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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celebrities Halloween Costumes for 2012

Hey everyone I thought for Halloween I would share what the Celebrities wore for Halloween this year! Just a fun post I thought ya'll might like. Happy Halloween to everyone that celebrates it!!!

Paris Hilton as Queen of Hearts joined by Mad Hatter

Kim as a Mermaid

Jessica Alba and her Family dress as "The Incredible's"

Emma Roberts as Pretty Women

Lucy Hale as a Unicorn

Ashley as a Nerd and Shay as Foxy Cleopatra

CES <3

Happy Halloween!!! 2012

Happy Halloween to all the people that celebrate it!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 403 "The Rager"

Hey everyone today I am doing a Vampire Diaries recap since my class for today got cancelled so I thought I would take advantage of this time to do a recap for ya'll. Okay so this episode is all about trying to kill off the Vampire Hunter and about Elena's rage with Rebeckah.
Elena decided to go to school so she can enjoy her senior year when Rebeckah showed up causing trouble. Rebeckah brought up Alaric which pissed Elena off and she threw a pencil at her which came back on Elena and stabbed her in the chest making her bleed. Stefan rushed Elena out and she was so angry with her. Elena went to the bathroom to clean up and a girl walked in with blood coming down her neck with Rebeckah. She put blood on Elena mouth making her even more angry. After she got cleaned up she realized the Vampire Hunter Connor was at school talking to Jeremy. He told Jeremy that he was a potential Vampire Hunter because he saw a tattoo that no one else could see. Connor said he would love to train Jeremy.
Rebeckah decided to throw a Anti-Curfew Party and Elena decided to go but first wanted to find the White Oak to kill her with. At the Party Stefan gave her a drink so she can loosen up a bit. Elena was talking to April when Rebeckah had took her ring off and threw it down the drain. Elena finally got it then after she grabbed the White Oak when Stefan had grabbed her and talked her out of it. They decided to leave the party but first Elena having a little fun. So the Vampire Hunter got a name out of Matt, Matt said that Rebeckah is a Vampire which Connor said he spiked the drinks already at the party. Jeremy had lured Connor into going to the hospital to meet up with Meredith. So with Tyler almost being killed, Klaus is back in town as his body guard also Haley shows up who is a werewolf who helped Tyler break the sire bond but also Klaus figured it out that Tyler cheated on Caroline with Haley. Klaus was very pissed at Tyler, then Damon called asking for help to kill the Vampire Hunter and Klaus decided to help Damon.
So at the hospital, Jeremy lured Connor into a room where Damon came out and Connor got tricked with his own device. Klaus showed up to find out that this Connor is worth more alive than dead. There was a explosion which Damon thought Connor was dead but Klaus decided to save his life. Klaus told Connor that he was part of "The Five" but the Vampire Hunter doesn't know his own history. Anyways back home, Elena and Stefan were making out when she vision Damon and pulled Stefan off of her. She and him realized that she has werewolf venom in her veins. Rebeckah also had gotten the same thing and had a hallucination that she was talking to Matt. Stefan called over Klaus and he saved Elena. Later Elena called over Matt because Matt was now the Human Blood Bank for Elena. When she started to feed on him she wouldn't stop and Damon showed up pulling her off before she had killed Matt. Damon said he will show her how to be a Vampire. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebrity News Of The Week #2

Hey everyone today I am doing the Celebrity News of the Week #2 which is all about Celebrity Gossip. I hope ya'll enjoy this, all my information is from ENews. I love watching them because I believe them more than other celebrity sites.

Disclaimer: This is everything that I found on ENews. It may not be 100% True but try to check other resources so you can know. Some information can be rumors as you may know. This is just what is happening right now with celebrity's.

1. Jessica Simpson shows off her Weight Loss
Jessica is hitting the Gym while showing off her new weight loss. Good for you Jessica!

2. Snooki is Unhappy with Post Baby Body
Lately I been seeing Snooki post Instagram photos of her at the Gym saying there's more pounds she wants to lose. So how many pounds does she want to lose? Her baby though is super cute though!

