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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Loves Tag 2011

Hey! Today is the first day of Fall and I am so glad! I am ready to get rid of this Texas heat. So I thought before I head to work I would do this Tag for you thats Inspired by Fall. I first heard of this Tag on Youtube by a Beauty Guru who i think a lot of people know and she is MacBarbie07 or Bethany. Lets Begin!!

1. What is Your Top 5 favorite Makeup Products for Fall?
-Face: Almay Clear Complexion Makeup Foundation
-Blush: ELF All Over Color Stick in Lilac Petal
-Eyshadow: Cover Girl Quad in Vibrant browns and Wet n Wild Trio Walking on Eggshells
-EyeLiner: ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in Teal and Purple

2. What is Your favorite Hair Product?
- TRESemme Extra Firm Control all day Humidity Resistance

3. Fall favorite Nail Polish?
- NYC Empire State Blue

4. Fall Scent?
- OutSpoken by Fergie

5. Most Worn Clothing Item and Assesories?
- Skinny Jeans of Course!
- Scarfs! They Spice up any outfit with a Pop of Color.

6. Whose Your Fall Style Icon?
I Love Taylor Swift outfits! I always look to her to see what I can get Inspired from.

7. Your going to a Corn Maze what do You Wear?
- I never really been to one but I would Probably wear Plaid Shirt, Skinny jeans, and Flats.

8. Favorite Halloween Movie?

I love the Series of HalloweenTown!

9. Favorite Candy?
- I am not Big on Chocolate but I do love Skittles!

10. Halloween Costume?
- Thinking about Being a Half Angel and Half Devil

So I Tag Everyone to do this!

CES <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Book Review on 4th Book of Series "Unbelievable"

Hey! Yes I know this is Late I just been having a lot going on that I haven't been having time to read till now. So I finished the Book today and it was Awesome! I love the Pretty Little Liars Series of Books and of course the show.
So you should know already that the Author of this Series is by Sara Shepard who also is writing The Lying Game books too. This was Published in 2008 I think.
So The Liars life's are about to get even worse when A comes after them with everything A has in store for them.
Back of Book Description: Emily has been Shipped off to Iowa to live with her Cousins. Aria boyfriend Ezra is behind Bars-because of her. Spencer's afraid she was Involved in Alison Murder. But Hanna's fate is far Worse: She is clinging on to Life in the Hospital because She Knew Too Much. If the Girls don't start listening, Hanna is gonna look like the Lucky One-A
So In this Book it answer's pretty much all the things the Last books didn't answer for us. In this Book we learn about Is Hanna gonna Survive, Is Emily gonna Stay in Iowa forever, Will Aria and Ezra find a way to make it work, Is Spencer Linked to Alison Death, and Lastly Who is A.
This Book has a Total of 42 Chapters and 335 Pages.

*Next Are Spoilers so If you haven't read this Book yet then Skip this Part*

Don't Believe Everything You Hear........

