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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: Outfit, Food, Family+Chloe 1st Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
Today I am thankful for my family, Josh and most importantly my daughter....

This morning I had a panic attack ugh! I haven't had one in a while and today I get one, I felt so bad for the rest of the day. Anyways me and Chloe woke up at 8:30am I changed her diaper and put her in her high chair. This morning for breakfast Chloe had Cheerios and Beech Nut Banana puree, it's been her favorite lately. In morning also I let her watch a little tv while she eats and its usually cartoons like Dora, Mickey Mouse club or Bubble Guppies. 10am I got dressed and then I got Chloe dressed because every year we go to my grandmas for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. We left at 12:30pm and came home at 4pm, Chloe was exhausted when we came home.

When we got to my grandmas Chloe started crying because I think she got overwhelmed by all the family members that were there. Me and my mom finally got her to come down and everyone started to see her and play with her. Chloe did eat a little food but I think she was too nervous from everyone that was there she more wanted her bottle. She did eat a good meal and a snack when we got home!

Every year me and my mom always make a oreo pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year we decided to make Pumpkin Spice cookies.

Every year we always make the rolls.

This was Chloe this morning eating her cheerios.

This is what I wore today. Mini outfit of the day...

Top: Motherhood Maternity
Jeans: L.E.I
Boots: Dollar General
Scarf: Walmart
Owl Necklace: Walmart

Chloe took a nap on me before we left today.

Playing and seeing everyone at her great grandmas.

Waiting on her food...

This is my mom and my cousin baby.

My brother holding Chloe.

She had a long day. Sweet baby girl is 8 1/2 months old!

CES <3

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 5 Recap (Mid Season Finale)

Mid season finale is finally here and did we get the answers we needed? Well we won't know more till it comes back on January 7, 2014. Let me recap this episode and see what is discovered about the curse of the pact....

Warning:  Do not read this post if you haven't watch this episode yet.... Contains spoilers!!!

* Miranda is in a alter universe where she is with her mom and dad. She thinks she is safe because she is back home with family but there is a evil girl there wanting to hurt her. Caleb has this dream and tells the others about it....
* Caleb, Luke, Remy and Olivia are going through the box that belong to Henry. It contains old photos, letters, etc.
* Caleb reads them a letter thats in the box. The letter is written by past Caleb to past Miranda.
* Flashback of past Caleb and Miranda: Caleb tells Miranda that he belongs with her. He wants and needs her. He can't live without her.
* Caleb sees a photo and the room is where Miranda is now
* Olivia and Luke are talking about Dillon. She been avoiding him to protect him from the curse.
* Henry died!!! He was scared to death....
* Caleb was in his room when there was a ghost whose eyes were bleeding
* Mrs. Grunwald knows about Miranda being a ghost! She also might know where Miranda is and will give Caleb the address.
* Dillon comes over to see Olivia. He wants to help them find clues about the box. He seems sweet!
* Remy is still mad at Luke
* Caleb goes to the address but it's a empty lot
* Mrs. Grunwald "Caleb is looking for Miranda. You need to do it tonight." to Collins.... Okay what does that mean? I knew them two know about the curse!!!
* Hanna calls Caleb and he reassures her that he still loves her. We got to see Hanna!
* Dillon tells Olivia that the map isn't a map it's a blueprint to a basement. He asks if he can go see Remy with her.
* Caleb tells Hanna that he is heading back to Rosewood soon.
* Caleb sleeps and goes to Miranda to warn her about the girl but she doesn't listen
* Collins is digging up Miranda grave!!!
* Remy been sleep walking since the accident. This time she slept walked into the vault bar basement and broke in and hurt her hand.
* The gang shows up to investigate the place. The Vault used to be a bank now it's a pub/bar.
* In the basement there is another door but they have to break it open
* Collins still digging Miranda grave. He needs her body for something.... He uses the scissors to cut something from her body.
* The gang finds 2 bodies that have been dead for a while.... Past Miranda and Caleb?
* They find in the room with the bodies pictures and other possesions. The 2 bodies came to this place to die.
* They also find out that the past Caleb and Miranda got married to each other by a ships captain
* They found a book that contained answers about the curse. The 2 bodies sacrificed them selves thinking it would bring back Caleb and Miranda. They wanted Caleb and Miranda to break the curse. Wow that explains Caleb and Miranda connection!! Interesting!
* They are thinking why Miranda can't move on to Heaven is because she is waiting for Caleb to die too so they can be together.
* The gang finds a photo of Miranda standing in front of a house and they go investigate.
* They find the house and enter. The house lights start coming on by them selves. Then the creepy girl appears and tells them Miranda is waiting on them in Hell. Okay..... That part was way creepy.
* They finally find Miranda and a way out but Caleb has to convince her to leave which he finally does. They make it out except for Caleb who falls and has a brief moment in the afterlife with Miranda. He says it feels right to be with her!!
* Finally Caleb has a heart beat, Dillon shows up for Olivia for support, and Luke holds Remy hand.
* Collins puts Miranda hair in a jar and in a box that looks similar to Henry box.
* Dillon and the evil girl are working together!!!!

