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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Secret Circle Episode 1 Season 1!!!

Hey! So are you excited as I am about this Show?!? I decided to do a Recap about this show while I am watching Easy A and Working on Homework, Can I multiTask? I say yes:)
So Cassie was driving when her Car got a Flat which i say wasn't a Accident. When her Mom house caught fire with her Mom in it which was set by Diana Dad! So when Cassie mother died she went to go live with her Grandma in Washington I think but correct me if I am wrong.
So Who is Exactly the Six that completes the Circle? Lets Find out!
Okay Well on the Left is Adam which he is very Cute and a sweet guy! His Dad though likes to tell stories about their families in the Stars when he gets drunk which might get him killed. Plus He Saves Cassie from her Car that got caught on Fire. Also Said that Cassie and Adam are meant to be together. Next to Adam is Dianna, which is Adam Girlfriend. She seems to be very smart and nice. But Doesn't get along well with Faye. Seems there's a lot of Leader Tension going on between them. Next of Course is Cassie. Her Dad died when she was younger and Her mom died in her house that caught on fire. Cassie went to go live with her Grandma. Cassie discovers that she is a witch and that her Family didn't tell her. Cassie soon discovers who she will need to be. Next is Nick and he is very Hot!! He lives next to Cassie Grandma. Next is Faye who seems to be a Bitch and wants all the attention. She doesn't want to do the Ritual to control her Powers, She wants to use them the way she wants to. Last to Complete the Circle is Melissa, and I haven't got much from her yet to know exactly what kind of person she is. She is though a very good friend to Faye.
So Once Cassie arrives the Circle knows who she is and must get her to join the circle. but soon they realize that she doesn't know who she is.
They well I mean Faye decides to Test her to see if she knows about her being a Witch by causing her Car to catch on fire while she is inside. But Cassie freaks out and Adam comes to her rescue. Dianna decides to let Cassie know what she really is but she doesn't know how to say it so Faye just comes out and tells Cassie that she is a Witch that completes the Secret Circle. Cassie doesn't know what they are talking about and leaves because she thinks that they are just messing with her. Adam runs to her side and shows her that she does have Magic and that it is stronger with her.
Cassie then Discovers that she does have Magic. Adam feels a strong connection with her and they almost Kiss! Cassie then walks away from him because she knows that he is with Dianna. So Once Grandma finds out about Cassie in the Car with the fire she goes to Faye mom who is the Principal! Cassie Grandma knows about Magic because she used to be in circle a long time ago and she doesn't want Cassie to get involved. Which Cassie does because she soon finds the Book about her Family and about the Magic that they did. Cassie has no Choice now.
Who I don't trust is Diana Dad! He is the one who set fire and Killed Cassie Mom. He wants Cassie to be Part of the circle to get what he wants and Faye Mom is helping him out too! He is really Evil and I have no idea what he is capable of doing. Can She save the People that she Loves? Will she Join the Secret Circle? so many questions I have but soon I am pretty sure they will be answered. I am so ready to see what exactly is gonna happen next. Oh I want Adam and Cassie to be together! Who agrees? I don't like Faye either I just think she wants all Power to her self.

*Oh I have not Read the Books just in case you are wondering!*

CES <3

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