So The Last 3 books have kept me on the edge without knowing who is A. When this book finally reveals who A is I was shocked but Knew that it would be this person. It Starts off with Hanna in the Hospital because at end of Third book Hanna got hit by a Car by A because Hanna knew who A was. All the Girls are worried that Hanna might not make it. When Hanna wakes up she can not remember anything that Happen at Mona Party, Hooking up with Lucas and Most Important she can't remember who is A. Hanna stays in the Hospital for a couple of weeks to Recover as Her Family is worried about her as well as her Friends. So when we last heard of Emily she was being Shipped off to live with Her Aunt and Uncle in Iowa. Emily is Angry at her Family for not accepting Who she really is and when She gets to Iowa she is not liking her Strict Aunt and Uncle. When night time Hits her Cousins go out to Party and bring Emily along, Emily meets someone new that makes her Feel like everything could be okay. This Girl that Emily likes is outgoing but carefree, Although this Girl likes to jump any Guy or Girl in her Sight. When They get home from the Party her Aunt and Uncles know they Skipped out at night. Emily cousins though Blame the Whole thing on Emily and Emily runs away from the Farm. When Emily sees her self on TV as a runaway she knows her Family made a Mistake and she goes home. Her Family is getting used to the Fact that Emily likes Girls and Even Invites Maya over to the House. Emily though thinks Maya is A and has her Doubts, This causes Maya to Push farther away from Emily. Now Aria is sent to live with her Dad and Meredith because Aria Mom, Ella, Has pushed Aria away because Aria Lied to Ella not telling her that Her Dad had an affair. Aria doesn't like Meredith and wants nothing to do with her. Aria tries to Push Meredith away from her Dad by Finding something horrible wrong with her but Aria doesn't. Now with Situation of Ezra out of Jail now it doesn't really talk much in this Book if Aria and Ezra are back together or not. But Important to know is that Aria told Mike about A and Mike made Aria tell the Cops about A too. Now Spencer we know has Cheated on her Essay by Using Melissa and is now forced by her Parents to Compete in winning the Golden O. Which is the Best Award to Win. Spencer has to go through Interviews and Make sure she knows Melissa Essay by Heart. Well when Melissa finds out by A that Spencer has Cheated, Spencer and Melissa get into a fight. Spencer goes sees a Therapist which Opens Spencer mind about the Night Alison went Missing. That night Spencer and Alison argued over Ian and Spencer got angry and Pushed Alison. Spencer heard a Crack and now Spencer thinks she might have Killed Alison. Spencer and Melissa were forced to go back to their old Beach House to make up and they do. But When it's time for Spencer Interview, Melissa finds out that Ian was in Spencer Room and Spencer lied about it. Now when Hanna is out of Hospital, Mona and Spencer decided to throw Hanna a Welcome back Party. The Whole Town is invited. Well the Girls find out that Mona has been also receiving Texts from A. Mona with spending time with Spencer, they are brought together and have a closer Friendship. At the Party, the Girls get a Message from Spencer saying the Killer and A is here to get them. The Girls are worried so Mona takes Spencer to the Police Station because Spencer thinks Melissa killed Alison because Melissa found out that Ian and Alison were together. When Emily, Aria and Hanna are together a Song Sparks a Memory of the Night at Mona Party and what Hanna remembers. Hanna warns the girls that Mona is A!!!! The girls text Spencer telling her to get out now because Mona is A. When Mona finds out, Mona takes Spencer to Falling Man's Quarry. Mona wraps her hands around Spencer neck trying to Choke her. The girls go tell Officer Wilden that Mona is A and they rush over to where they were found. Spencer fights off Mona and Mona falls Off the Edge and breaks Her neck. When the Girls arrived they are all Shock by what just Happened. Hanna can't believe that her best Friend Mona would do this to them. When the Police find Mona, She is Dead. Mona come to find out had Alison Diary and thats how she knew all of the Girls secrets. Even the girls discovered that Mona was friends with Jenna and that Jenna and Alison set the whole night up of Framing Toby as blinding Jenna. The Girls have no Idea what they should believe now. So When they Find the Diary it also shows that Alison gave Ian a proposal which Mona said Ian had killed Alison. So the Cops show up at Spencer house and Ian is arrested for Killing Alison. At the Last the Girls are at court waiting to hear if Ian is Guilty and if he will be sent to Jail.

My Thoughts:
I think Sara Shepard did an Amazing Job with Unbelievable. She kept us wanting to know who is A and now in this Book we find out that Mona is A. I love how this book has Drama, Romance, and most of all Mystery. Now I really understand each of the Girls character.
I wonder now though what will Happen in the 5th book and If a new A will come to threaten the Girls again.
Rating: 1-10= I give it a 10!

"It's not Over till I say it's Over, Sleep tight Bitches"-A

Next Books I am Reading:
1. Practical Magic
2. A Walk to Remember
3. House of Night Series book 1
4. 5th book of Pretty Little Liars

CES <3

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Lying Game "Over exposed" Recap

Hey! So I know I am a little late with this one but still wanted to put this up. This Episode was my favorite but has a lot of Drama going on between Sutton and Emma, and Mads and Nisha. So It's Homecoming Week and it's all about Sutton going up against Nisha. Emma wants to drop out of the Competition but everyone is Suspicious on why "Sutton" would give up her dream on becoming Homecoming Queen. Emma has no choice. So Laurel isn't allowed to go but Emma convinces Sutton Parents to let Laurel go. Laurel is shocked and is Happy that she can go and be with Justin. Char is Helping Emma "Sutton" become Homecoming Queen but Char mother wants her to be the Homecoming Queen instead of Sutton.
The Girls look amazing here. Emma is excited about Homecoming because she has never been to one or even ask to the Homecoming Dance. Although Sutton gets angry with Emma when she finds out that Emma is running for Homecoming Queen. I feel Emma deserves it more than Sutton. Sutton just can't get over the Fact that Emma is there taking her Place...Well Sutton you did tell her to take your Place. Emma is listening to your Orders. Emma Deserves to be happy. Well Emma wants Ethan to really go to the Dance but Ethan told her that he couldn't but Later he talks to Sutton and she didn't want him to go even if Sutton was there. Ethan is Mad that Sutton still wants to keep their Relationship as a Secret.
 And what Else happen while Ethan was with Emma is that Thayer Kissed Sutton and Sutton makes out with him! Sutton Pick one you can't have them both. Ethan deserves to be with Emma don't you think? So Ethan decides to Show up at Homecoming right after they announced who won. Well Homecoming King went to Justin and Homecoming Queen of course was "Sutton". When They begin to Dance Ethan steps in and Dances with Emma. He said he didn't do it for Sutton he did it for her. Ethan is really Sweet! So At the end we found out that Sutton and Emma mom was a Artist and That Sutton Adopted Dad knew her while they were in High School. So what else is he hiding? And Is Sutton and Emma mom living in a Nursing Home?
Homecoming Pictures:
Oh Of Course when Char and Mads find out about Sutton dating Ethan, They are not so Happy with Sutton for Lying to them.