3. Barbara Walters Slams Donald Trump
Yes Barbara has some harsh words for Donald Trump. Is he getting on everyone's last nerve?

4. Taylor Swift breaks up with the Kennedy?!?
Yes this has been over all the Celebrity News sites. These two have called it quits. 

5. Lisa Ling Pregnant with First Child!!!
The formal "View" Co-host makes exciting news about being Pregnant with first child. 

6. Tom Cruise is suing for 50 Million Dollars
It is true he files a lawsuit against Life & Style Magazine. He is doing this because Life & Style published a story about him abandoning Suri. 

7. Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez Split
The actress end her relationship with Mark.

8. Is Kim and Kanye Engaged???
There has been so many rumors that these two are engaged. What do you believe? Could these two actually be engaged?

*This is all I have for this week's gossip. I hope ya'll enjoy this*

CES <3

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Parenting Tag 2012 (Pregnant with first child)

Hey everyone so I am Pregnant with my first child and I thought I would do this tag to share what I would do once the baby is born. It's like my parenting styles and it ranges from different topics. I know I am not a mother yet but this is just on my view and what I would do. Today I am 19 weeks!!! Pregnancy Log will be up this Thursday for Gender Reveal!!!!!

Parenting Tag:

Pro Life VS Pro Choice- I am Pro Life. I don't believe in Abortion I just would never do that. 

Baby Wearing- I wouldn't use those carry things on my back or in front of me because I just don't think I can support the baby plus I have a bad back. I don't trust them.

Circumcision- I would have to research this more. I don't know a lot of information on it.

Adoption- I think Adoption is a better choice than abortion. I always wanted to adopt a child in a different country. 

Baby Piercing- I wouldn't do it I would wait till my child is old enough and let her decide. I am never good with keeping earrings in my ears. I have had mine done 4 or 5 times and they always close up so I gave up on wearing earrings. 

Breast Milk VS Formula- I am choosing Formula for my child because there is medicine that I have to go back on once baby is born. Breast Feeding would be healthier but Formula is the route I have to choose.

Spanking- I would never spank my child. I don't like it I mean I never did when I was little so I would never do that to my child because I know how it feels.

Co-Sleeping- I am not doing Co Sleeping because I am a wild sleeper. I wish I could so I can have that bond with my child but it's safer for me to not do that. 

 Home VS Public VS Private School- I will do a lot of research first before I can make a decision and plus it just depends where we live because I am either gonna live in Dallas or Hawaii. I would research the options first.

Vaccinations- I would keep my child up to date of it's shots because I was a sick child I got sick really easily even though I had all my shots. I just think it's safer to get Vaccinations. 

Medicating Children- I would only use medicine if my child is really sick. Medicine is great but I don't like all the side effects it has. I still have trouble taking medicine like I am suppose too.

Cloth VS Disposable Diapers- I am going to use Disposable Diapers. I think they are much easier. I don't have a lot of knowledge about Cloth Diapers. My mom always used Disposable ones on me and my brother. 

Cry It Out Method- I don't think I would let my baby sit there and cry I would make sure everything is okay and make sure all the needs are met.

*So these are just my views on how my parenting style will be once the baby is born. Everyone has different views and opinions, I respect that 100%.*

CES <3

Friday, October 26, 2012

Once Upon A Time Recap: 204 "The Crocodile"

