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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special "First Secret" Recap

Hey! So I was really excited about this Episode just because we got to see more of Alison and how she treated the girls. We also got to see how some of the Girls first got their Secrets or their First Lie.
So wondered what the Girls dressed up as for Halloween?
Emily: Indian Girl or Pocahontas
Hanna: Brittaney Spears
Aria: A Witch
Spencer: Mary Queen of Scots

If I had to choose which one was my favorite I would have to say Emily just because I loved her Costume and the way she looks in it.

Now it Starts off with Alison telling a Scary Story to a Boy that Hanna was Babysitting. She told a Story about two twin Sisters that were playing with dolls and getting along. Until There was this one doll they started to fight over the one girl grab a Knife and put it into her Sister stomach as a Sweet smile came across her face as her Parents watch their child blood go everywhere.
So at School there was a Rumor going around that Emily slept with Noel Khan. The Girls asked her if it was true and Emily didn't deny it. Later on while walking with Alison, Emily told Alison that she didn't lose her V card to Noel. Alison said that she just can't figure Emily out.
Also at School we see Mona and Lucas get Bullied by Alison. As Usual...
While Alison and Aria were walking home, Aria saw her Dad kissing a Student from his College Class! This is when we first see how Aria Dad cheated and How he got Aria to lie for him.
Aria said she will never forgive her Dad for doing this to their Family.
Also Alison fixed the Ballot at School so that Spencer can win Class President.

Alison Was the First One out of The Girls to get a Text From A!!!!!

So When the Girls were walking home, Noel drove up next to them and Invited them to his Halloween Party. The Girls were all excited to finally go to Noel Party.
As you can tell the Girls were all having fun at the Party except for Aria who was still Depressed at her Dad. Aria told the Girls that she wasn't going to go to the Party but Alison threaten to tell the Girls and her Mom about Aria Dad Cheating. Alison do you always think you can get your way?
So We now got to see how Alison and Jenna First met. Alison was in a Halloween Store getting stuff for her Costume when She seen a Girl getting the Same Costume as her. Jenna said she was new in town and that she got invited to Noel Party. Alison said she was going too but as Lady Gaga and that Jenna couldn't go as that.
Well when Jenna showed up at the Party, Alison saw that Jenna was dressed as Lady Gaga too! Uh Oh Jenna and Alison show down could be Interesting. Anyways Alison said that she would let Jenna join her Group but Jenna said "Thanks but I like to Pick my Own Friends." Go Jenna!! I am sorry but someone needs to stand up to Alison. I don't like Jenna now but I like her back when Alison was still around. So out on the  dance floor, Emily was dancing with a Guy when she Notice Jenna dancing and you can tell that Emily was checking Jenna out and Alison seen Emily do that and Decided to say something to Emily. As Usual Alison always has something to say to Emily or the rest of the Girls.
Alison said to Emily "Don't you wish you can taste her Cherry Chapstick? Don't worry Em, Your secret is Safe with me." Emily just shook off what Alison said and Kept on dancing with the Guy.
So At the End the Girls were looking for Alison and didn't see her no where in Sight. The Girls finally got a text from Alison saying that she is in trouble and to meet her at the Abandon House. When the Girls got there they walked all over the House and calling Alison name. They finally decided to Check up stairs for Alison when Alison pulled the Girls in a Room saying that someone was trying to Kill her. The Girls were trying to Call 911 but their Phone wasn't getting a Signal. Alison left the Room to get a Signal when Alison got Attack by a Mask Person in a Costume.
Alison tried her Best to Fight off the Mask Figure. She almost got stab a few times but they Missed. When she finally could get away she ran off. The Girls were trying to Save Alison but the Door was lock and they couldn't get out so they went out a Window and went back inside the house to try and Find Alison. They looked all around but didn't find Alison in Sight.

When they Finally saw Alison, Alison laughed and told the Girls that it was just a Joke and that Noel was in the Mask. The Girls were upset with Alison and didn't want to believe what had just happen wasn't real. Alison told the Girls "I know now that You will come to my Rescue and that I can count on ya'll to be here for me when I need ya'll."
At the End we found out that Noel wasn't the One in the Mask at the Abandon House and Alison now has no Clue who she was fighting off in the House. So now it leaves us with wanting to know more about Alison and How A had a Important role in Alison life before she died. I wonder if A did kill Alison.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vampire Diaries "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Recap