*So What did you think about this Episode! Sorry it's different than I usually recap Lying Game I will be back to those Next Episode!*

CES <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Secret Circle Episode 1 Season 1!!!

Hey! So are you excited as I am about this Show?!? I decided to do a Recap about this show while I am watching Easy A and Working on Homework, Can I multiTask? I say yes:)
So Cassie was driving when her Car got a Flat which i say wasn't a Accident. When her Mom house caught fire with her Mom in it which was set by Diana Dad! So when Cassie mother died she went to go live with her Grandma in Washington I think but correct me if I am wrong.
So Who is Exactly the Six that completes the Circle? Lets Find out!
Okay Well on the Left is Adam which he is very Cute and a sweet guy! His Dad though likes to tell stories about their families in the Stars when he gets drunk which might get him killed. Plus He Saves Cassie from her Car that got caught on Fire. Also Said that Cassie and Adam are meant to be together. Next to Adam is Dianna, which is Adam Girlfriend. She seems to be very smart and nice. But Doesn't get along well with Faye. Seems there's a lot of Leader Tension going on between them. Next of Course is Cassie. Her Dad died when she was younger and Her mom died in her house that caught on fire. Cassie went to go live with her Grandma. Cassie discovers that she is a witch and that her Family didn't tell her. Cassie soon discovers who she will need to be. Next is Nick and he is very Hot!! He lives next to Cassie Grandma. Next is Faye who seems to be a Bitch and wants all the attention. She doesn't want to do the Ritual to control her Powers, She wants to use them the way she wants to. Last to Complete the Circle is Melissa, and I haven't got much from her yet to know exactly what kind of person she is. She is though a very good friend to Faye.
So Once Cassie arrives the Circle knows who she is and must get her to join the circle. but soon they realize that she doesn't know who she is.
They well I mean Faye decides to Test her to see if she knows about her being a Witch by causing her Car to catch on fire while she is inside. But Cassie freaks out and Adam comes to her rescue. Dianna decides to let Cassie know what she really is but she doesn't know how to say it so Faye just comes out and tells Cassie that she is a Witch that completes the Secret Circle. Cassie doesn't know what they are talking about and leaves because she thinks that they are just messing with her. Adam runs to her side and shows her that she does have Magic and that it is stronger with her.
Cassie then Discovers that she does have Magic. Adam feels a strong connection with her and they almost Kiss! Cassie then walks away from him because she knows that he is with Dianna. So Once Grandma finds out about Cassie in the Car with the fire she goes to Faye mom who is the Principal! Cassie Grandma knows about Magic because she used to be in circle a long time ago and she doesn't want Cassie to get involved. Which Cassie does because she soon finds the Book about her Family and about the Magic that they did. Cassie has no Choice now.
Who I don't trust is Diana Dad! He is the one who set fire and Killed Cassie Mom. He wants Cassie to be Part of the circle to get what he wants and Faye Mom is helping him out too! He is really Evil and I have no idea what he is capable of doing. Can She save the People that she Loves? Will she Join the Secret Circle? so many questions I have but soon I am pretty sure they will be answered. I am so ready to see what exactly is gonna happen next. Oh I want Adam and Cassie to be together! Who agrees? I don't like Faye either I just think she wants all Power to her self.