Who knows about the Curse other than the Main 5:

*Mrs. Grunwald-She knows something about it and she is working with Collins
*Collins-I think he is a major player about knowing something about this curse. He has a box that is similar to Henry box. There has to be a connection there. Also why does he need lock of hair from Miranda?
*Dillon-Not expecting him! He works together with the evil girl.

CES <3

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The 5 are getting closer to unlocking secrets but first all them must come together and work as a team....

Warning: Don't read this if you have not watched this episode yet... Contains spoilers!!!

* Miranda is looking for Abby in the cemetery. When she is found she is surround by a group of people then they all run when they see Miranda.
* Caleb has been trying to write Hanna a message trying to explain everything but he doesn't know exactly what to say
* Luke wants Olivia to leave the ghost alone. He doesn't want to anger it.
* Remy was sleep walking again and pour her self a glass of water except the water was blood
* Luke was riding his bike when a black bird came straight toward him making him fall and hurt his knee
* Collins comes up to Olivia and her mom. He tells her mom about Olivia being at his place and it got out of hand at the party he thinks happen with Caleb. He also feels bad for her being judge at the funeral. I know they used to date! You can tell way they look at each other.
* Caleb taking pictures of Abby headstone when Caleb meets a lady that knew the old Caleb Rivers that died in the boating accident.
* Caleb wants Remy to go with him to see Henry Rivers (Old Caleb Rivers brother)
* Olivia goes to see Caleb in his room but he is not there so she sees Miranda instead. Miranda tells her that Miranda uncle Collins has newspaper clippings of Olivia dad murder.
* Miranda has a crush on Caleb!!! Okay what couple you like better.... Caleb and Hanna? Caleb and Miranda? I love Caleb and Hanna together but I understand why Caleb should be with Miranda because they have so much things in common and same way they grew up. They understand each other. But it is tough...
* Caleb tells Henry about The Pact and about him almost dying in the car. Henry tells him "You are careless boy you have to be more careful with your moves."
* Tessa talks to Luke about Olivia and that she is sorry. Do you believe her?
* Miranda spies on her uncle and sees him looking at a knife that could have been used as a murder weapon to kill Olivia and Luke dad.
* Miranda tells Caleb she wrote Hanna a letter for him and all he has to do is press send. Caleb gets upset when Miranda tells him to go back to Rosewood. He is confused about a lot of stuff and I think also about how he feels about her.
* Henry shows up at Caleb door and tells him he needs to know what he is up against. Henry gives Caleb a key. Caleb asks about the key and Henry says "I can't, It's your turn now." What does that mean??
* Remy thinks the keys fit to a door in a basement at the high school
* When Collins left Miranda gives Olivia a tour of where Collins goes in the house
* Tessa kisses Luke!!! But it's for a play i hope....
* Miranda and Olivia find out that Collins keeps a lock of hair for each person that died. Miranda gets upset and she ends up out side the cemetery! So she can now leave the property? But Olivia is still stuck in Collins creepy room.
* Remy and Caleb go to the basement at the school to figure out what door belongs to the key. Caleb finally finds the right door. They see a chest locked so Caleb tries to open it with other key but it breaks off.
* Miranda goes to see Luke at school to see where Caleb is. Miranda ends up seeing the ghost of her mom!!!
* Caleb, Remy and Olivia go to talk to Luke. Luke is mad when Olivia tells him where she been. When they were talking a thing almost lands on Olivia when Caleb pushes her out of the way and saves her. He looks at Luke and says "Still don't think your apart of this?"
* Caleb took the box back to his place
* Luke tells Remy he kissed Tessa. Luke breaks up with Remy!!!!!
* Caleb confronts Collins about his sketchy attitude
* Caleb get mad and throws the box down and kicks it till it opens....
* Last is shows Miranda and her mom going through a door with a bright light. Does this mean she is crossing over?