Hey! So this is Episode 6 of Season 3 of Vampire Diaries. This show just keeps getting better and better each episode. So it's their First Day of Senior year and they are just trying to make it the best they can. Also it's Stefan and Elena One Year Anniversary. So It seems like Tyler is enjoying himself as a Hybrid and Caroline is not so happy when she finds out that he been hanging around with Rebekah. Tyler loyalties seem to be split between his friends and with Klaus. Meanwhile Elena learns from Alaric how to fight for Herself from Vampires.
I think Elena can really fight for herself when it came down to the moment to do so. Back at School Elena and Caroline get a shock when they see Stefan back at School and also Rebekah joins them! Rebekah seemed to have settled down with this Century very well and seems that she intends to stay around in Mystic Falls to give everyone hell. First I think Rebekah wants to start ruining Caroline's Life. Rebekah wants everything that Caroline has but I think Caroline will put up a good fight if I say so. We also find out that Rebekah is stay with the Salvatore Brothers! well that should be interesting. Stefan is not so happy to be seeing Rebekah and plus Stefan has a whole new attitude of not caring about anything. How long will that last though?
Now I really like Damon more than Stefan! Anyways back at School it seems that Bonnie and Jeremy are having Relationship Issues because Jeremy can see his Ghost ex Girlfriends. Freaky right? Bonnie just isn't happy about what has been going on with Jeremy and Jeremy not telling her about what he has been seeing lately. Matt has been seeing Vicki now and He can talk to her. Vicki tells Matt that she can come back if he does a Spell to bring her back. Vicki tells him that she been getting help from a Witch on the Other Side.
Vicki in order for her to come back as she pleases has made a deal with the Witch on the other side. She has to Kill Elena in order for her to come as she pleases. Matt soon realizes what Vicki is up to and has to bring Bonnie into it to stop her. Back in the Tomb Katherine is trying to wake Micheal up so he can kill Klaus. She tried everything from Bats, Mice, rats but She finally got Human Blood to awake him. But she in over her Head? Katherine should have known that a Vampire is a Vampire Hunter. He will probably not stop with Klaus but go after everyone that is a Vampire.
Now out on the Fields Rebekah decides to crash Cheer practice and Caroline is not too happy with that. Rebekah tells Caroline that she is even coming after Tyler. When Rebekah shows her Moves Tyler is impress and that takes Caroline over the edge. She tells Tyler why is he acting the way he is and Tyler just tells her that he is okay and for her to drop it. Caroline doesn't want to because she knows that Tyler is acting different than he usually does. Tyler seems to talk so much about his "New Master" Klaus.
Now when Elena is running on the Track, Stefan decides to join her. Elena is annoyed by Stefan and just wants him to go away but he doesn't. When Elena gets bump into on the Track, Stefan attacks the guy that ran into her. Elena is not so happy at the way he has been acting lately. Elena has decided to put a Plan in motion where she wants to Lock him up to see if he can go back to his normal ways but there is doubt that he would actually change back to who he is. Back in the Tomb when Micheal is awake she asks what does Micheal fed on if its not Humans and Katherine gets a rude awakening. Micheal starts to fed on Katherine...So is Katherine dead now?
So Elena and Damon become close more in this episode that Damon just is so sweet.
I don't think that Elena can fight her feelings for Damon anymore and in this Episode, Elena becomes Jealous of Damon and Rebekah hanging out at the Bonfire. Damon was only distracting Rebekah though. At the Bonfire The gang realizes that Tyler has been Sired and that his Loyalties are with Klaus. In order to stop Tyler from messing up their Plans Damon takes him out and Caroline brings Tyler back to his Home. The Plan is that Damon will distract Rebekah, Alaric will get everything ready and Elena will bring Stefan to where she needs him to be. Elena decided not to get Bonnie involved. Well at the Bonfire Elena gets Drunk because Stefan doesn't think Elena can hold her Alcohol.
Elena also sees that Damon and Rebekah are having fun together and Elena gets Jealous even though she doesn't want to admit that she is. Rebekah hanging with Damon knows that something isn't right and she Stakes him in the Stomach. Elena is at the Football fields and is drunk when Stefan sees her and offers to take her Home. Elena decides to mess around on the Edge of the Ledge of the Seats and when She falls Stefan is there to Catch her. When they stare at each other Alaric is behind Stefan and shoots him in the Back. Elena and Alaric get Stefan into the Car. When they are about to leave Vicki catches the Car on Fire and Elena is trapped inside. Alaric rushes to get her out but she is trap inside with no way out as the Fire is all around her. Elena calls for Stefan and Stefan finally awakes and he breaks open and Elena helps Stefan out of the car before it explodes.
Bonnie uses a Spell to send back Vicki so she can't do any more harm. Vicki sees what Bonnie and Matt are doing and she tries to stop Matt but Matt knows that Vicki can't be here. Matt doesn't want his friends to get hurt. So Bonnie does the Spell and it works. Matt tells Bonnie he is sorry for doing what he did and trusting Vicki. So at the End we find out that Jeremy can't stop thinking about his Ex Dead girlfriend Anna and that they can now Touch each other and actually feel it. Also Guess who else is back from the Dead with Revenge?
Mason is Back!!!!!!

