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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Health Update: June 2014

Hey everyone! I am doing a health update today about how I been doing lately health wise....

Weight: After I had my daughter I weighed 98 pounds. I lost weight because of my Bladder Disease and Anxiety it went to 91. Now my weight is at 95 so I gained a couple of pounds. I am trying to gain some weight so I can stay healthy.

Periods (TMI!!): So for Birth Control I am still taking the Depo Shot. As for my periods they still seem to last longer than they should. Although my last period was back in April.

Bladder: I been having UTI lately so I went to see my GY Doctor and he finally is going to refer me to a Urologist! That way they can finally start treatment for my bladder and I might even have surgery. I will do a update on that soon!

Stomach Pains and Nausea: Lately I been having a lot of stomach pain and nausea. I think I am just eating the wrong foods because I am suppose to be on a special diet because of my bladder. I need to fix my diet.

Anxiety: I stop taking my Anxiety medicine just because It wasn't really working except it did increase my appetite. I just found stuff to kinda relax my mind like going on a walk with Chloe. I will do a update on it soon....

Insomnia: I have been having so much trouble sleeping lately. I am just so wide awake at night I hate it! Not good...

*This is my Health Update for June soon I will do a update on my Anxiety and Interstitial Cystitis.*

CES <3  

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