*Oh I have not Read the Books just in case you are wondering!*

CES <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Premiere "Elena's Birthday"

Hey! So I am so excited that Vampire Diaries is back on:)
So It starts off with Elena and Damon trying to find Stefan but Damon doesn't tell Elena that he has found him several times.
So I am just gonna say it now I am in LOVE with Damon! and I think Damon and Elena should get together! but Damon does have a point though because Stefan has changed and he shouldn't be around Elena like that. So Damon tries and Cheers Elena up for her Birthday by giving her the Necklace she thought she had lost. Damon is sweet when he wants to be!
So Caroline Decides to throw Elena a Birthday party to get her mind off of everything that has been getting to her lately. Elena does deserve to be happy! So Elena thought it was gonna be a Small get together but it turned out to be something way more Bigger. Elena doesn't feel like going but she knows she has to at least show up for Damon and Caroline. Now Lets talk about Stefan and Klaus. Stefan is helping Klaus with a special project of finding this guy. Stefan doesn't know yet but Klaus wants to get an Army of Hybrids together. This is not gonna be good for Damon and Elena.
It was crazy how Klaus and Stefan had tortured this guy in this Photo. I don't think I like Stefan anymore :/ I don't know what Stefan is gonna do next. But the Reason why Damon can track Stefan is because of the way Stefan kills his Victims. Which After Stefan Kills them Stefan feels remorse for them so he goes and tries to put their Bodies back together. EEWWW!
So What is going on between Caroline and Tyler? I think they should get together I think they look Perfect and they both understand each other very good which I think Caroline needs someone that she can relate to the Most. I don't think thats Matt because Matt has been Ignoring her Lately.
But When Caroline gets Jealous of Tyler dancing with another Girl, Matt comes to talk to Caroline. When Tyler sees her talking to Matt he asks her whats going on and Caroline makes Tyler date Leave. Go Caroline! Tyler gets mad and says either you wanna be with me or you don't. Well Caroline kisses Tyler!! Now we Get to see some Caroline and Tyler Action!! Plus Tyler is so Sexy:) So Caroline and Tyler take it up to a room and thats when Things Heat up. I think they should get together, Maybe they could make it work.
While at this Party Elena catches her Brother Jeremy doing some bad things he used to do. Jeremy been seeing Vicki and his Ex that are now ghost coming to seek his help. The reason he can see them is because of the spell that Bonnie did to bring him back to life. So I feel sorry for Damon because He loses his "Fake Girlfriend" like Alaric says it is. Klaus and Stefan kill her. Damon and Stefan go face to face and Stefan tells him to stop looking for him because he doesn't want to be found. Poor Elena, I don't know how she keeps it together through all this because She finds out that Stefan is alive and that Damon kept the truth from her. Elena is not so Happy when she hears that Stefan has been on a Killing Spree.
So Alaric was living with Jeremy and Elena but he decides that he couldn't live with them anymore and Tells Elena that she is 18 now and she can deal with her life now. I think Alaric has feelings for her! and I got from a Spoiler that He does! Wow Everyone wants her! Anyways so When Elena gets home she gets a Surprise call from Stefan but he doesn't say a word to her on the phone but Elena knows that it's him. She tells Stefan to hang on to their Love and that she still Loves him. Well we shall see what Stefan will do. Oh almost forgot! So Caroline gets shot by Tyler Mom! What is she gonna do with Caroline? And what will Tyler do wants he finds out?

So Hope Ya'll Enjoyed this Episode as much as I did!

CES <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Health Update!

Hey! So Lately I been feeling really crappy and I haven't been able to do the post that i want to do. Right now I have another Bladder Infection and a Cold. Not fun at all I been just sleeping for the past few days and I missed 3 classes of College. Not a good way to start out but I need rest when i am sick. Anyways I have to go see my Bladder Specialist next week so they can see what exactly I got and what they want to do about it. I just haven't been feeling my best and I really need my Health to get back on track but I know thats not gonna happen over night. I have though been doing pretty good with not drinking caffeine sodas, all I been drinking lately is either Water or Sprite. Thats all really I can have but my Doctor said Cranberry Juice is good for Bladder Health but I really hate the taste of it. Any suggestions? So Hopefully next week I will have the answers I been wanting for the past year now well Next month will be a year officially. So I just thought I should do a Update while I can't sleep tonight and while I am listening to music.
So I guess till next time goodnight everyone!

