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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: 10/12/2014 & 10/14/2014 (Cold Front in Texas)

Hey everyone so the weather in Texas has been crazy lately there was a cold front that lasted about I think only 3 days. I took advantage of the weather to wear my leggings and my favorite scarfs. Here is what I wore.......

October 12, 2014: Today me and my mom went to storage to find the Halloween decorations.

Long Sleeve Top: Dots
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity
Boots: Faded Glory
Chevron Infinity Scarf: I am not sure exactly where I got it.

No makeup. Hair in a pony with front pulled back with a headband. 

October 14, 2014: Today I had a doctor appointment.....

Top: No Boundaries
Animal print Leggings: Bobbie Brooks for Ladies
Boots: Faded Glory
Scarf: Rue21
Jacket: Forever 21

The beanie is from my daughter's father he gave it to me back in high school. I wore minimal makeup just concealer, powder, mascara and a lip stain.

CES <3

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Favorite Fall Things Tag 2014

Hey everyone! Today I am doing another tag for you and this one is all about Fall. I found this on YouTube and the person who created this was beautybaby44.

Fall Beauty Favorites:

1. Face Product

This is the CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer. I have really dark circles so this is a must have for me.

2. Cheek Product

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in I think Peach Satin. This color helps with my pale face in the fall season.

3. Eye Product

This is from CoverGirl. I use the lightest color, the gold shade and the silver shade the most. 

4. Lip Product

Revlon Color Burst in the red shade. I love red lips for the fall season.

5. Hair Product

My hair has been such a mess so these two products help tame my hair. First is the Keratin Replenish Masque and Not Your Mothers Trial Sample of Smooth Moves Frizz Control.

6. Fragrance/Candle

I love burning a cinnamon candle in the fall. 

7. Nail Polish

Red is what I love for the Fall and Winter season. My nails are really short right now though because of my anxiety I bite my nails which is a horrible habit because I used to love my nails. Right now I just paint my toe nails.

Fall Fashion Favorites:

1. Trendy Clothing Item

My mom cousin gave me this top and it's from the store EarthBound Trading Company. I love the patterns on this top and it's really comfortable as well.

2. Comfortable Clothing Item

I love wearing leggings they are so comfortable and they look amazing on me. These are from Motherhood Maternity. I got these when I was pregnant with Chloe and I still wear these.

3. Shoes

These boots are from Faded Glory at Walmart. I got these in the children's section because I have really small feet.

4. Accessory

This is a Chevron Infinity Scarf. I can't remember the exact place where I got it at. I love wearing scarfs in the Fall and Winter season. I am actually wearing this scarf right now. 

Fun Favorites:

1. Halloween or Thanksgiving? I think in the fall season my favorite is Thanksgiving because we get together with the family.

2. Favorite Festive Food or Drink? I love pumpkin bread and pie!

3. What's the happiest part of Fall for you? I would have to say the weather because here in Texas is gets so hot and I love when the weather changes and gets cool.

CES <3

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mommy Scenario Tag (2014)

Hey everyone! Today I am doing a tag that I found on YouTube that is going around. There are 8 questions that deals with parenting and it gives you different scenarios and how you would deal with it.

1. Your child is refusing to eat dinner, Do you stand your ground and demand that your child eats it or do you make them something else?

I do have this problem with Chloe sometimes.... I mostly think it's just because at the time she is just not hungry. Usually if she refuses I will wait a couple of minutes to see if she would at least take a couple of bites if not then I will try to give her something else so she can at least eat something. 

2. Your child has a meltdown at a store, nothing can calm them down.... Do you leave the store or just continue shopping?

It depends how much of a meltdown Chloe will have. I usually will bring in a drink and a snack with maybe a toy so it can keep her busy. If she does have a major meltdown then I will probably just leave and come back another day.

3. Your child gets too many toys for their birthday. Do you make some returns or save them for a rainy day?

I believe a child can never have too many toys. I would keep them because I know that it will keep her occupied when I need to get something done because Chloe can get bored easily sometimes. 

4. Your child is protesting sleep.... Do you give in at 3am and turn on a movie for them or Continue to rock them to get them back to sleep?

I still have problems with Chloe waking me up at night. Lately she has only been waking me up once and she usually will just get milk and will go back to sleep. If she doesn't then I will rock her back to sleep because when she doesn't get her sleep she is very cranky baby. If it doesn't work then I will let her watch a little TV then just try rocking her back to sleep again.

5. You have a appointment and no babysitter..... Do you take your child with you or reschedule?

I just take Chloe with me. I don't have anyone to watch her so I just take her with me to the appointments.

