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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Health Update!

Hey! So Lately I been feeling really crappy and I haven't been able to do the post that i want to do. Right now I have another Bladder Infection and a Cold. Not fun at all I been just sleeping for the past few days and I missed 3 classes of College. Not a good way to start out but I need rest when i am sick. Anyways I have to go see my Bladder Specialist next week so they can see what exactly I got and what they want to do about it. I just haven't been feeling my best and I really need my Health to get back on track but I know thats not gonna happen over night. I have though been doing pretty good with not drinking caffeine sodas, all I been drinking lately is either Water or Sprite. Thats all really I can have but my Doctor said Cranberry Juice is good for Bladder Health but I really hate the taste of it. Any suggestions? So Hopefully next week I will have the answers I been wanting for the past year now well Next month will be a year officially. So I just thought I should do a Update while I can't sleep tonight and while I am listening to music.
So I guess till next time goodnight everyone!

CES <3

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