CES <3

Friday, November 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time: Wonderland Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Taking a journey down Wonderland as we follow Alice into the black forest.... Can you believe that we now have to wait 2 weeks to see another episode? I guess they are taking a break because Thanksgiving is next week.

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't seen this episode yet.... Contains spoilers!!!

* Jafar and the white rabbit go visit the mental institution where Alice was sent to by her father. Jafar wants to know everything about Alice.
* Cyrus escapes the guards and is on his way to find Alice
* Flashback: 1 year ago Alice returns home after losing Cyrus. She finds out that her dad remarried and she has a new sister. Her new mom and her dad want her to forget Wonderland because they believe it's not real and want her to grow up and be married. Alice is having a tough time accepting Cyrus is dead so they send her to a mental institution. 
* Alice is making her way to find Cyrus and has to travel through black forest which is dangerous....
* Red Queen is out to find Cyrus
* Knaves of Hearts is on his way to find Alice and has to go into black forest to find her
* Alice gets trap in a realm that makes you happy and forget everything including who you are
* Knaves ends up finding Alice but she doesn't remember her true love or who she is
* The realm ends up turning everybody who gets trap there into trees. Alice starts turning into a tree.
* Red Queen follows a trail to find where Cyrus is at
* Knaves gives Alice the necklace that Cyrus gave her and she finally remembers everything and they escape.
* Red Queen ends up finding Cyrus
* Knaves finally tells Alice that after she helped him get his heart back he didn't put his heart back in. That's why the realm didn't affect him. He said that when Anastasia aka Red Queen broke his heart he doesn't want to feel that pain again.
* Cyrus jumps into the ocean
* Jafar knocks on the door to Alice home and tells her dad that he can take him to his daughter

CES <3


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health Update: November 2013

Hey everyone I haven't did a health update on me in a while so I decided to start back doing them again starting with this month.

This is TMI but my periods have been so irregular it's crazy! I haven't started in 3 months and now just 3 days ago I finally started. I had the worst pain ever with it and it made me so dizzy...

I decided this month I would limit my self on sodas and start taking more vitamins. I also have been drinking more water, juice and mostly orange juice.

I went to a clinic today to get on some birth control and they said because of my health issues that the Depo Shot was what I needed. The depo shot I get injected into my arm and I come back every 3 months for a new shot. I am so glad I don't have to take a pill every day because I can't remember to take them.

When I was at the clinic I found out I have high blood pressure. They made me eat something and have a sprite so I can get some sugar into my body before they did the shot. They now want me to go see my regular doctor to figure out why is my blood pressure so high. They did say for now on I have to carry snacks with me wherever I go to make sure I don't pass out from not eating or having not enough sugar in my body. I don't have health insurance right now but I am hoping to find a plan to get on soon.

