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Monday, March 13, 2017

Recollections Zipper Planner Setup! 2017

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with you how I setup my zipper planner! Again this is a Recollections Zipper Planner from Micheal's. I plan to use this as my work/productivity planner.

This is what the cover looks like......

So first off I decided to add a shaker card that I made to the very front of the planner. I added sticky notes and some work related stickers.

This is the very first page and all I did was add my name and a donuts sticker!

Since my planner is undated I started using it in February. All I did here was add this floral quote project life card.

This is the undated monthly calendar page. I added the numbers and decorated it with stickers from Dollar Tree.

I started using this planner the week of Valentine's so here is my Valentine's spread. I wrote in the dates, added stickers from Dollar Tree and added a project life card.

Here is another week I did and I decorated it with a owl theme.

At the back of the planner I added a pouch that I got from Micheal's and added some stickers that I plan to only use for this planner.

CES <3

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Recollections Zipper Planner Look Thru + How Will I Use It

Hey Everyone so I recently purchased a Recollection zipper planner from Micheal's and I love it! The original price is $29.99 but I got it for $15. I plan to use this zipper planner as my work/productivity planner. I got the undated version so I can use it when I want too and not waste any pages.

 So this is what the Planner looks like. It says "Look at how put together I totally am... OMG." My career is in Child Care and I thought this cover fit me perfectly since I plan to use this planner for when I get my Child Care job. On the left is the box it came in and it shows what all comes with the planner.

So when you unzip the planner the front looks like this. It has the "Planner belongs to" page. It has gold rings and two pen holders. The zipper works very well on it as well.

So after the front page you get a page for writing down important dates and things to remember.

Next you get a page for important info and then starts the divider for January.

After each monthly divider you get a monthly goals page.
Then you get a monthly calendar page which all of mine are undated.

Next are the weekly pages.... these are undated as well.

Monthly Dividers:

CES <3

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How I Decorate My Dollar Tree To Go Planner!

Hey Everyone Today I am showing you how I decorated a Dollar Tree planner.

This is a weekly planner from Dollar Tree and I use it as my to go planner. I decorated the front of it with flower stickers I got from the Dollar Tree.

Here is how I decorate in the planner using Mambi stickers.

I will try to share more of these planner spreads soon!!

CES <3

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How I use Project Life Cards in my Happy Planner!

Hey Everyone today I am sharing with you how I use Project Life Cards in my planner....

So what I do is for every week I will pick out a card that matches my planner spread then I will punch it into my planner.

On the back of the card I just write down some events and such that happened for that week that I want to remember. So I basically use the Project Life Cards for memory keeping.

Here are a few more examples:





CES <3

Monday, March 6, 2017

Outfit Of The Day: Pre K Registration (2/7/2017)

Hey Everyone today I am sharing a outfit that I wore for when I registered Chloe into Pre K!

Top: Walmart?
Leggings: Sears
Boots: Walmart

CES <3

Saturday, March 4, 2017

How I Organize My Craft/Planner Desk!!

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with you my craft/planner desk and how I organized it.

Alight so this is how my desk looks like right now. It was a mess before so I decided to re organize this and I like this so much better.

So at the very top I keep my planner clips, shaker cards, binders, paper trimmer, ribbons, fake flowers, etc. In the top shelf I keep mine and Chloe important papers and my health folders.

Okay so in the next shelf I keep extra HP pages, binder clips, paper pads and etc. Then I have my container that has my Washi, sticky notes and other random planner supplies. The next to that I have my sticker binders.

In this section is where I keep my planners and my pens.

Here is just a closer look....

CES <3

Friday, March 3, 2017

Classic Everyday Happy Planner Update!

Hey Everyone today I am doing a Happy Planner update on the Classic planner I use as my main everyday planner.

I keep my Classic Happy Planner in this deluxe cover to protect the rings. I love this cover and the gold foil in the heart.

This is what the inside looks like.... On the left side I keep some stickers, daily hourly inserts and my monthly dollar tree planner.

So this is how I decorated one of the weeks in my Classic. I did a Harry Potter Yule Ball theme and I loved the way it turned out. So I use this planner to write down appointments, holidays, birthdays, to dos, tv shows, blog posts, Chloe schedule, etc. I use the top box for important things, middle box for to dos and bottom for little things. I use the project life cards for writing down memories that happened that week.

Okay so in the very back of planner I keep goals I want to accomplish this year and my DIY dashboard I made.

At the back I keep my to go Dollar Tree planner.

CES <3