CES <3

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Lying Game "Twinsense and Sensibility" Recap 09/5/2011

Hey! Just wanna say something write quick before I do this Post. Please Take a Moment of Silence for the People that lost their lives today 10 years ago. I did this at my Job today, we stop Checking to give a 60 second moment of Silence. Remembering the People<3
Okay so I know I'm a little late posting this but I wanna get this one up before tomorrows show. Plus There are a lot more Recap of shows that are coming to Fall that i really wanna do so I don't wanna get behind.
In the Beginning of this Episode Alec was talking to Sutton Dad and they Both know that Sutton and Emma mom is still Alive! I really don't like them two hanging out because Alec is creepy enough. I just don't understand how Alec is involved with Sutton and Emma mystery of finding their Mom. I really hope that Alec isn't Sutton and Emma real Dad because I would hate that and I think Emma and Sutton will too. So We now that that Sutton Dad hates Ethan! He doesn't think Ethan is such a good guy like Emma think that he is. I have a feeling that Sutton Dad will come in between Emma and Ethan more in the Future but I really wanna see Ethan with Emma! Don't you agree? So Laurel and the New guy go on their First date! He is soo Cute:) Anyways when they are at the Restaurant guess who they see...Char and Mads! Char is not so happy to be seeing Laurel with the guy that she liked. Poor Char though she really needs someone in her life too.
So Wondering how this Episode got the name to it's Title well Emma and Sutton for a while now been having the same nightmare about them not being able to breathe and that they are trapped somewhere. Emma is telling Sutton what happen in her dream and Sutton reveals she been having the Same nightmare as her. Sutton thinks that if Emma talks to Ethan about the Dream, Emma will remember her Childhood. Emma doesn't think this will work but she has to find out the Real truth about what had happen to her Mom. So Laurel decides to put on an act for the Family saving Ethan from going to court so she tells Her Parents that She stole Sutton Laptop as a prank.
Laurels Parents take the Bait and Tells Laurel she is grounded. I think Laurel only did this because Emma helped her get the New guy. But I am glad Laurel did! Ethan is innocent!! So After Laurel gets out of the room, Emma talks to Laurel about why she did that and Laurel asked "Did you like my Act" But Since Laurel did this she can not see the New guy but she knows she will find ways to get to see him. So when Mads go sees the Ballet Instructor he finally tells her that they can't be together anymore! Plus Nisha decides to take Pictures and she goes tell Char! Char is so Angry at Mads that she doesn't want to talk to her and she walks away.
So Spending time with Ethan, Emma remembers what her Dream is really about. Emma was trapped in a Fire that Destroyed her home when she was younger. Thats why Emma couldn't breathe and why Sutton had nightmares about it! Sutton must have felt Emma emotions during the time of the Fire. Emma is worried though that she can't remember if her Mom got out of the Fire safely or not. So When Emma tells Sutton what she remembers, Sutton goes on a hunt to find a house where it had burnt down. Thayer Finds the House and takes Sutton to go see it. When Sutton puts Emma on Video Chat she made sure that Thayer wasn't in view because no one can know that Thayer is helping Sutton.
Sutton starts showing Emma the House inside to see if Emma will remember this place that was burnt down or not. Emma starts to remember a Swing, Her Crib, Her Room and Stars that she looked at every Night to help her fall asleep. Sutton wonders though what Happen to their Real Mom after the House burnt down. Did she make it out alive? Oh in the Last Moment of this Episode Laurel almost discovers that Emma is not Sutton. When Laurel is in Sutton room Video chat of Sutton came on and Emma almost walked in! I know soon Sutton family will know about Emma taking Place of Sutton. It's only a matter of time before someone knows the Truth. My Questions are: What does Alec know about their real Mom? Will Laurel be able to see the New guy? Will Mads get her Ballet Instructor? Will Ethan and Emma get together?

Drama Recap:
Alec and Sutton Dad knows that Emma and Sutton real Mom is still alive. Sutton Dad doesn't like Ethan. Char catches Laurel out on a Date with the New Guy. Sutton and Emma have the Same nightmare about not being able to breathe. Laurel takes the Fall of stealing the Laptop and Ethan is drop of all Charges. Mads Ballet instructor tells her they can not be together. Nisha tells Char about Mads and Ballet Instructor dating. Emma was trap in a fire when she was younger. Sutton finds the House where Emma used to live with their Real Mom. 

Favorite Quote:
"And the Oscar goes to Laurel Mercer for the Sutton Story"-Laurel

Favorite Hottie:
I love Ethan! So glad that he is drop of all charges linked to Sutton Laptop. Plus I just love this picture right here<3

Least Trustworthy Person:
I can Not stand Him!! Why does he have to Ruin Sutton and Emma life?

