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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 2)

Hey PLL Fans! Time for a recap on episode 2 called "Whirly Girly."

Alison and the girls are back in Rosewood. Alison lied to the cops and told them that she was kidnap for 2 years. Alison goes home and wonders where her mom is also her dad is there. Alison dad needs Hanna mom help to find Alison mom. Alison mom was suppose to get a dog from a shelter, Jason wanted the lady to take it back but Alison decided to keep it and call it "Pepe." Mike misses Mona... The girls found out that Jason was in New York around the time Alison was. Aria is losing her mind and freaking out about killing Shana. She thinks A is out to get her. Spencer and Alison have a argument. Toby is back in town and tells Spencer that Melissa wasn't in London. Melissa has secrets of her own.... Jason tells his dad that he needs to see a friend in Philly. Aria vs Mona! Jason threatens Hanna to stay away from his family. Mona tells Alison she going to wish she was dead. Mona is basically the new Alison. The dog finds Alison mom dead.....

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