Hey fans of the show, this is Season 2 Episode 4 recap. This episode is all about Captain Hook and about Belle being Kidnapped.
Belle awakens from a nightmare and she catches her love Rumpl practicing magic. She is wondering if he will ever change his ways, Do you think he can change? She decides it time to explore the land of Storybrooke instead of being trapped. She heads over to Granny's to get something to drink and think about if she wants to stay with Rumpl or not. She makes friends with Ruby and Ruby tells her about the old Library, Belle decides to go check it out. Belle goes to Library to find out that it is locked and looking around she runs into a man who kidnaps Belle!!! When Rumpl returns he finds that Belle is gone and is worried that someone has taken her from him so he seeks help from Prince Charming.
In Fairy Tale Land, Rumpl is looking for his wife who is not so happy with him and decides to go to the bar. When he finds her and begs her to come home, she turns him down saying she can't be with a coward. Later he has discovered that his wife has gone aboard a pirate ship and he seeks to get her back. The ship is run by a guy named Killian Jones but we know him as Captain Hook. Rumpl asks him to return his wife but Killian won't do it unless he is defeated by a fight. Rumpl is frightened by this and he leaves her on the ship with Killian Jones. Later as we know Rumpl gains the dark powers and comes back to seek revenge on Killian. As he tries to find him he meets a guy who can get a him a rare magic bean. He soon meets Killian and accepts the fight, the next morning Rumpl easily defeats Killian and almost rips out his heart until he spots his lost wife who he thought was dead by what Killian told him. She offers the Magic Bean to save Killian life. He accepts the deal and aboard the ship but has one question for his wife, she admits she never had loved him she instead falls in love with Killian. Rumpl angry at this rips out his wife heart and cuts off Captains hand naming him Captain Hook. Captain Hook captures Mr. Smee and says they are going to a land where they can never grow old and they can plot their revenge on Rumpl.
Belle is soon in a flower shop then her dad comes out of the shadows. He says he is sorry but did this to save her from Rumpl. He told Mr. Smee to take her to the mines where she will be sent in a mine car to the border so she can lose her memory of Rumpl. While Rumpl gets help from Charming, they find Ruby among the way and she helps him. When they confronted Belle dad, Charming puts it together and they rush to save her. Rumpl uses her magic to stop Belle cart just before it crosses. Belle is still upset with Rumpl and now her dad, she storms off. Belle gets the key to the Library finally and discovers Rumpl in there to say why he needs magic. It's all about finding his son.

CES <3

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update On: College (October) 1 month left!!!!

   Hey everyone I am doing another update on my Fall Semester of College. I can't believe I only have the month of November left then I am done!! I get out on December 12th, that's when the Fall Semester is over. Me and my friend were talking about how this semester is going by fast and we are glad. I really need a break.
   So first I am gonna talk about Art Appreciation. Nothing has changed from last update except the first test that we took I made a 73 I think, It's the lowest grade I gotten this semester so far. I really like this class because I love learning about the history of Art and it's a easy class because we hardly get any homework. We did just had our first discussion board and that was if I thought video games are art. This Monday I have no class so starting tomorrow I have a 4 day weekend which I am very excited about. In Art I have only missed 2 days so far.
   Next is Creative Arts for Young Children. So far my grades have been very good in the class and I have been working hard on studying. I have had my first test in there and I made a 83, also this Tuesday I will have my second test which I hope I do good on. I told ya'll how I needed 16 hours of Lab well I only need 5 more hours and I am done!! I hope to finish all Lab hours the week before Thanksgiving just so that I am not stressing around the holiday. Lab has been pretty good for me the only thing I see that I struggle with is Problem Solving with the children, I am still learning how to approach it the best. Today in Lab I brought in homemade paint and the children loved it, they had paint everywhere and even on my pants.
   Next core class is Administrative Programs. This class still stresses me out but it's getting a little better on me. My grades are really good in the class it's just all the work she throws at us to do. I have a friend in that class so me and her try to help each other out. The current homework I have to work on this weekend is a Formal Staff Orientation and it has to include a Checklist, Outline and Handouts. My teacher says she is proud of me though because I really have been focusing this semester and trying to get more comfortable with talking in front of people.
    So this is what has been going on so far, I am really excited about only having a month left. I will do the Spring Semester which starts in January but I am going to take 2 online classes and that's it. I thought that would be better on me when the baby is due. I am just in need for a break from school.

CES <3

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 10/24/2012

Hey everyone today I have a outfit of the day for ya'll and this might be my last one for this week we will have to see!

Shirt: College Shirt got from Bookstore
Yoga Pants: Aeropostale
Shoes: MinneTonka

CES <3

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 10/23/2012

Hey everyone today I have another Outfit to show you. This one is just really simple since I had Yoga today then a night class from 6-9pm.

