stefan is either hiding something or is compelled by Klaus. As always Elena is caught between the two brothers. Klaus decides to help when he brings one of his hybrids to help out with the plan. When the hybrid enters, Connor had set up a explosive and it killed the hybrid. Connor tattoo starts to grow even more after killing the hybrid. Meanwhile, Caroline is surprised when she finds Haley at the Lockwood Mansion and the truth is finally out between Tyler and Haley. Tyler tells Caroline that Haley is only a friend and she is helping him with a new plan. Do you believe Tyler? Anyways Stefan finally shows up to get Matt and April out of there but still has to get Jeremy out safe. It doesn't go good when Elena shows her self as a Vampire. There was a big explosion and Stefan takes off with Connor. Damon finally catches up with them and Damon finally learns the plan when it's too late. Elena catches Connor alone and she kills Connor. That kills her hope as becoming human again. She feels regret and she tries to bury Connor. Now with Bonnie she has a meeting with Professor Shane who helps her gain back some of her magic again. Do you trust Professor Shane? The last part is shocking when Jeremy sees a tattoo that appears on his hand. Is he now apart of the Vampire Hunter??

P.S: We see that Katherine is back!!!!!

*Stay tune tonight to watch the new episode and to see Katherine!!!*

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