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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mommy and Baby February Favorites 2014

Hey everyone! So I can't believe that this month is going to be over and it will be March. Today I am sharing my favorite products for the month of February and I will also show what Chloe has been loving this month as well.

Mommy Favorites:

These are the two scents that I been using the most for month of February.

I been loving doing a bold lip lately and here are the colors I been using... I love the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm stains.

This is the Mascara that I been using the most this month.

Chloe Favorites (Baby):

This has been her favorite book that she loves for me to read to her at night.

I keep these smaller books in her toy box and she loves pulling these out and looking at them.

I got this not to long ago and she loves to play with it.

Chloe got this for Christmas from her Dad and She loves it!

This is Chloe favorite snack right now. Gerber Graduates Peach Yogurt Melts.

CES <3

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Week In Review: Feb. 17-23 2014

I am going to recap last week for ya'll and let you into my life and what I do on a daily basis. Each day will be a brief and quick review with pictures included. Some days I might not recap or some days might not have pictures. Here is my week in review.......

Monday Feb. 17: (House Hunting Continues)
Today Me and Chloe woke up around 7am but then we both went back to sleep till 9:30am. I gave her breakfast then she played for a little bit till we went into the living room to see my mom. I was helping her look at apartments because we plan to move within the next month but we haven't found a house or apartment that we like yet. House hunting continues.... Anyways we did that till Chloe got fussy then She took a nap around noon and I just checked some stuff on computer then I just lay down with her till she woke up around 2. For lunch she had Ravioli and Mix Vegetables but she hardly ate any of it she just wanted to play instead. Around 3pm we started getting ready to leave and at 4:45 Chloe left with her dad parents so I can get ready and go to class. At class we just read some children books for a bit then we had a test. Chloe came home at 9pm and went to bed at 10pm. Today for some reason was a stressful day for me I just wasn't in a good mood today. Also me and Chloe dad didn't get along today so that was frustrating to deal with. I am just trying to do my best and that's all that matters to me. I am ending my day with editing some blog posts before I head to bed.
 Chloe loves looking at her books.

This is what Chloe wore today.

I painted my nails Saturday with Sinful Colors 24/7.

Tuesday Feb. 18: (We found her Birthday Party Place)
My alarm went off today at 7am because today I did two hours of Lab and my Mom watched Chloe for me. When I came home I ate and then I gave Chloe a nap. She only took a power nap then she was up and ready to play. While she play I called Critters and I reserved it for her 1st Birthday Party!!! It's a store with exotic pets and Chloe loves animals so I thought this would be perfect for her party. Her party will be on March 9 the day before her actual birthday. I am so glad we found a place! So we went there so I can pay it and Chloe looked at some of the animals. We then went home and Chloe at lunch then played for a little bit more. I made Chloe a bottle around 3pm and fell asleep on me in the rocking chair till we had to get ready to leave. I went to class and we had a test. Chloe went to sleep close to 10pm and I did a Library Article and edited blog posts.
Watched some Youtube videos in the morning and I love Anna! Can't believe she is having a boy!

Chloe decided on her to-do list today was to make the room a disaster.

 She fell asleep on me. She so peaceful....

Wednesday Feb. 19: (Poor Baby Girl!)
We woke up at 7:45am and Chloe had a doctor appointment at 9:30am because she been sick for past two weeks. Everyone in our house is sick! We found out from the doctor that Chloe has a Ear Infection, Stomach Virus and a Cold. Poor Baby Girl! We went to the store after and got some stuff for her and her antibiotics. When we got home I gave her some antibiotics and she went to sleep. She slept till about almost 2pm then we got up and made lunch, I gave her something light and easy for her lunch. After Lunch I let her play for a little bit then I gave her some cold medicine. We then got ready to leave so I can go to school. After school was over Chloe feel asleep at 10pm.
At the Doctor office waiting to be seen.

She was not happy at all. She hates Doctors!

For lunch Chloe has Mix veggies and Yogurt Melts with Pedialite. She can't have any fruits right now so I cut up some different veggies to give her instead and her doctor said it was good for her to have yogurt.

Saturday Feb. 22: (Today was a pretty much boring day)
Today we did a little shopping we went to the Drug Emporium, 99 Cent Store and Grocery Store. I did pick up a few beauty products which will be up about time you read this so go check it out I did a Beauty Haul! Anyways Chloe slept a little bit in car seat then we ate lunch and played till supper. Chloe had creamy chicken stew with veggies for Supper. Today was a pretty much boring day.

Sunday Feb. 23: (Stomach Pains are the Worse)
Today me and Chloe woke up around 7am but went back to sleep till it was time for Chloe to leave. Josh parents watched her today so I can get stuff done and rest. After Chloe left I took a shower and made me something for lunch. My friend Kara had some stuff to do and asked me to come with her so I went with her to Walmart, Petsmart and Micheals. I found ladybug cupcake designs that I am going to use for Chloe party because her theme is animals. I then came home and just rest because my stomach is so upset. I rested for a little bit then I clean the room because it looked like a tornado hit it. Chloe came home around 4pm and we ate tacos for supper. After she ate we came in my room and played on the floor for a while. Me and Chloe then went in the living room with my mom to watch Walking Dead!!!
I made Jambalaya for Lunch.

I bought these at Walmart. Going to use these to make the cupcakes for Chloe 1st Birthday Party.