Shirt: Danskin (Walmart)
Leggings: My Mom
Flip Flops: O.P

In the top photo you can't really see the print on the shirt so here is a better view of it.

Here is a side view to show you my how much bigger my stomach has gotten. I am 18 Weeks and 3 days Pregnant. So here my belly shot, also soon my belly button is gonna poke out because of the way it's been looking lately.

CES <3

Monday, October 22, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 10/22/2012 Black and White

Hey everyone today I have a outfit to show you. I usually try to do these types of post at least 2 or 3 times out of the week. My outfit today is basically colors of Black and White.

Shirt: Walmart
Leggings: Target
Flip Flops: O.P

Just wanted to say I haven't wore Jeans in about 4 months. Can't wear anything tight since I am Pregnant. So you will be seeing a lot of tights and leggings.

Necklace: Can't remember where

Bracelet: I got this when I was suppose to be in a beauty pageant

Just wanted to show ya'll how I looked today! My bangs are getting longer so now I put them over to my left side. I am wearing natural makeup with Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. This lip color is perfect for fall and winter. 

CES <3

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 402 "Memorial"

Hey VD Fans!
This episode was crazy because of Stefan and Damon, Elena and just the end was so emotional because of everyone losing a loved one. Anyways lets get started....
So this episode is all about everyone that just died because of the Priest. Matt and Jeremy were helping with Lanterns when they saw April who is the Priest Daughter. Anyways there is a New Vampire Hunter in town and first he is after Tyler. He shakes Tyler hand and his glove has vervain in it which causes Tyler to go down to the floor and he starts to shoot at Tyler. Stefan helps Tyler pull them out and realizes there is a carving on the bullets. Stefan decides to help Elena with feeding on animals but the process doesn't work because when he leaves she throws up all the blood. For some reason she can't keep the animal blood down and seeks help from Damon. Damon takes her into a bathroom and Elena feeds off Damon blood which is bad because that's a bond that is going on. Elena doesn't tell Stefan about this yet.
Stefan seeks help from Bonnie about the carvings but she has never seen them before.
So everyone was heading to the funeral when Elena started throwing up everywhere in the bathroom. She called for Damon help and he brought her a dress and a blood bag which she kinda threw that up too. So Stefan saw what was going on and confronted Damon about it, They started to argue and Damon finally told him that Elena is starving because she can't keep anything down. Stefan is angry with Damon when Damon tells him that Elena fed from him. Once inside the church April is shot and is on the balcony with blood dripping down everywhere. Elena decides to make a speech but can't finish it because she smells blood. Stefan helps her back and Matt decides to let Elena feed from him. Once done Damon decides to go after the Vampire Hunter but he gets away when Stefan shows up. Stefan punches Damon for what he did with Elena. Back at the House, Stefan is angry with Elena for lying to him about her feeding issues and about seeking help from Damon. Stefan decides they should finish the Memorial and gathers the gang to show up. Each goes around to light a lantern and say who they have lossed which that was emotional. Damon doesn't do it but instead goes to Alaric grave and has a chat with him. It made me cry when it showed Alaric ghost and him saying he misses Damon too.

CES <3

Celebrity News Of The Week #1

Hey everyone today I decided to do a new series called Celebrity News of the Week where I share news about whats happening with Celebrity's right now. All the information I found was from ENews on Youtube.

Disclaimer: This is everything that I found on ENews. It may not be 100% True but try to check other resources so you can know. Some information can be rumors as you may know. This is just what is happening right now with celebrity's. 

1. Justin and Jessica are Married?!!!?
Yes you heard right, Justin and Jessica had a private Italian Wedding. Found information from ENews who confirmed it! I wondered how they kept it a secret...

2. Brittney Spears Ex claims she was on drugs!!!
Brittney Spears Ex claims that she was using drugs while the strange behavior was happening. So when she shaved her head, was she on drugs?

3. Holly Madison is Expecting a Girl
Her boyfriend had leaked on Twitter that they are expecting a Girl!!

4. Daniel Radcliffe splits with his girlfriend
The Harry Potter star and Production Assistant Rosie have called it Quits.