My bladder has also been bothering me a lot this month. Let's just say I have been very fragile lately and I have been under a lot of stress for personal reasons. I hope it will get better soon I just have to take it day by day and not stress my self out so much. I have to find my inner peace.....

CES <3

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Hey everyone! Sorry I am barely getting these recaps done I am behind of watching this show because of my college classes. How have you been liking this series so far? I been loving it and I find it very interesting to watch.

* Miranda uncle was preparing Miranda body to be buried and he cut a piece of her hair
* People show up to Miranda funeral
* Olivia sees a girl standing at her dad grave but Luke doesn't see a girl
* Remy knows that they should have all died in the car accident
* Luke misses Remy and wants to be with her and not care what their parents think of them
* Police tells Luke and Olivia that there are leads in their dads murder case. A women named Abby might have been romantically involved with their dad.
*Miranda found out she can't leave the gates of the cemetery. Caleb goes to meet with Luke, Olivia and Remy about finding more information about the town curse.
* Luke doesn't believe in the curse
* Luke and Olivia find out that Abby been in contact with their dad and they dated in high school. The creepy thing though is that Abby been dead for 20 years!
* Miranda uncle lets Caleb stay in the old groundskeeper house and gives Caleb a job. Miranda uncle Collins also says sorry about way he been acting.
* Miranda is fustrated because she can't touch or connect with anything. Miranda also hears spirits telling her to get out of the house.
* Abby is one of the 5 teens that died together after a solider came home from war. She is part of the curse.
* Olivia found out the teens died in a lab explosion at the school and decided to check out the class room. After she left the room she heard voices and when she went back to the window to the class room a burnt body pop up and scared her. The burnt body was saying help! The scene scared me!!!
* Olivia tells Luke what she saw and He doesn't believe her
* The gang gets together and Caleb tells them he been talking to Miranda ghost. Remy and Olivia believe him but Luke still doesn't believe them. They decide to do a seance to connect with the dead.
* Miranda doesn't think they should do the seance.
* They are doing the seance when they hear a sound and Caleb goes to investigate it. Miranda starts to hear the spirits voices again and is back in the house again.
* They found out that Luke and Olivia dad discovered the curse and that's what got their father killed
* The seance board spells out "Five Pact"
* The chandelier was about to fall on them when Miranda saves them. Luke, Olivia and Remy can now see Miranda!!!

CES <3

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Baby Haul 2013

I am doing monthly baby hauls now so I am going to share what I got for Chloe this month. This doesn't include her formula or baby jar foods since I buy those with WIC.

These are 6-9month and they were $8.

Always prefer using Pampers sensitive wipes.

Also bought a 3 pack later in this month.

Bought a box of Pampers Baby Dry diapers. I tried the cheap brand but Chloe leaks through those easily.

Got a new bottle brush we try to change these out as often as we can to prevent germs.

I ran out of this and had to get more!! Chloe top teeth are trying to come in and she been really fussy lately.

I got the Christmas collection pack! So cute! I bought two packages of pacifiers because they get lost so easily.

Josh parents bought Chloe the Magic Baby Bullet!! So excited to try this out!

Picked up some of her favorite baby foods to eat....

Chloe can have snacks now so I been buying her different ones. I picked up these and she doesn't really like them right now. I personally don't like them either they seem to hard for her to eat right now so I want to wait till she gets more teeth in for these.

These are her favorite snacks!!!!

This is what I got for Chloe so far this month....

CES <3

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scarf Collection 2013

Hey everyone!
My signature clothing piece for Fall/Winter is Scarf's so I wanted to show you my collection of scarf's that I have so far. What is your signature piece for Fall and Winter?

This is a black scarf. This is thicker and it is so warm! I think I got this at either Walmart or Walgreens.

This scarf is from Walgreens....

This is also from Walgreens.....

It's a pink lace scarf. I can't remember where I got this at.

I love this scarf! I been wearing this a lot this fall. I got this at Walmart under $5. 

This is a skull and cheetah print scarf. I got this at Rue 21.

CES <3