Best Dressed:
I love Laurel Style of clothing! I just love what she has on to wear on her date with the New Hottie in town.

*Excited for this week of Lying Game, Vampire Dairies, and Secret Circle!!!*


Friday, September 9, 2011

Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara Review!!

Hey! So this is my First ever Review on this Blog. So this one just bare with me till I figure out exactly a way I want to do these but IF you have any Ideas on how to Make my Review Posts better then Comment below:)
So I am sure Ya'll have seen the Commercial with Jessica B. in it. Credit of photo goes to: Citrine's Blog. Anyways this Mascara is Suppose to give your Lashes Volume and should make them curl easier. I been looking for a mascara that has More Volume and won't Clump. I got my Mascara at Walmart. I thought I wouldn't like this Mascara but I was really Impressed by it. The packaging is a bit big though as you can tell in this Picture. It's the biggest one I have out of all my Mascaras. I own 2 ELF Mascaras, Hard Candy Mascara, and out of them I like the Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara the best. It is a Plumping Mascara so it's suppose to make your Lashes fuller and with more Volume.

Here I will show you some Pictures of me with the Revlon Mascara on:

Oh I don't use a Curler to Curl my Lashes, They are just Naturally like this.

So what Do you think about this Product? Have You tried it out yet?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick update!!

Hey! So I know it's been almost a week since I did a Blog post. I been so busy with School and Work I just been trying to focus lately. I do miss Writing Post on here though :) The Reason why I write Posts on here because it takes my mind off of things that might be stressing me out that day and it's a good thing for me. It's basically like my Stress Reliever. Anyways I do have Posts that I would like to do! Hopefully tomorrow I can have a New blog Post on here. But Lately though I been Stressed out a lot plus My dog died that I had since I was 12 that I got from my Grandma before she died of Cancer so it's been pretty rough on me to deal with. I am getting in a better mood though day by day. So I hope this helps ya'll understand whats going on in my Life right now.
Upcoming Post:
1. Revlon Grow Lustrous Review
2. Walmart and Dollar Tree Makeup Haul (Mostly Lip Products)
3. The Lying Game Recap
4. What my Hair looks like Curled and Review

So If you have any Ideas for Post you would like me to do then Leave the Suggestions down below Please:)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Over My Dead Body" Summer Finale 08/30/2011