5. Gisele Bundchen is flaunting a Baby Bump!!

6. Megan Fox is a Mom!
Megan Fox and her Husband Brian Austin Green welcomes a Baby Boy!!

7. Kristen and Rob are Back Together
Yes these two are back together and are being seen in public. Some say that the split was just a celebrity hoax or a publicity stunt but this could just be a rumor.

8. Alessandra Ambrosio's 2.5 Million Dollar Bra!?!
This supermodel rocks a Bra that cost about 2.5 Million Dollars. I would not spend that much for a Bra.

9. Khloe Kardashian Joins the X-Factor as the Host
Khloe will be taking over hosting duties for the X-Factor.

10. Scarlett Johansson Breaks up with her BF
Scarlett and Nate have called it quits after being together for a year.

*I hope ya'll liked this. Just some Celebrity Gossip :) I will try to do these every Sunday if I can*

CES <3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time Recap: 203 "Lady of the Lake"

Hey everyone! Today I decided to do the Once Upon a Time recap because I really love this show. So this episode was based around Lady of the Lake and about Regina Mom Cora. Lets get Started....
Snow and Emma we last seen trap inside a cell with Emma talking to Cora. Once Snow wakes up she tells Emma not to trust Cora because she is evil and is not who she seems to be. Snow and Emma walked outside to Snow seeing an old friend called Lancelot. We get a flashback on how they meet and Lancelot was the one who captured Snow and brought her to the King. The King decided to poison  Snow by making her never able to have a child. After Lancelot finds out what the King does he releases Snow and agrees to help her. They soon realize the King Guards are after Prince and they rush to get there. Once they arrive they see Prince kneeing next to his injured mom. The Prince tells them that the Lake where he fought the Lady might still have some water to heal her. Snow doesn't tell Prince but she does tell his Mom and she knows the water can heal her too.
Once they get to the Lake they realize it's all dried up except for a little drops of water they had managed to find. The water is not enough to heal both women so one has to sacrifice their self to save the other. Prince Mom wants Snow to take it but Snow doesn't take it because she doesn't want his mom to die. Lancelot gives her the water but it's not the one to heal her. At her last request she wants to see Prince and Snow marry, Lancelot marries them so she can watch. When they drink the water Snow doesn't realize it's the water of the Lake!! When they turn back, Prince Mom is dead. Snow soon discovers that her curse has been lifted because of Lancelot giving her the Lake water. The necklace finally swings for Snow and She realizes they will have a Baby Girl soon in the future.
Back in the Present time, Cora says she wants to help the girls get back home but Snow knows that Cora can't be trusted. Snow and Emma are on a mission now to go to where Snow grew up and see if the Tree where Emma went through still has some magic left. Mulan and Aurora tag along as well but Aurora doesn't want to protect them she wants to kill Emma. They run into trouble among the way as they cross paths with Ogres. Aurora giving the chance attacks Snow but Mulan pulls Aurora away from them. When the Ogres attack Snow saves her daughter from almost getting killed. They finally arrive at the castle and look around to find the Wardrobe. Emma looks around and discovers this is where she would have grown up and she gets a little emotional from all of it. Suddenly Lancelot appears and they find out that it's not him it's actually Cora! Cora had killed Lancelot years ago so she can disguise as him till they have arrived. Cora attacks Snow and Emma but Emma sets fire to the Magic Wardrobe killing their chances of getting back to Storybrooke. Soon as Cora disappears, Mulan makes Snow their leader to help and protect them. But when they leave Cora gets some of the ashes and puts it in a bottle, She is not done with them just yet.

*I hope you have liked this episode. Tell me down below what you thought and what you think is gonna happen next. Will Cora make it to Storybrooke?*

CES <3 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox Review

Hey everyone!
I don't know if you know about this site but it's called Influenster and it's basically where you earn badges and take surveys. Some badges will qualify you to get a Voxbox in the mail. It's kinda like getting a Glam Bag but this has tons of products that range from beauty to animal products. There are different badges like Beauty Blogger, Mother Bear, Eco, Naturals, Beauty Queen, etc. So I finally got a Voxbox and it is the Beauty Blogger Voxbox! I am gonna share the products with you and my first impressions of them.