Yea I look really pale today..... I hate being sick!

Walking Dead!!!

CES <3

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outfits Of The Week: Feb. 17-23 2014

This week the weather was mostly in the 70's!!! Here is what I wore this week to College....

Monday Feb. 17:
Top: Walmart
Leggings: Walgreens (Had a sale going on for Leggings)
Boots: Faded Glory

My nails I painted Saturday I used Sinful Colors 24/7. 

Tuesday Feb. 18:
Top: Walmart
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity
Boots: Faded Glory
Cardigan: Melrose

Wednesday Feb.19:
Top: Rue21
Jeans: Mossimo Supply Co.
Flats: Faded Glory

Thursday Feb. 20:
Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Melrose
Flats: Faded Glory

I didn't really show pictures of me this week because I mostly wore my hair up in a pony tail all week.

CES <3

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Drug Store Beauty Haul: Feb. 2014

Hey everyone Today I went to the Drug Emporium for the first time today and I picked up a few beauty products. I found the makeup brand NYX their and I been wanting to buy some of their products for a while now. Can't wait to try these products out!

I use these with nail polish remover and it seems to work better than cotton balls to remove my polish.

China Glaze in Pink Chiffon

O.P.I in Strawberry Margarita

 O.P.I in California Raspberry

Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Nail Polish

Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Lotion

Found NYX!!! I bought 3 Jumbo Eye Pencils in Purple Velvet, Pots and Pans, Electric Blue.

Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in Sweet Watermelon.

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon

CES <3

Friday, February 21, 2014

Revlon Lip Lacquer Balm Review + Swatches

I just recently picked up 3 of the Revlon Lip Lacquer Balms and decided to do a review on how I feel about this product.

Of Course Emma Stone is the spoke person for Revlon Lip Lacquer Balms! I love her, she is my favorite actress.

They are high shine super moisture rich lip lacquer balm. It's triple butter complex of Shea, Coconut, and Mango butters nourishes the lips.

The middle one got broken by my daughter....

The light pink shade is called "Coquette", The Dark pink shade is called "Vivacious", and The Red shade is called "Provocateur".

Coquette Shade:



CES <3

Thursday, February 20, 2014

College Update: Feb. 2014

Hey everyone! I am doing another College update on how my classes are going and how I feel about them. This month so far has been crazy because Chloe got sick and then I got sick so it's been a little stressful lately. Anyways here is my update for this month.

Emergent Literacy:
So far we just been doing Author studies which we do a bio on them and we read a certain amount of children books written by that author. I miss last week class because Chloe had the stomach virus and I thought I would be really behind but the teacher told me that I wouldn't be behind so that made me feel a little better. 

We been going over different health topics such as Immunizations and Diseases. For this class I have to do 10 hours of lab and so far I only did 2 hours. We also have to do 6 hours at a Elementary School but we haven't signed up for that yet but I think we are doing that soon.

School Age:
So I been having so much trouble with the process of getting into a After School Program to do my 16 hours but I finally got approved. I was suppose to do it Friday 14th but I was really sick and couldn't do it. I am so behind than the other students in my class and I just hope I can get caught up soon. Also we have a group project coming up in April so I need to start planning when to have a meeting with my group, our topic is Single Parents.

Children with Special Needs:
This class I am not so happy with right now. I did a paper about interviewing a teacher and I didn't get the grade I wanted and I think I deserved a way better grade than I got. I already failed this class before because of missing too many days and I am just getting worried. I just need to stay focused and positive. What I did love this month about this class is that we watched the movie Temple Grandin. I highly recommend that movie! She is Autistic and we see the world through her eyes, it's very interesting.

CES <3

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How I Organize My Planner/Agenda 2014

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with ya'll how I organize my planner for school and also just life events. Being a mom and college student is hard for me to keep up with everything so I use a planner to keep my life a little more organized. What I do to keep things organized is I color code each class a different color that way I can keep each class separate and neat. I will show you the front cover of the planner, How I organize a week, and also my to-do list which I keep on a separate page.

Front Cover of My Planner:
This is what my planner looks like it's plain, small and simple. My mom gave me this at the beginning of this year so I don't know the brand because I can't find it anywhere in the planner. I would love a Filofax but I like this planner for now. I carry this around in my school bag.

Week Organization:
This is Monday-Wednesday view.... As you can see each class has a different color. I have Emergent Lit. on Monday's which is Dark Green, Wellness on Tuesday's which is Orange and School Age on Wednesday's which is Blue. On Tuesday's I do Lab in the morning from 8-10am so that's in Black.

Thursday-Sunday view... Thursday's is Children with Special Needs which is in Light Green. On Friday's I have Volunteering at a After School program from 4:30-6pm. Saturday and Sunday I do homework. Homework is color coded to match with the classes that way it's easier for me and more organized.

My To-Do List:
Okay so not the best picture but you can still see how I do my daily to-do list. Today I had to do Lab in the morning then after some computer things like check my email and publish this planner organization. Then when Chloe leaves I will study for my test, take a ootd picture and clean. After class and when Chloe goes to bed I do homework and edit some blog post. At the bottom of page I have some main goals I wish to accomplish for that day. I also put a box so I can check it off so I know I did that and it's done. I found this helps me remember to get things done for that certain day.

CES <3