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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Health Update: June 2014

Hey everyone! I am doing a health update today about how I been doing lately health wise....

Weight: After I had my daughter I weighed 98 pounds. I lost weight because of my Bladder Disease and Anxiety it went to 91. Now my weight is at 95 so I gained a couple of pounds. I am trying to gain some weight so I can stay healthy.

Periods (TMI!!): So for Birth Control I am still taking the Depo Shot. As for my periods they still seem to last longer than they should. Although my last period was back in April.

Bladder: I been having UTI lately so I went to see my GY Doctor and he finally is going to refer me to a Urologist! That way they can finally start treatment for my bladder and I might even have surgery. I will do a update on that soon!

Stomach Pains and Nausea: Lately I been having a lot of stomach pain and nausea. I think I am just eating the wrong foods because I am suppose to be on a special diet because of my bladder. I need to fix my diet.

Anxiety: I stop taking my Anxiety medicine just because It wasn't really working except it did increase my appetite. I just found stuff to kinda relax my mind like going on a walk with Chloe. I will do a update on it soon....

Insomnia: I have been having so much trouble sleeping lately. I am just so wide awake at night I hate it! Not good...

*This is my Health Update for June soon I will do a update on my Anxiety and Interstitial Cystitis.*

CES <3  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 3)

Hey PLL Fans! This episode was called "Surfing the Aftershocks." Here is my recap on this episode of season 5.

Alison and the girls go to Alison mom funeral.... Alison wears the dress that her mom wore to her funeral. Ezra is back in Rosewood recovering from getting shot. Melissa thinks Jason killed his own mom. Spencer dad wants to sell their house. In a flashback we see Mona giving Hanna a makeover and turning her into Alison. Aria went to see Ezra but didn't tell him about killing Shana. Jason wants to leave town.... Seems like he is always running away from his problems.... What is he hiding? Jason tells Spencer that they can't trust their dad. Alison goes to see Ezra and tells him she read the book but was needing to know how to stay alive. Hanna confronted Mona about her turning Hanna into Alison. Throughout this whole episode we see flashbacks of Hanna as Hefty Hanna and her getting transformed by Mona. Paige told Emily she loves her but Emily rejects Paige. Aria goes back to Ezra and tells him the truth.... He wants to help her out. Melissa and Mr. Hastings is hiding something from Spencer. Hanna gets a new look.

CES <3

Friday, June 27, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: 6/15/2014 (Peace to the Galaxy)

Today I have a outfit of the day to show ya'll.....

Top: Rue21
Jeans: 579
Flats: MinneTonkin

Closer look at the top. 

These are the accessories that I am wearing today. All black..... The bracelet is from BCBG, Ear Rings are clip on and from Claire's I think, and the Bow I got at Walmart.

I painted my nails yesterday with OPI Strawberry Margarita. 

CES <3

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's In My Purse! Summer 2014

Hey everyone today I am showing you what I carry in my Purse! I used my Samsung Camera which I need to use more often.....

I got my Purse in Hawaii from Claire's. The key charm I bought says "I love Hawaii" I got from the store on the Marine Base.

What's In My Purse?

In the two little pockets I have couple of peppermints and hand sanitizer.

Next I have my wallet which is from Melrose and the butterfly pouch which I use for my change and some cash. I don't remember where that's from I got it a long time ago.

I have sticky notes and a pen.

I have some moist wipes and a nail filer.

Next I have my key chain.

This is my emergency essentials I carry in this makeup bag like medicine and stuff. I did a blog post on this already showing you what's in here.

 Sometimes I carry my Kindle in my purse.

Last thing I carry in my Purse in my weekly agenda. I don't have any college classes but I do have doctor appointments coming up so I like to take this with me.

CES <3

Monday, June 23, 2014

Toddler Food Snack Haul: Including Nutritional Facts!

Hey so I am doing something different! I haven't done a haul in a while so I thought I would do a haul on Chloe favorite snacks and some new snacks we are going to try. I am going to give you the nutritional facts and also mine and Chloe point of view if we love or hate the snacks.

These are the Gerber Graduates Banana Cookies. They are made with real bananas! They have 35 Calories, Total Fat is 1g and has only 3g of Sugar. The vitamins they have are Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin E which is 10%. Chloe loves these! I love them because they are easy to clean up hardly any mess.

These are the Gerber Graduates Strawberry Banana Cereal Bars. Made with Whole Grains! 70 Calories and 8g of Sugar. Good source of 9 Vitamins and Minerals. These are new to Chloe so far she seems to love them. She loves anything with Strawberry and Banana. The only thing I hate is that it does get sticky and leaves a mess to clean up. But you can put these in the diaper bag because they are individually wrap and for on the go!

