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Friday, October 12, 2012

Pregnancy Log #3: 17 Weeks

Hey so today I have a Pregnancy Log for ya'll because I am 17 Weeks today.

How Many Weeks? 17 Weeks!!!!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Still a little nauseated. My back always hurts now.

What Prenatal Vitamins I take?

Have any Mood Swings? I have some every once in a while.

What does my Stomach look Like:

How much I weigh: I gained 5 pounds so I weigh 103

Sleep Habits: I toss and turn all night. but I do take naps during the day.

Doctor Visit News: Baby heartbeat is good and I won't find out gender till November 1st

Any Movement? Yea lately I been feeling a little movement. Mostly at night.

Looking forward to? Knowing if it's a Boy or Girl!! Wanting to start buying clothes :)

CES <3

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