Hey! so I am sad that Pretty Little Liars is going on a Hiatus for a while but Some awesome shows will keep me busy till this comes back on. Which I will talk about them at end of this post and the upcoming post you will see from me. So lets get started!! So at the Beginning the Girls are in Jail wearing Dresses and are covered in dirt. The Cops think they are guilty of Killing Alison. They were found with the Murder Weapon. So lets go back a Day before they ended up in Jail to see how they got there.
 So the Girls are worried about Dr.Sullivan and Went to check her house to see if she was Home but she wasn't. They even kept getting her Voicemail. The girls have no idea where she could be and what A did with her. At Spencer house Toby and Spencer were in her room just talking when Toby brought up Spencer Dad and ask what she knew but she lied and said that her Dad told her to mind her own Business. Should Spencer tell Toby the Truth? Well Guess who is back in Rosewood? Caleb is back and just in time to escort Hanna to her Dad's Wedding. Hopefully he is back for good this time because I know Hanna loves him but so do I!! So Ezra is in His Office when guess who shows up, Yes Your Right, Jackie. I don't like her at all!! Anyways she is Flirting with Ezra when Aria sees them and is listening in on their Conversation. So Back at Spencer House the Girls show up to see a Big box that says...
The girls are scared to open it because they have no idea what could be in there. Hanna thought it was her Ear lol. When they Opened it there was a note that said "You have until 7pm to save her these are My Demands". Well we all know who that came from. They each got Dolls with different Demands. Aria- Make Jackie go away, With hers she also found out with papers that Jackie Plagiarized someone elses work as her own. Hanna- Stop the Wedding. Spencer- Keep Toby Safe and Emily-I'm Taking you to her, Go Alone. So these Girls had no choice but to follow A demands. So with their Demands the Girls had to act fast if they wanna save Dr.Sullivan.
With Aria Demands she had to go talk to Jackie. When she showed up in Jackie Office and Showed Jackie the two Papers Jackie was scared. Aria didn't wanna do this because she knew if she did she would probably lose Ezra. Time was going fast so she told Jackie that she should leave Hollis. But Jackie wasn't leaving without a fight and She threatened Aria that she would get Ezra back. Jackie also said that them two was just alike but I don't see it. Next was Spencer Demand to keep Toby safe and Spencer knew exactly what she had to do. Spencer and Toby were in his truck and Toby was getting worried because Spencer didn't say anything to him. Finally Spencer told him that she lied to him and that he needed to be with someone who he can Trust. Why A must you Break them up!!! After she did that she Ran off crying and upset about what she just did when Wren seen her crying and took her home. When Spencer was finally in her Dress, Wren told her that he wanted to Kiss her and He did! Is Spencer going to go back to Wren??
So Emily was heading to the Wedding when Her GPS told her to go somewhere else. Well she finally got her Doll and it said to Follow the GPS to get to Doctor Sullivan. Emily arrived at a Barn with no sight of Doctor Sullivan. She looks around and Decides to go look into the barn and when she does she finds Doctor Sullivan's Car. All of the Sudden the Door shuts and Emily is trapped in the Barn with Gas leaking. With the Gas in the Air, Emily passes out. While Emily is in the Barn the other girls are at Hanna Dad Wedding. Hanna knew what she had to do and she had to do it quickly. While the Priest were talking Hanna stop the Wedding to Speak to Isabel alone. When she got her alone Hanna told Isabel that Hanna Dad slept with her Mom! While she was saying this her Dad overheard the whole Conversation. Well No Wedding I guess for now.
So While Emily was Passed out Either she had a Dream or she was actually wake but she sees Alison! Alison tells Emily to just relax and Emily asked if Alison knew who A was and Alison said that she did. But Alison said that she couldn't tell her but said"Two can keep a Secret if One of them is Dead". Before Alison leaves she tells Emily, That she Misses Emily the most and Gives Emily a Kiss. When Emily is Waken by the Girls by her side Emily tells the Girls that she seen Alison. When They get Emily to stand up they Notice a Shovel with the Coordinates to where they should dig and they think that Doctor Sullivan was Buried Alive!
When they Start Digging they Realize that Doctor Sullivan isn't in there and they look up to see Cops were closing in on them. A had set them up!!! Now the Girls are in jail and Officer Wilden is back to Question them and Know they are Guilty. The Girls are Charged with Alison Murder! What the H*** Are You Serious you know Garrett was up to making sure the Girls were found Guilty. So The girls are sitting in a Holding Place while their Parents are outside the Room scared to know what will happen to their girls. Well Guess who also shows up? Jason and Ezra! Jason talks to Spencer Dad saying his Sister would have wanted him here. So is Spencer and Jason Related??? So Ezra shows up and Ella talks to him. He tells her that he is in Love but when She mentions Spencer he doesn't tell her that it's her Daughter Aria that he is in Love with. Why Ezra did you not tell her the Truth!!!! Anyways come to find out Garret and Jenna were the Ones who wrote that note to Jason! I knew that Jason wasn't as Bad as everyone thought he was. Am I right? At the End it shows that Doctor Sullivan is Alive but it looks like she got paid from A. So was she Working for A?? I don't get the Last Scene so Someone Please Tell Me what You Thought!!!!!!!
"Look Innocent but Found Guilty of a Charge You Didn't Do"

A's Message:
"She Still Alive" and "She about to Run out of Air"-A

Favorite Quote:
"I'm Picturing a Newborn with a Six Pack"-Spencer
"That is a very Pretty Dress but You should know it gives You back Fat"-Caleb

Favorite Hottie:
He looks So Good here:) plus I'm Glad he is Back!!

Best Dressed:
Loves Her Dress!! It's was one of my Favorites from This Episode. <3

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- He is Back in Town!! So Happy plus Hanna is excited to see him again even when Drama is Happening all around her.
Aria and Ezra- Well Aria had to tell Jackie to stay away from Ezra but Jackie Threatened her saying she will get Ezra back. So Whats next? War for Ezra Heart.
Emily and ?- So Is Emily and Maya back together? I'm not sure right now but something tells me that Maya is not telling Emily Everything.
Spencer and Toby- Spencer Broke up with Toby to keep him Safe :( Plus Wren Kissed her! So What is gonna happen next?

