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Welcome to My Blog. I just started this on March 6th, 2011. This blog will be about my life and my family.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Goals for 2014

So everyone has goals that they want to achieve for the year of 2014 so here is my goals that I want to accomplish this year. Happy New Year everyone! Me and Chloe wish you the best.......

1. Donate Clothing- I have a lot of clothes that I don't wear so I really need to go through my clothes. 

2. Graduate College- I plan to get my Associate degree by end of 2014. I have 2 semesters left of College!! 

3. Change up my hair- My hair is so plain and dull. I really want to change it up and do something different to it. I am thinking about cutting my hair to my shoulders and dying my hair a lighter blond with black highlights or dying it red. I am still not sure...

4. Clean out my dressers and Organize- I mainly just throw stuff in my dressers and I never clean them out so everything is piled to the top. My goal is to finally clean it out and organize it.

5. Stay Strong Stay Positive. Do what's best for me and Chloe. Never regret anything.

CES <3

Monday, December 30, 2013

College Update: Spring Semester 2014

Hey everyone! I can't believe my month break is going by so fast..... Anyways my Spring Semester starts January 13th. Last semester I only took two classes and I made straight A's again!!! This time I am going to be a little bit more busy.

This Spring Semester I am taking 4 classes which is: Emergent Literacy for Children, Wellness of Young Child, Children with Special Needs and School Age Child. I am also taking about 32 hours of Lab this semester.

I am taking classes Monday-Thursday from 6-9PM, I will be doing Lab in the morning. My mom will watch Chloe in the Morning then at night Josh Parents will watch Chloe for me.

I only have 2 semesters left of College, I hope to finish by end of 2014.....

CES <3

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What Chloe got her in Christmas Stocking 2013 (9 Months Old)

Merry Christmas everyone! I wanted to do this separate from her gifts to give you ideas for next year as to what to put in a stocking for a baby or for a 9 month old. Hope this gives you ideas for next year!!!

CES <3

Friday, December 27, 2013

What I got for Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to the ones who celebrate it and a happy New Year!!!!!

If you haven't seen what Chloe got for Christmas then click on this link: http://ces101.blogspot.com/2013/12/what-chloe-got-for-christmas-2013-9.html

I am not bragging in any way I just wanted to show ya'll what I got for Christmas. I simply did not ask for anything this year I wanted my daughter to have more gifts than me but I do appreciate the gifts I did get this year from everyone.

My Friend Kara: $25 Amazon Gift Card: I bought Hunger Games book #3, Gossip Girl Series book #1, The Host, and Beautiful Creatures.

My Self: I bought my self a gift this year. I normally don't do this but I really wanted this and I deserve to give my self something after everything I been through. I bought the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume and lotion sample size.

My Mom: Daughter Plaque and Wet N Wild Nail Set.

This set comes with 8 nail polishes, Nail file, and Nail Dryer.

Grandma Annie: Beauty products and Fuzzy Socks

My grandma gives me a bunch of Avon Products each year for Christmas.

Avon Quad.

My Brother's Girlfriend: Beauty Products
She knows that I do my nails a lot or I try too.

Some new Shampoo and Conditioner to try out. 

Be Enchanted and Moonlight Path Shower Gel. Excited to try out Be Enchanted!!!

Bath Salts and Two Body Scrubs.

Josh Parents: Gave me a $35 certificate to get my nails done at a professional salon

CES <3

Thursday, December 26, 2013

What Chloe got for Christmas 2013 (9 Months Old)

I wanted to share what Chloe got for Christmas this year! She is 9 months old and is a very spoiled baby for Christmas eve and Christmas. This is not me bragging in any way I am just showing you what she got for Christmas and to give you ideas on what to give a 9 month old as a gift. I am glad to share my favorite holiday with her!

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year from Christine and Chloe............

My Friend Kara: She bought Chloe a panda outfit.

My Brother's Girlfriend: Gave Chloe a Disney blanket.

Great Grandma: Piggy bank with her name on it, A Santa hat with a bib and a Praying stuff doll.

Grandma Judy: Sophia first big stuff doll, Baby laptop, Smart phone and shape organizer.

From Mom (Me): 2 books, Little and Big puzzle play mat, and a walking/talking dog.

From Chloe Dad: Toys, Teething, and Clothes

Grandma and Grandpa Deyo: Toys

Ashley: A wagon and a Carebear

Great Uncle Keith: Clothes and Fuzzy Socks

CES <3

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chloe Met Santa Claus 2013 (9 Months Old)

Chloe met Santa for the first time and she did amazing. She didn't cry at all when Santa held her!

CES <3

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Theme Nails #2: Christmas Nails Red and Green

Hey everyone here is what I have on my nails currently and what I will be having on my nails for Christmas!

These are the three nail polishes that I used.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Caribbean Frost
Revlon Color Stay Bonding Color in Always Scarlet

CES <3

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Amazon Kindle Book Haul 2013

Hey everyone, things have been pretty stressful lately with me and Chloe getting sick then with personal issues but I decided today to do a book haul. My friend Kara for Christmas gave me a $25 Amazon gift card so I bought some books for my Kindle. Here is what I bought:

1. Hunger Games: MockingJay Book #3

This is the last book in this series! I am reading Catching Fire now.

2. Gossip Girl Series Book #1
I been watching the Gossip Girl series on Netflix and I am addicted so I decided to try reading the book series.

3. The Host
I loved the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer so I decided to give this book a try and see if I like it. I haven't seen the movie yet but I added it to my list on Netflix.

4. Beautiful Creatures
I heard this book is really good and that the movie was good as well so I decided to finally get this book.

CES <3

Monday, December 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time: Wonderland (Mid Season Finale) Recap

Hey Wonderland fans, this is the mid-season finale! Can you believe all of the shows we are watching are going off till next year? At least we don't have to wait long. Anyways let me take you down to Wonderland as I recap this episode for ya'll. Come join me....

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watch this episode yet! Contains Spoilers!!!

* Flashback: Alice and Cyrus kiss under falling stars. Alice asks about his past life and about his mom. Thiefs show up and start fighting them. Alice ends up getting hurt really bad and Cyrus takes her to the white rabbit for help.
* Cyrus is still on the run till he gets caught in a trap
* One of the queen guards gave Jafar a bottle but it might not be the right one
* Red Queen finds Cyrus
* Jafar gets mad when he finds out it's not the right bottle
* Alice finds the rabbit and he tells them the queen has his wife and children. Alice wants to help him.
* Red Queen shows Cyrus that she has his bottle
* Jafar takes a lock of hair from the queen and set the castle on fire
* Flashback: Cyrus makes a deal with the Caterpillar
* Alice and Knaves save white rabbit family from the queen!
* Alice is headed to the Outlands because she believes Cyrus will be there
* Jafar sends a black cloud after the queen
* Flashback: Cyrus gave Alice a home that is invisible so that they have a safe place to go
* Alice goes the home where she believed Cyrus would be
* Finally Alice and Cyrus are together again!!!
* Red Queen wants them to escape Wonderland but Alice doesn't trust her but Cyrus does
* Queen admits that she wants Knaves aka Will back
* Alice and Knaves almost die because Knaves get struck by the black cloud and because of the wish Alice is linked to him.
* Knaves wakes up and Cyrus gives him a wish and he uses it to end Alice suffering.
* Cyrus ends up being a free man but Knaves is gone! Come to find out he is now a genie inside the bottle and he is traveling down a waterfall.

CES <3