*So Hope you all like this Recap. Next is Secret Circle Episode 6, Pretty Little Liars Halloween Event and a New Show coming on Tomorrow called Once Upon a Time*

CES <3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTD Pretty Little Liar 10/19/2011

Hey! Yes finally another Outfit of The Day. This outfit I wore to my English Class and my Child Growth Class. I was surprised when I got so many Compliments. This outfit is dedicated to Tonight episode of Pretty Little Liars.
 Shirt: Pretty Little Liars brand and it's from Delias
Price: $24.50

I really Love this Shirt! As you can see it has a Heart and it says liar. In little print at bottom of shirt is says Pretty Little Liars.
The front of shirt is shorter than the Back. It also hangs off your shoulders.

Necklace: A Owl Necklace from Walmart

Earrings: Black Feather Earrings from Claires

Pants: Black Skinny Jeans from 579

Shoes: Black and White pokadots from Payless


1. ELF Under eye Concealer and Highlighter
2. Almay Wakeup Concealer
3. Physicians Formula Happy booster Blush in Natural

1. ELF Eye Lid Primer
2. Cover Girl Quad in Sheer Nudes. Champagne color all over Lid. Pink in Crease.
3. ELF Shimmer Eye Pencil in Black
4. Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara

1. ELF Lip Stain in First Date

*Hope You Watch Pretty Little Liars tonight on ABC Family at 7pm! I am excited! Hope you liked this*

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Monthly Health Update Oct.2011

Hey! So for past couple of days I haven't been feeling good. My Bladder is making me feel sick and weak all the time. I have to miss School and Work because of it. I can't remember If I said what I have been Diagnose with but I will say it again just in Case I forgot.
I have Interstitial Cystitis which is that my Bladder is always Inflamed and the Bladder Wall is Damaged. There is no Cure for this and it could go away on its on or I might have it for the rest of my Life.
I went to Doctor this Month and she officially diagnosed me with this and I been having this for about a Year now.
She gave me this Medicine that I have to take 3 times a day. But I haven't got it yet to take because it's expensive so I found a company that will pay for it for me. I am just waiting for it to arrive to me.
I have to also go back to the Doctor next Week to talk to her about restrictions at my Job. Because sometimes it's hard for me to work when my Bladder acts up.
Also I might be getting on Disability.

CES <3

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Secret Circle Catch Up Recap Season 1 Episodes 2-5

Hey! so as Promised here is me gonna Catch ya'll up on Secret Circle. And This show has been so Good!! but I am sad... Ya'll will know when I talk about it later in this Post. I am Also probably gonna do a Lying Game Catch Up Recap. I will only do Catch Up Recaps if I haven't been posting recaps about the show in a decent amount of time.
Let's Begin....

Bound Episode 2: 
Cassie tries to distant her self from the Circle and she makes friends with Sally. Diana pushes everyone to bind the Circle but Faye puts up a Fight. Faye doesn't want to share. Melissa flirts with Nick even though Faye warned her about him. Adam fights his growing affection and Love for Cassie while not getting Diana upset. At the End the Circle is finally bonded together.

Loner Episode 3:
A Hottie named Luke asks Cassie to the School Dance and After watching Adam spend time With Diana she Accepts. Jealously? Well I think Cassie should be with Adam. Anyways Melissa sees the Dance as that she can get closer to Nick. Faye doesn't really wanna go she just wanna focus on her Powers. Cassie meets a Creepy man from her Mothers past name Zack, and He is in town asking questions about Cassie and trying to stop the Circle. Dawn(Faye Mom) asks Charles to keep a eye on him. But Zack ends up at School and tries to hurt Cassie but the Gang helps stop him and he ends up dead.

Heather Episode 4:
Cassie discovers that her old friend of her mothers named Heather has been having a Demon trap inside her for over 16yrs. Cassie feeling Guilty that her Mother might have something to do with this, Cassie wants to help Heather. Cassie asks for Diana help but Diana refuses because she said it's to risky to do right now. But Faye decides she wants to help and in return Faye wants to see Cassie family Book of Shadows. When Cassie and Faye do the Spell it only makes things worse and Heather is out to get Cassie. When Heather dies the Demon goes find and makes it way into Melissa Body.

