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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Parenting Tag 2012 (Pregnant with first child)

Hey everyone so I am Pregnant with my first child and I thought I would do this tag to share what I would do once the baby is born. It's like my parenting styles and it ranges from different topics. I know I am not a mother yet but this is just on my view and what I would do. Today I am 19 weeks!!! Pregnancy Log will be up this Thursday for Gender Reveal!!!!!

Parenting Tag:

Pro Life VS Pro Choice- I am Pro Life. I don't believe in Abortion I just would never do that. 

Baby Wearing- I wouldn't use those carry things on my back or in front of me because I just don't think I can support the baby plus I have a bad back. I don't trust them.

Circumcision- I would have to research this more. I don't know a lot of information on it.

Adoption- I think Adoption is a better choice than abortion. I always wanted to adopt a child in a different country. 

Baby Piercing- I wouldn't do it I would wait till my child is old enough and let her decide. I am never good with keeping earrings in my ears. I have had mine done 4 or 5 times and they always close up so I gave up on wearing earrings. 

Breast Milk VS Formula- I am choosing Formula for my child because there is medicine that I have to go back on once baby is born. Breast Feeding would be healthier but Formula is the route I have to choose.

Spanking- I would never spank my child. I don't like it I mean I never did when I was little so I would never do that to my child because I know how it feels.

Co-Sleeping- I am not doing Co Sleeping because I am a wild sleeper. I wish I could so I can have that bond with my child but it's safer for me to not do that. 

 Home VS Public VS Private School- I will do a lot of research first before I can make a decision and plus it just depends where we live because I am either gonna live in Dallas or Hawaii. I would research the options first.

Vaccinations- I would keep my child up to date of it's shots because I was a sick child I got sick really easily even though I had all my shots. I just think it's safer to get Vaccinations. 

Medicating Children- I would only use medicine if my child is really sick. Medicine is great but I don't like all the side effects it has. I still have trouble taking medicine like I am suppose too.

Cloth VS Disposable Diapers- I am going to use Disposable Diapers. I think they are much easier. I don't have a lot of knowledge about Cloth Diapers. My mom always used Disposable ones on me and my brother. 

Cry It Out Method- I don't think I would let my baby sit there and cry I would make sure everything is okay and make sure all the needs are met.

*So these are just my views on how my parenting style will be once the baby is born. Everyone has different views and opinions, I respect that 100%.*

CES <3

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