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Friday, September 30, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul: End of September 2016

Hey everyone today I am sharing with you what I got at the Dollar Tree.

Food Items:

Chloe loves these!

Chloe loves eating these little crackers as a snack.

I pretty much always get these every time I go to the Dollar Tree. The oat & honey is my favorite.

I am addicted to these chips!!!

I love making pasta for lunch!

Pasta sauce is much needed to go with the penne.

Breast Cancer Awareness Items:

I found a breast cancer scarf to add to my scarf collection!

I bought this magnet that I can put on a car when I get one.

I got these headband wraps because I want to put these on my new planner.

I bought these because I love these hair ties more than the regular hair ties and these are cute!

CES <3

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Bought A Happy Planner!!!18 Month July 2016-December 2017

Hey Everyone so I decided recently that I didn't want another horizontal planner for next year and decided to buy a Happy Planner which is vertical. For months now I been watching Happy Planner plan with me on Youtube and I loved the spreads so much that I wanted to get my self one for next year. I am still going to finish up my spreads in my Ban.Do planner but next year I will be using a Happy Planner and will be sharing my spreads on this blog.

Who else in this blogging community have a Happy Planner???

I bought my Happy Planner on Amazon but you can also find it at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. My planner costed me about $30 and I also had a $6 gift card to use on it as well.

 This planner theme is Peony and I love the style of it. The front cover says "Just Be Happy" which I thought fit me perfectly because I have anxiety and depression.

This is what the back cover looks like.

As you can see you can change out the flower cover for the polka dot cover if you want. You can also rip out pages and put them back in which I love. Here is the very first page of the Happy Planner.

Next is the 2016 and 2017 months page. Very simple but cute.

So every month has a currently page which you can write down birthdays for that month, special events, a gratitude saying and what you have been loving for that month. Also every month has a decorative divider.

 Here is what the monthly page looks like.

Here is what each week will look like in the Happy Planner. I love that each day is vertical and has 3 boxes for each day that I can write in. Each week also has a side bar for notes.

So I can't wait to start sharing my Happy Planner spreads on my blog!!!

CES <3

Monday, September 26, 2016

Outfit Of The Day: 1 Year Dating Anniversary (9/10/16)

Hey Everyone today I am showing you what I wore on my 1 year dating anniversary.

Dress: Walmart
Heels: Walmart

CES <3

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Health Update: Anxiety Meds?!?

Hey everyone so today I am doing a health update because recently I been struggling with Anxiety and Depression. Pretty much everyday is a constant battle with my anxiety and I just had enough. I was angry, upset and stressed about everything and I just knew I needed some help. Just to let you know it is okay to ask for help because your not alone.

I went to see my doctor and she decided from us talking and me filling out a questionnaire that I needed to take anxiety medication. She prescribed me two anxiety medicines that would help me control my anxiety. The first anxiety medication she prescribed me was Sertraline and I would take one pill everyday. The first day of taking that medication was hard because I was very out of it, I couldn't focus and I was feeling very sleepy. Now the second medicine she prescribed me is called Hydroxyzine and this is only for as needed purposes. I have not took the second medication yet because I feel like I don't need it yet.

I just hope this will help me control my anxiety better. I will do another update soon on how I feel about the anxiety medication and if it is helping me.

CES <3

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Small Dollar Tree Haul: September 2016

Hey Everyone! Today I am doing a small Dollar Tree haul!!!

So I got a travel size of this because I needed one when I stay the night with my boyfriend.

I got this because Chloe loves taking a bubble bath.

Next I got the VO5 Shampoo & Conditioner.

These are my favorite granola bars from the Dollar Tree. I love the oat & honey!

I am addicted to these!

Last I got this because Chloe has been dealing with a cold and allergies. I thought this will help keep her hydrated.

CES <3

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Makeup Collection: 2016

Hey Everyone today I am sharing with you my makeup collection!!!

So this might seem like I'm OCD to some people but this is how I like to store my products. Not only makeup but also hair care and medicine. Anyways so this is how I store my makeup!

So this is all my face products.... not much. Anyways I have a BB cream from Dollar Tree, Concealer from Covergirl and NYC Smooth Skin Face Powder. The brush is from ELF.

Next is Blush and to be honest I really don't use blush anymore in my makeup routine. I just haven't been a fan of it lately I guess.

This all my eye-shadows that I have and also two eye primers. I have ELF, Revlon, Covergirl and LA Colors. I have one primer from Hard Candy and the other is from ELF.

Here is my eye liners and mascara. I used to have a lot in this section but I threw most of it out because either it was very old or I just didn't use anymore.

This is all my lipsticks... My favorite are the Revlon kissable lip stains.

And last is my lip glosses.  My favorite right now are the LA Colors lip gloss.

CES <3

Monday, September 19, 2016

Dollar Tree Product Review: ColorEazy Cream Hair Dye

Hey Everyone today I am doing a Dollar Tree review on hair dye!!! Yes you heard that right.... Hair Dye from Dollar Tree. So I admit I was a bit scared about using hair dye from the Dollar Tree but it actually turned out being good.

So this is what the product looks like. I decided to get this color because it's close to the shade that I have in my hair right now.


So this was what my hair looked like before I use the hair dye. My hair had 3 different shades: Red, Blonde and Brown. My roots were brown so that's when I knew I needed to redye my hair.


So this is the view from the back. The color turned out really pretty. I would say though that usually one box would be enough for my hair and this product wasn't enough so next time if I buy it from the Dollar Tree I would have to get two boxes. The only cons I have about this product is the smell and not enough product. I would buy this again though because I love this color.

Here is the front view. I liked how it took all the brown from my roots.

So here is my review on hair dye from the Dollar Tree! Overall I really like this hair dye and I would buy it again. The only cons I have is the smell and not enough product. I would have to buy two boxes next time instead of just one.

CES <3

Saturday, September 17, 2016

September Debt Update: 2016

Hey Everyone! Today I am doing my debt update for the month of September.

Student Loans:

So my unpaid interest right now is getting ridiculous because of when I was in the forbearance period. I seriously need to work on it... Anyways now every month I am making a minimal payment of $39.28.


I now have 16 medical bills and the total of all is $21,893.81. I am still currently paying on my surgical bill.

Total Debt:

My total Debt is $28,921.31

What Is My Credit Score?

My credit score is slowly starting to go up.

CES <3

Friday, September 16, 2016

My Legging Collection 2016

Hey everyone today I am sharing with you my leggings collection. I love wearing leggings not only in the fall and winter but also spring and summer. Leggings are my favorite clothing piece to wear.

These leggings I got from my boyfriend's sister so I don't know where she got them from.

These are from my Boyfriend's sister. The inside of these leggings are really soft. Perfect for Winter!

These are from Five Below.

These are also from my Boyfriend's Sister.

These are my favorite leggings that I own right now. I got them from Sears.

These are from my cousin Sarah. She gave them to me as a Christmas present. The outside of these leggings are very soft.

These are from Walmart or Target.

These are from Walmart or Target.

Last I have two pair of black leggings and they are both from Sears.

CES <3