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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The 5 are getting closer to unlocking secrets but first all them must come together and work as a team....

Warning: Don't read this if you have not watched this episode yet... Contains spoilers!!!

* Miranda is looking for Abby in the cemetery. When she is found she is surround by a group of people then they all run when they see Miranda.
* Caleb has been trying to write Hanna a message trying to explain everything but he doesn't know exactly what to say
* Luke wants Olivia to leave the ghost alone. He doesn't want to anger it.
* Remy was sleep walking again and pour her self a glass of water except the water was blood
* Luke was riding his bike when a black bird came straight toward him making him fall and hurt his knee
* Collins comes up to Olivia and her mom. He tells her mom about Olivia being at his place and it got out of hand at the party he thinks happen with Caleb. He also feels bad for her being judge at the funeral. I know they used to date! You can tell way they look at each other.
* Caleb taking pictures of Abby headstone when Caleb meets a lady that knew the old Caleb Rivers that died in the boating accident.
* Caleb wants Remy to go with him to see Henry Rivers (Old Caleb Rivers brother)
* Olivia goes to see Caleb in his room but he is not there so she sees Miranda instead. Miranda tells her that Miranda uncle Collins has newspaper clippings of Olivia dad murder.
* Miranda has a crush on Caleb!!! Okay what couple you like better.... Caleb and Hanna? Caleb and Miranda? I love Caleb and Hanna together but I understand why Caleb should be with Miranda because they have so much things in common and same way they grew up. They understand each other. But it is tough...
* Caleb tells Henry about The Pact and about him almost dying in the car. Henry tells him "You are careless boy you have to be more careful with your moves."
* Tessa talks to Luke about Olivia and that she is sorry. Do you believe her?
* Miranda spies on her uncle and sees him looking at a knife that could have been used as a murder weapon to kill Olivia and Luke dad.
* Miranda tells Caleb she wrote Hanna a letter for him and all he has to do is press send. Caleb gets upset when Miranda tells him to go back to Rosewood. He is confused about a lot of stuff and I think also about how he feels about her.
* Henry shows up at Caleb door and tells him he needs to know what he is up against. Henry gives Caleb a key. Caleb asks about the key and Henry says "I can't, It's your turn now." What does that mean??
* Remy thinks the keys fit to a door in a basement at the high school
* When Collins left Miranda gives Olivia a tour of where Collins goes in the house
* Tessa kisses Luke!!! But it's for a play i hope....
* Miranda and Olivia find out that Collins keeps a lock of hair for each person that died. Miranda gets upset and she ends up out side the cemetery! So she can now leave the property? But Olivia is still stuck in Collins creepy room.
* Remy and Caleb go to the basement at the school to figure out what door belongs to the key. Caleb finally finds the right door. They see a chest locked so Caleb tries to open it with other key but it breaks off.
* Miranda goes to see Luke at school to see where Caleb is. Miranda ends up seeing the ghost of her mom!!!
* Caleb, Remy and Olivia go to talk to Luke. Luke is mad when Olivia tells him where she been. When they were talking a thing almost lands on Olivia when Caleb pushes her out of the way and saves her. He looks at Luke and says "Still don't think your apart of this?"
* Caleb took the box back to his place
* Luke tells Remy he kissed Tessa. Luke breaks up with Remy!!!!!
* Caleb confronts Collins about his sketchy attitude
* Caleb get mad and throws the box down and kicks it till it opens....
* Last is shows Miranda and her mom going through a door with a bright light. Does this mean she is crossing over?

CES <3

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