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Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 1)

Hey Pretty Little Liar Fans!
I am finally caught up and ready to recap the new episode called "EscApe from New York."

Ezra is rushed to the hospital after being shot! Please don't die.... A follows to the hospital to probably stop Ezra from telling the girls the identity of A. CeeCee Drake escapes police custody. The girls split up to hopefully throw off A so Aria can go see Ezra. Ezra is in surgery and he is losing a lot of blood!!! A group of A's circle the girls but police show up. Lucas and Mona are creating a army against Alison. Can you believe we see Lucas again after all this time??? Shana shows up at the hospital with Aria to give her some company. CeeCee finds Alison and needs her help to escape. Aria is able to see Ezra but when he sees her he crashes. Detective Holbrook knows where Alison is and he also knows who Ezra is now. Shana is A?!?! Shana shows up at the theater where the girls were staying with a gun. Alison thought she could trust Shana.... Aria shows up and grabs a gun and kills Shana!!!! CeeCee fled the country with Alison help. Going to Paris? She is using Alison alter ego Vivian Darkbloom.

What will happen now that everyone knows that Alison is Alive??

CES <3

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