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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 402 "Memorial"

Hey VD Fans!
This episode was crazy because of Stefan and Damon, Elena and just the end was so emotional because of everyone losing a loved one. Anyways lets get started....
So this episode is all about everyone that just died because of the Priest. Matt and Jeremy were helping with Lanterns when they saw April who is the Priest Daughter. Anyways there is a New Vampire Hunter in town and first he is after Tyler. He shakes Tyler hand and his glove has vervain in it which causes Tyler to go down to the floor and he starts to shoot at Tyler. Stefan helps Tyler pull them out and realizes there is a carving on the bullets. Stefan decides to help Elena with feeding on animals but the process doesn't work because when he leaves she throws up all the blood. For some reason she can't keep the animal blood down and seeks help from Damon. Damon takes her into a bathroom and Elena feeds off Damon blood which is bad because that's a bond that is going on. Elena doesn't tell Stefan about this yet.
Stefan seeks help from Bonnie about the carvings but she has never seen them before.
So everyone was heading to the funeral when Elena started throwing up everywhere in the bathroom. She called for Damon help and he brought her a dress and a blood bag which she kinda threw that up too. So Stefan saw what was going on and confronted Damon about it, They started to argue and Damon finally told him that Elena is starving because she can't keep anything down. Stefan is angry with Damon when Damon tells him that Elena fed from him. Once inside the church April is shot and is on the balcony with blood dripping down everywhere. Elena decides to make a speech but can't finish it because she smells blood. Stefan helps her back and Matt decides to let Elena feed from him. Once done Damon decides to go after the Vampire Hunter but he gets away when Stefan shows up. Stefan punches Damon for what he did with Elena. Back at the House, Stefan is angry with Elena for lying to him about her feeding issues and about seeking help from Damon. Stefan decides they should finish the Memorial and gathers the gang to show up. Each goes around to light a lantern and say who they have lossed which that was emotional. Damon doesn't do it but instead goes to Alaric grave and has a chat with him. It made me cry when it showed Alaric ghost and him saying he misses Damon too.

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