Gerber Graduates Lil Crunchies. Made with Whole Grains! 35 Calories and 0g of Sugar. 4% Calcium, 15% Iron, and Vitamin E & Zinc 10%. We get these all the time Chloe could eat these all day if I would let her. I usually break them in half because they are easier for her to eat.

These are New! Gerber Graduates Bitty Bites. Made with 7 whole grains also with a layer of real fruit filling! 60 Calories and only 3g of Sugar. 4% Calcium, Iron & Vitamin E & Zinc is 10%. Chloe tried the Strawberry and loves them of course! We haven't tried out the Blueberry ones yet. I really love these and is great that they have a layer of actual real fruit filling. Also easy to clean up!

Gerber Graduates Fruit and Veggie Melts. I didn't get the nutritional facts on these! Chloe loves them though.

These are the Nature Child Squeezers. We got Banana, Applesauce, Apple Cinnamon and Berry. 100% real fruit and Vegetables. No added Sugar. 12g of Sugar and 60 Calories. Vitamin C 20% and Iron 2%. 1 Pouch can equal 1 fruit serving. It is Gluten Free! Very simple ingredients! Chloe loves these! The only problem I have is that they have 12g of Sugar.

Gerber Graduates Puffs in Banana, Strawberry Apple and Apple Cinnamon. They are made with Whole Grains! 25 Calories and only 1g of Sugar. With 8 Vitamins and Minerals. Chloe is a big fan of these and they are easy to clean up.

These are the Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt. Chloe is lactose intolerant so we wanted to find lactose free dairy products that she can still eat. Chloe loves these her favorite is Strawberry and Cherry. We are trying to find different types of lactose free yogurt that she can eat. She usually will eat one of these as a bed time snack.

We researched what kinds of lactose free ice cream we can find for Chloe to eat and we came across the Breyers Lactose Free Vanilla Ice Cream. We haven't tried it out yet.

CES <3

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chloe Outfit Of The Day: 6/6/2014

Hey Everyone! I have another OOTD from Chloe to show ya'll. This theme is all about Minnie Mouse because Chloe is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Shirt and Shorts are from Disney Brand......

CES <3

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 2)

Hey PLL Fans! Time for a recap on episode 2 called "Whirly Girly."

Alison and the girls are back in Rosewood. Alison lied to the cops and told them that she was kidnap for 2 years. Alison goes home and wonders where her mom is also her dad is there. Alison dad needs Hanna mom help to find Alison mom. Alison mom was suppose to get a dog from a shelter, Jason wanted the lady to take it back but Alison decided to keep it and call it "Pepe." Mike misses Mona... The girls found out that Jason was in New York around the time Alison was. Aria is losing her mind and freaking out about killing Shana. She thinks A is out to get her. Spencer and Alison have a argument. Toby is back in town and tells Spencer that Melissa wasn't in London. Melissa has secrets of her own.... Jason tells his dad that he needs to see a friend in Philly. Aria vs Mona! Jason threatens Hanna to stay away from his family. Mona tells Alison she going to wish she was dead. Mona is basically the new Alison. The dog finds Alison mom dead.....

CES <3

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Week In Pictures: June 2-8 2014

Hey everyone! Can you believe that it is now June???
Here is my week in pictures.......

Monday June 2 (It's Good to give Your self a break):
Working on a blog post on the book review for Vampire Academy book #1 and #2. I just decided to combine them together since it didn't take that long for me to read them both. Sneak Peak at the book review :) I need to buy book #3 now!!!!

ItsJudyLife Vlogs!!! I love the twins so cute....

Eating Pizza in Bed!

Playing some Pac Man while Chloe is with her dad. Haven't played this in forever!!

Starting Witches of East End.

Tuesday June 3 (I still Live with my Parents):
Me and my Mom took Chloe with us grocery shopping.

Playing outside today! She has her own little purse. I love Chloe shirt "I still live with my Parents."

Sitting outside watching Chloe play before we take a walk.

We went on walk on this hot day.

Wednesday June 4 (At least 60 minutes of Outside Play):
We really didn't do much today we just had a relaxing day and play outside for a bit. I at least try to do 60 mins of outside play because that is the recommended time that I learned from my studies.

Thursday June 5 (A Small Break to My Self):
Me and Chloe were watching cartoons on Disney Junior. Chloe loves Mickey Mouse!

I haven't had this in a while!

I like watching Livinlikelindsey vlogs on YouTube!

Friday June 6 (My Silly Baby):
We went on a walk today. She loves looking outside.

She is so silly!

After Chloe went to sleep I played Pac Man!

*I didn't post for Saturday and Sunday because Chloe got really sick. I had to take her to the hospital on Sunday she had a 105 fever. We were all worried about her. They don't really know what virus she has. She is still sick but feeling much better. Just a small update I wanted to let ya'll know about Chloe.*

CES <3