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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrity News Of The Week #1

Hey everyone today I decided to do a new series called Celebrity News of the Week where I share news about whats happening with Celebrity's right now. All the information I found was from ENews on Youtube.

Disclaimer: This is everything that I found on ENews. It may not be 100% True but try to check other resources so you can know. Some information can be rumors as you may know. This is just what is happening right now with celebrity's. 

1. Justin and Jessica are Married?!!!?
Yes you heard right, Justin and Jessica had a private Italian Wedding. Found information from ENews who confirmed it! I wondered how they kept it a secret...

2. Brittney Spears Ex claims she was on drugs!!!
Brittney Spears Ex claims that she was using drugs while the strange behavior was happening. So when she shaved her head, was she on drugs?

3. Holly Madison is Expecting a Girl
Her boyfriend had leaked on Twitter that they are expecting a Girl!!

4. Daniel Radcliffe splits with his girlfriend
The Harry Potter star and Production Assistant Rosie have called it Quits.

5. Gisele Bundchen is flaunting a Baby Bump!!

6. Megan Fox is a Mom!
Megan Fox and her Husband Brian Austin Green welcomes a Baby Boy!!

7. Kristen and Rob are Back Together
Yes these two are back together and are being seen in public. Some say that the split was just a celebrity hoax or a publicity stunt but this could just be a rumor.

8. Alessandra Ambrosio's 2.5 Million Dollar Bra!?!
This supermodel rocks a Bra that cost about 2.5 Million Dollars. I would not spend that much for a Bra.

9. Khloe Kardashian Joins the X-Factor as the Host
Khloe will be taking over hosting duties for the X-Factor.

10. Scarlett Johansson Breaks up with her BF
Scarlett and Nate have called it quits after being together for a year.

*I hope ya'll liked this. Just some Celebrity Gossip :) I will try to do these every Sunday if I can*

CES <3

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