Disclaimer: This is not Sponsored. I am getting no Money for this blog. The voxbox was free because of badges I earned and surveys that I did.


This is the box that it came in. It took 5-10 days to get to my address. It was very fast on getting here.

 This is what the front of the card looks like.

This is the back of the card and it explains what products you have gotten from them.

First Product is the Kiss Ever Pro Lashes. I am not personally a big fan of Fake Eye Lashes because my Lashes are full and putting these on would make them look too big. I am giving these to my friend in her Baby Shower gift because she loves Fake Eye Lashes.

Second thing I see is the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins. My hair is always not doing what I want it to do so I am gonna try these out and hopefully these will work in my hair. I can do a Review of these once I use them if ya'll want me to.

Next is the NYC Individual Eyes Limited Edition in Dark Shadows. I am excited to try this out because I do use NYC a lot. Hopefully these shadows are pigmented. It comes with 4 shadows, a primer and a highlight.

This is the Not Your Mothers Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream. I am so excited about this product because I heard great reviews about this hair product line. I seen these in stores but never tried it till now!

Last is the White Barn Candle in Nutmeg and Spice. This actually smells really good. I been wanting to buy a Fall Candle and now I have one!

*So these are the products that I got in my Beauty Blogger Voxbox. Check out the Website and Join because you might earn yourself a Voxbox! Again these are my views on the products and I just wanted to talk about this. Hope you enjoyed this.*

CES <3

Outfit Of The Day: 10/17/2012 Edgy Look for Me

Hey guys so today I have another Outfit of the day. Today I have a Edgy look. This time I didn't do it in front of my Stained Mirror because I didn't have time so I did it in class before everyone showed up.

Shirt: Hot Chelle Rae Shirt bought at the Concert.

Necklace: Walmart

Leggings: From my Mom

Flats: Target

Bracelet: Craft Store

CES <3

Monday, October 15, 2012

Outfit Of The Day: 10/15/2012

Hey so today I have an outfit of the day for ya'll. It's just very simple and comfortable since I only had 1 class today and it was Art.

Shirt: Victoria Secret in Hawaii
Yoga Pants: Aeropostale
Flats: Target

CES <3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 401 "Growing Pains"

Hey everyone so did you catch the new season of Vampire Diaries? To me that new episode was a emotional episode because there were some parts that just made me wanna cry. Anyways lets get started with the Recap.
Elena woke to questions about everything that happened and she finally realized she is in transition. Elena is not so happy about that because she didn't wanna be a vampire. Stefan and Damon were arguing because Damon doesn't want Elena being a vampire and he is angry with Matt. Bonnie decided that she wanted to help Elena so she wouldn't have to change. Things get complicated when a priest takes over and raids everything and takes the vampires to his farm to kill. First they took Caroline and Rebeckah then they were after Elena and Stefan. Elena started to hear sounds and she was starting to crave blood. Elena emotions were also heighten because she went from laughing to crying because of everything going on. Once Klaus knew that Caroline captured he decided to bust her out and leave his sister there. Caroline found out that Klaus was in Tyler body.
Elena also started to remember everything that Damon wanted her to forget. Soon Elena and Stefan were captured and all of them were put in a cell by there selves with gas coming out of the vents. Elena needed to fed and she started to feel like she was dying. Elena told Stefan that she chose him and that she loves him. Damon and Matt were on a mission to get the guards out so they can get Stefan and Elena out. Bonnie started the spell and almost got Elena to come back with her when her grandma stepped in and told her no. Soon Elena was dying when Stefan and Rebekah worked together to kill a guard so Elena could feed. Soon they all escape and Damon almost killed Matt when Elena jump on Damon with her Vampire teeth showing telling him no. At the end it shows Elena getting a ring and the priest killing people off.

CES <3