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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie Recap

"May the odds be ever in your favor"
Hey Hunger Games fans!! I finally went to go see the movie with my friend Kara and I loved it. I thought I would do a recap on the movie and share my thoughts/reactions. I can't wait for the 3rd installment in this movie to come out!

Before I get started on the recap I wanted to show you two photos I took that day. First photo is of my food I ate at with Kara at Rosa Cafe before movie. Other photo is the necklace I wore which is the mocking jay symbol.

Catching Fire Hunger Games Movie Recap:
The aftermath of the last Hunger Games is too much for Katniss as she experiences PTSD out in the woods with Gale. Katniss wants her and Gale to run away together but Gale wants to stay and fight. Gale kisses Katniss!!! Before leaving for the Victory Tour, President Snow stops by to see Katniss... He tells her that she and Peeta need to still fake their relatioship but make it more real than ever and if she doesn't convince him her love ones will die. Tour first stop is District 11, home of Rue, Peeta and Katniss over step their boundaries here and someone ends up being killed. After that District they are more careful and read the cards like they are suppose too. In the capital they go to a party where Katniss meets the new gamemaker and he shows her his watch and it has a mocking jay on it! They go home after tour to find guards in their district and Katniss finds Gale being tortured by a head guard. She gets a beaten in the process but save Gale, even Haymitch and Peeta joins her to stop it. Katniss gets Gale to her mother so she can heal him. Peeta suggests they get married and Katniss goes along with it, Haymitch agrees that they should go on that path so they can convince everyone. President Snow announces the Quarter Quill and that the victors will be drawn into the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta are both upset by this. Katniss tells Haymitch that if she enters the game with Peeta for Haymitch to save Peeta not her. At the reaping, Katniss name is drawn and Haymitch name was drawn but Peeta volunteered in his place. Next the head to capital to practice for the games and to meet the other victors that will be joining them. This time the stakes are higher, the arena is harder, and the players are more dangerous... Haymitch wants them to team up with other victors for allies during the game. During their individual evaluation, Peeta paints a picture of Rue and Katniss hangs a stuff guard by it's neck and labels it with the name of the previous gamemaker. Time for the interviews and each victor say things to make the games stop. Katniss steps up to be interviewed and she is wearing a wedding dress that when she spins it turns into a mocking jay dress. When it's time for Peeta turn he tells everyone that him and Katniss are already married and she is pregnant...not true by the way. As Katniss gets transported the games with Cinna she watches him get beaten and drag. Seeing this she gets so upset and knows she must come out of the games alive... In the games, Katniss and Peeta team up with Finnick, Mags, Johanna, Beetee and Wireless. They tackle dangerous stuff in the games including no water supply, poison gas, and dangerous monkeys. Mags ends up being killed by the poison gas. Everyone thought Wireless was crazy when they joined forces with her but Katniss figures out that her saying "Tick Tock" means the arena goes by a clock. The gang figures out a plan on how to beat the clock of the arena. The allies take down some victors but some end up running into jungle. Beetee comes up with a plan to electrocute the arena and they must separate to complete his plan but things back fire and Katniss ends up away from Peeta. Katniss ends up seriously wounded but realizes how to take the dome down, She ties a wire around one of her arrows and shoots it up into the dome and it explodes. The dome comes down and Katniss is lifted into the air. When Katniss wakes she is greeted by Gale who tells her there is no more District 12 and that he got her family out just in time. She is upset and confused so she hears other people talking in another room and goes investigate. Haymitch, Finnick and the new gamemaker are talking. She finds out she was the master plan from the very beginning.... She finds out that there are some serious rebels working out of District 13 which she thought was gone but is not and that they want to take down the Capital. She learns that she was being protected this whole time in the game that some victors were in on the plan and that she is the key to the hope they need to take down the Capital. But Peeta isn't with them, he is being held captive in the Capital.... 

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