6. You have about 20 minutes till unexpected company comes. Do you rush to clean or say "Hey it's okay I got kids."

If the house is really messy then I will do as much as I can in 20 minutes. 

7. You are running late..... Do your hair or makeup?

Right now I am not happy with my hair at all. My baby hairs will stick up and my hair is just a mess so I think I would do my hair and just forget about makeup. I do want a hair cut soon then I will just worry about makeup instead of my hair. 

8. At the park your child gets pushed by another child Do you intervene and correct them or get their parent?

 I will go get their parent.

CES <3

Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting Prepared: Potty Training Chloe

Hey everyone! So since Chloe is about to be 19 months I been introducing the idea of potty training to Chloe. I am not going to force her or anything I am just talking to her about it and reading books about potty training. I been also researching potty training just so I can gain better knowledge about it and just some advice. Chloe has been sitting on the potty with her clothes on every time I go to the bathroom just so she can get used to it so it doesn't freak her out. I also read her a potty book and she loves the book. She makes me read that book over and over to her all the time. Chloe is not yet showing signs except for taking off her diaper. She does bring me diaper and wipes when I ask for them and she will also throw away her dirty diapers. She doesn't know how to say pee or poop yet. I am just waiting for her to show me that she is ready instead of me forcing her because that is not healthy.

This is the potty that I bought for Chloe. It's by the brand called Summer. I bought it a while back it was on sale at our grocery store. Every time I go to the bathroom Chloe will sit on it with her clothes on just to get used to it. 

These are the two potty books we got so far for Chloe. She loves the Potty Book for Girls, I read it to her all the time.

I been reading this book Toliet Training by Vicki Lansky. It has some great advice in it. I did a blog post on it before if you want to check that out.

CES <3

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chloe Outfit Of The Day: 10/1/2014 (First Day Of October!!!)

Hey everyone! Happy October!!! Here is what Chloe wore for the first day of October......

Top: I don't know where it's from. It doesn't even say on the tag. My friend gave it to me.
Leggings: Bonnie Baby
Sandals: Carter's

CES <3

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Week In Pictures: September 29-October 5 2014

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted lately I had Chloe and my anxiety has been crazy lately. Chloe left to spend a week with her dad so I can schedule some blog posts, get a break and put in some job applications. Anyways here is my week in pictures.....

Monday Sept. 29:
Chloe eating pancake for breakfast with her lactose free milk.

Watching TV.....

Watching the new show called Scorpion. About geniuses who help the FBI and Government with criminal cases. So far it's really good.

Tuesday Sept. 30:

Watched another new show called HappyLand.

Wednesday October 1:
It's October!!!! Halloween is coming.....

Washing laundry.....

Watching Teen Mom 2.

Thursday October 2:
Making a mess and looking at her books.

Watching Reign! Even though I am so far behind....

Friday October 3:
Watching a marathon of Blues Clues with Chloe this morning. I used to watch this all the time when I was little.

I been obsessed with Temple Run lately. Chloe likes watching me play it. Here is my stats....

Saturday October 4:

My mom took this picture of Chloe. Ugh so jealous of her blue eyes.... 

Tech Toddler.

I found her in her pajama dresser. She was putting on necklaces lol she is so silly. Love her smile.

Sunday October 5:
She had a long day.....

On chapter 6 of Mortal Instruments City of Ashes book #2. 

CES <3

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life Update: August and September 2014

Hey everyone I am doing a life update for the months of August and September to just update ya'll on what's been going on lately in my life.

Life Update for August:

* My Brother moved out of the house.
* I got denied by Medicaid. So I am now trying to find other ways to get health insurance. It's really upsetting and frustrating.
* I started doing Yoga again even though I don't do it all the time.
* I am not going to College this semester because I still owe my College money. I hope to go back in January because I only have 3 classes left till I get my Associates Degree.
* My Great Grandma died.....
* My Brother came to visit.

Life Update for September:

* Chloe had her first dentist appointment.
* Chloe is 18 Months!
* I got a phone because my other phone got turned off. I use my old phone for Chloe to use she loves looking at photos and videos of her self.
* I am looking for a job now so I can start providing for Chloe and My Self.
* The puppy that we got had died.... His name was Blue. I did a blog post on him a while back. We are not sure exactly why he died.
* My Brother is moving back in for personal reasons.

Here is what has been going on lately in my life. The next life update won't be posted till beginning of January because I am going to combine October, November and December all in one update.

CES <3