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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

13 Nights of Halloween Schedule (ABCFamily)

Hey guys Halloween is right around the corner and on ABC Family they always do the 13 Night of Halloween and I always love to watch it. So I thought today I would do the Schedule because it starts October 19.

Friday, October 19:

The Addams Family 7/6c
Addams Family Values 9/8c

Saturday, October 20:

Hocus Pocus 8/7c

Sunday, October 21:

Beetlejuice 8/7c

Monday, October 22:

Switch at Birth Fall Finale 8/7c
Practical Magic 9/8c

Tuesday, October 23:

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special 8/7c

Wednesday, October 24:

Scooby Doo 7/6c

Thursday, October 25:

The Addams Family 6/7c
Addams Family Values 9/8c

Friday, October 26:

Practical Magic 6/7c
Matilda 9/8c

Saturday, October 27:

Monster House 6/7c and 9/8c

Sunday, October 28:

Sorcerer's Apprentice 7:30/6:30c

Monday, October 29:

The Mummy 8:30/7:30c

Tuesday, October 30:

Edward Scissorhands 7/6c

Wednesday, October 31:

Hocus Pocus 7/6c

CES <3

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