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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries Catch Up Recap Season 3 Episode 2-5

Hey! so Yea I needed to do a Catch Up on this Blog for Season 3 because on here I only did the First Episode. So I thought I would Catch it up on my Blog. Also Look out for a Secret Circle Catch Up Recap on here too!
So Lets get Started!!

The Hybrid Episode 2:
So Klaus of Course puts a Plan out in Motion where he wants to create a Army of Hybrids. Stefan is used right along with Klaus to get his Army in Motion but Klaus doesn't know yet that Elena isn't dead. Damon and Alaric go along with Elena's Plan to find Stefan and bring him Home. But it Leads Damon to A Unexpected Fight. Jeremy turns to Matt for help as he Continues to try to understand what the Ghost want from him. Caroline is held Hostage and Her Dad tortures her because He thinks that Vampires can Control who they are. Tyler in unaware of where Caroline is at. Tyler faces an Emotional Confrontation with his Mom and he reveals to her who he really is. Caroline is Saved by Tyler. Klaus finds out that his Army of Hybrids are Dying and he doesn't know why.

The End Of The Affair Episode 3:
Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago. Klaus tries to remind Stefan of Stefan's good ole days as the Ripper. The Flashback dates back to the 1920's and Stefan faces who he used to be. After Damon finds where Stefan is at him and Elena go back to Where Stefan used to live in Chicago. Also Stefan comes face to face with Gloria a Witch that Helps Klaus. Stefan also Reminded of Rebecca who was his Love Interest.

Disturbing Behavior Episode 4:
Still in Chicago, Klaus uses Gloria, a Witch he knew a long time ago, to help him discover why he can't make Hybrids. Gloria realizes that she needs Stefan knowledge to find what she needs. When Stefan find him self in trouble, Katherine comes to his Rescue. Caroline struggles with Emotional issues even when she tries to help Elena with hers. Everybody knows that Elena is falling for Damon and is telling her to stay away. Jeremy makes a Disturbing Breakthrough and he can now talk with Anna.

The Reckoning Episode 5:
Even though they Been through a lot, Caroline wants to make sure that her Friends All enjoy a Senior Prank at Mystic Falls High School. But When Univited Guest shows up theres nothing to enjoy about that. Klaus takes Stefan back to Mystic Falls and Klaus shows up at Mystic Falls High School and Catches Elena. He knows now that she didn't die. Damon convinces Jeremy to use the gift he got to talk to Anna about a Vampire that is a Vampire Hunter. Klaus sets the Clock and gives Bonnie 20min. to find what she needs or Stefan will have to feed on Elena. So the Rush begins to race against the Clock. Tyler gets Bitten by Klaus and is turned into a Hybrid. Matt tries to help out the gang by Drowning his self so he can talk to Vicki about what she knows. Klaus finds out that Elena doesn't have to Die just that he Only needs Her Blood so his Hybrids can stay alive. Damon saves Elena and tells her that He will never leave Her again. Stefan is the Ripper and there's no Changing him back.

So Now We are caught up! I been really Enjoying Vampire Diaries and to me to has been getting exciting every single episode. It's been so Intense!!

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    tvd = amazing.


  2. I know it keeps getting better every Episode!!