*So I am sad to see this Ending for now But A Special Halloween Episode will Air Oct. 19. It will show some detail on how the Girls met Alison and How Alison might have Died. Also The shows that I will Recap on to take PLL place will be Vampire Diaries, Maybe Glee and Once Upon a Time!
Next Upcoming Posts will be Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara Review, Walmart and Dollar Tree Haul, My Hair Care Products and More!*

CES <3

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Lying Game "Double Dibs" Recap 08/29/2011

Hey! So lately I been feeling really horrible and been so stressed out so I thought today I would do the Recap of The Lying Game. I am pretty sure this is Episode 3. So it starts out with That guy who stole Sutton Laptop handing it to Alec(Mads Dad). So What does He know About Sutton and the Secrets she is hiding? So The Guy wanted to throw it in the River but instead Alec had a Different Idea which I will tell you later in this Post.
I wonder if this Guy is gonna be in more Episodes and if one of the Girls will start liking him. Well I hope not because He can't be trusted at all. Anyways Ethan wakes up to a Video Chat with Sutton, and She is not happy at all that He kissed Emma. I think that Sutton only said I Love You to Ethan because she didn't want him going with Emma. Ethan and Emma look way better than Sutton and Him. To tell you the Truth I don't think Emma is messing up Sutton Life she is doing pretty well I'll Say. So There is a New Guy in Phoenix and can I say that He is Hot!! So Laurel was the First person he met and He seems to really like her. But At School Char sees Him.
Char really thinks he is Hot and wants to show him around. Poor Laurel I don't think she knows what to do at this Point but Emma sure wants to help her. So I guess we Know How this Episode got it's title from. Char thinks it's best to throw a Party and allure him that way but really He is not interested with Her as he is with Laurel. So Emma helps Laurel out by giving him her Address and He shows up at her House! He asks her if she would like to go out on a Date. Please don't let this guy turn out to be a Creep. So Sutton and Thayer look for Clues to find where her real mom might be hiding at and Goes to a Library where she works. When they see her the Lady takes off running and Sutton Yells Wait Mom! So They go somewhere and The Lady tells Sutton that she is not their real Mom that she was only Hired to be on Birth Certificate.
Come to Find out Emma was supposed to go to a Rich Family in Beverly Hills but Somehow she ended up in Foster Care. Sutton doesn't know how this happen and wants to know the truth about what Really happen to their real parents. So Sutton and Thayer decided to take a Trip to Beverly Hills where Emma was suppose to be raised at. They Guy told her that One day Emma Real Mom showed up demanding to have Emma back and she Took off with her. They never seen Emma since then. The Parents that Were suppose to Have Emma said they knew the Adoption was fake and Sutton asked if her Parents knew too and He said They did. Uh Oh so that's One thing we know Sutton Adoption parents were hiding!! So Emma Parents invited Ethan over for Dinner but Ethan doesn't think it's a Good idea and tells Emma to call it off but she couldn't. At Dinner everything seemed to be going well and they look like they were warming up to him till His Cop Brother showed up and took Ethan. Emma wondered what Happen and Followed them outside.
Ethan brother told Emma and Ethan that he found Sutton Laptop in Ethan's Jeep!! Now we know that was Planted but Ethan Brother probably doesn't. But Emma doesn't know that if she can Trust Ethan anymore but she knows she does have feelings for him. So Sutton being all shook up by what she heard today asked Thayer if she can stay at His house tonight! I really think Sutton has feelings for him and she just doesn't want to admit that she does. So at Thayer place he finds out that someone was using his Laptop. While Sutton was talking to Emma, Alec was just outside the door Listening! So He does know about Sutton and Emma. Why is this so Important to Him?? While Sutton is talking to Emma, Sutton shows Emma a Picture of Their Real Mom and when Emma was a Baby.

Drama Recap:
Sutton worried that Emma is messing up her Life. Char and Laurel both compete for the New guys Heart. A Women was Hired to have her Name be put on Emma and Sutton Birth Certificate. Emma was suppose to end up with a Rich family in Beverly Hills but ended up in Foster Care. Ethan is invited over Sutton house for a Dinner. Ethan Got framed for Sutton Laptop. Emma doesn't know if she can trust Ethan. Sutton family does know about the Fake Adoption. Mad's likes her Ballet Instructor. Emma is Falling for Ethan. Someone was using Thayer Laptop. Sutton got a Picture of her real Mom and when Emma was a Baby. Alec Knows about the Twins.

Favorite Quote:
"I haven't got my Official Invitation to the Wolf Pack"-Laurel

Favorite Hottie:
The New guy is so Cute!! I hope he stays around for a long time. And I Like to see him with Laurel better than Char.

Least Trustworthy Person:
Now he knows about Emma and Sutton!! Why is this so Important for him?

Best Dressed:
I Love Laurel outfit here! I have something that is very similar like this in my Closet but mine isn't Pink it's Yellow:)

CES <3