Slither Episode 5:
Cassie is Torn between the Secret Circle and her Family. She doesn't want to Lie to her Grandmother anymore. Nick is Confused when Melissa has a new Attitude and is acting different. Melissa has the Demon inside of her now and she is really not her self. Melissa gets Nick to help find her Family book of Shadows but really isn't looking for that. They actually find a Suitcase with more Demon Snakes in it. Faye doesn't like how she is being treated as the Third Wheel. Diana and Adam get some alone time and things get Hotter when they head back to the Bedroom. But They are cut off short when they get a Call from Cassie saying the Group is in trouble. Dawn joins Charles on a Boat to further their Plans for the Circle. Cassie decides in order to save Melissa she is gonna have to tell her Grandma the truth. Cassie races home and Tells her Grandma that she knows about who she really is. Cassie Grandma helps get the Demon out of Melissa but it instead travel into Nick Body. Charles and Dawn meets up with Nick and they Drown Nick to get the Demon to die but Nick Dies instead. This Episode made me sad that Nick had to die. He was Cute!!

It is Sad that he had to Die. Now the Circle is only 5, How will they survive and get along without him? Poor Melissa she really did love Nick.

So I am really starting to like Secret Circle!

CES <3

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries Catch Up Recap Season 3 Episode 2-5

Hey! so Yea I needed to do a Catch Up on this Blog for Season 3 because on here I only did the First Episode. So I thought I would Catch it up on my Blog. Also Look out for a Secret Circle Catch Up Recap on here too!
So Lets get Started!!

The Hybrid Episode 2:
So Klaus of Course puts a Plan out in Motion where he wants to create a Army of Hybrids. Stefan is used right along with Klaus to get his Army in Motion but Klaus doesn't know yet that Elena isn't dead. Damon and Alaric go along with Elena's Plan to find Stefan and bring him Home. But it Leads Damon to A Unexpected Fight. Jeremy turns to Matt for help as he Continues to try to understand what the Ghost want from him. Caroline is held Hostage and Her Dad tortures her because He thinks that Vampires can Control who they are. Tyler in unaware of where Caroline is at. Tyler faces an Emotional Confrontation with his Mom and he reveals to her who he really is. Caroline is Saved by Tyler. Klaus finds out that his Army of Hybrids are Dying and he doesn't know why.

The End Of The Affair Episode 3:
Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago. Klaus tries to remind Stefan of Stefan's good ole days as the Ripper. The Flashback dates back to the 1920's and Stefan faces who he used to be. After Damon finds where Stefan is at him and Elena go back to Where Stefan used to live in Chicago. Also Stefan comes face to face with Gloria a Witch that Helps Klaus. Stefan also Reminded of Rebecca who was his Love Interest.

Disturbing Behavior Episode 4:
Still in Chicago, Klaus uses Gloria, a Witch he knew a long time ago, to help him discover why he can't make Hybrids. Gloria realizes that she needs Stefan knowledge to find what she needs. When Stefan find him self in trouble, Katherine comes to his Rescue. Caroline struggles with Emotional issues even when she tries to help Elena with hers. Everybody knows that Elena is falling for Damon and is telling her to stay away. Jeremy makes a Disturbing Breakthrough and he can now talk with Anna.

The Reckoning Episode 5:
Even though they Been through a lot, Caroline wants to make sure that her Friends All enjoy a Senior Prank at Mystic Falls High School. But When Univited Guest shows up theres nothing to enjoy about that. Klaus takes Stefan back to Mystic Falls and Klaus shows up at Mystic Falls High School and Catches Elena. He knows now that she didn't die. Damon convinces Jeremy to use the gift he got to talk to Anna about a Vampire that is a Vampire Hunter. Klaus sets the Clock and gives Bonnie 20min. to find what she needs or Stefan will have to feed on Elena. So the Rush begins to race against the Clock. Tyler gets Bitten by Klaus and is turned into a Hybrid. Matt tries to help out the gang by Drowning his self so he can talk to Vicki about what she knows. Klaus finds out that Elena doesn't have to Die just that he Only needs Her Blood so his Hybrids can stay alive. Damon saves Elena and tells her that He will never leave Her again. Stefan is the Ripper and there's no Changing him back.

So Now We are caught up! I been really Enjoying Vampire Diaries and to me to has been getting exciting every single episode. It's been so Intense!!

CES <3