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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Health Update: Anxiety Meds?!?

Hey everyone so today I am doing a health update because recently I been struggling with Anxiety and Depression. Pretty much everyday is a constant battle with my anxiety and I just had enough. I was angry, upset and stressed about everything and I just knew I needed some help. Just to let you know it is okay to ask for help because your not alone.

I went to see my doctor and she decided from us talking and me filling out a questionnaire that I needed to take anxiety medication. She prescribed me two anxiety medicines that would help me control my anxiety. The first anxiety medication she prescribed me was Sertraline and I would take one pill everyday. The first day of taking that medication was hard because I was very out of it, I couldn't focus and I was feeling very sleepy. Now the second medicine she prescribed me is called Hydroxyzine and this is only for as needed purposes. I have not took the second medication yet because I feel like I don't need it yet.

I just hope this will help me control my anxiety better. I will do another update soon on how I feel about the anxiety medication and if it is helping me.

CES <3

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