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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Lying Game "Twinsense and Sensibility" Recap 09/5/2011

Hey! Just wanna say something write quick before I do this Post. Please Take a Moment of Silence for the People that lost their lives today 10 years ago. I did this at my Job today, we stop Checking to give a 60 second moment of Silence. Remembering the People<3
Okay so I know I'm a little late posting this but I wanna get this one up before tomorrows show. Plus There are a lot more Recap of shows that are coming to Fall that i really wanna do so I don't wanna get behind.
In the Beginning of this Episode Alec was talking to Sutton Dad and they Both know that Sutton and Emma mom is still Alive! I really don't like them two hanging out because Alec is creepy enough. I just don't understand how Alec is involved with Sutton and Emma mystery of finding their Mom. I really hope that Alec isn't Sutton and Emma real Dad because I would hate that and I think Emma and Sutton will too. So We now that that Sutton Dad hates Ethan! He doesn't think Ethan is such a good guy like Emma think that he is. I have a feeling that Sutton Dad will come in between Emma and Ethan more in the Future but I really wanna see Ethan with Emma! Don't you agree? So Laurel and the New guy go on their First date! He is soo Cute:) Anyways when they are at the Restaurant guess who they see...Char and Mads! Char is not so happy to be seeing Laurel with the guy that she liked. Poor Char though she really needs someone in her life too.
So Wondering how this Episode got the name to it's Title well Emma and Sutton for a while now been having the same nightmare about them not being able to breathe and that they are trapped somewhere. Emma is telling Sutton what happen in her dream and Sutton reveals she been having the Same nightmare as her. Sutton thinks that if Emma talks to Ethan about the Dream, Emma will remember her Childhood. Emma doesn't think this will work but she has to find out the Real truth about what had happen to her Mom. So Laurel decides to put on an act for the Family saving Ethan from going to court so she tells Her Parents that She stole Sutton Laptop as a prank.
Laurels Parents take the Bait and Tells Laurel she is grounded. I think Laurel only did this because Emma helped her get the New guy. But I am glad Laurel did! Ethan is innocent!! So After Laurel gets out of the room, Emma talks to Laurel about why she did that and Laurel asked "Did you like my Act" But Since Laurel did this she can not see the New guy but she knows she will find ways to get to see him. So when Mads go sees the Ballet Instructor he finally tells her that they can't be together anymore! Plus Nisha decides to take Pictures and she goes tell Char! Char is so Angry at Mads that she doesn't want to talk to her and she walks away.
So Spending time with Ethan, Emma remembers what her Dream is really about. Emma was trapped in a Fire that Destroyed her home when she was younger. Thats why Emma couldn't breathe and why Sutton had nightmares about it! Sutton must have felt Emma emotions during the time of the Fire. Emma is worried though that she can't remember if her Mom got out of the Fire safely or not. So When Emma tells Sutton what she remembers, Sutton goes on a hunt to find a house where it had burnt down. Thayer Finds the House and takes Sutton to go see it. When Sutton puts Emma on Video Chat she made sure that Thayer wasn't in view because no one can know that Thayer is helping Sutton.
Sutton starts showing Emma the House inside to see if Emma will remember this place that was burnt down or not. Emma starts to remember a Swing, Her Crib, Her Room and Stars that she looked at every Night to help her fall asleep. Sutton wonders though what Happen to their Real Mom after the House burnt down. Did she make it out alive? Oh in the Last Moment of this Episode Laurel almost discovers that Emma is not Sutton. When Laurel is in Sutton room Video chat of Sutton came on and Emma almost walked in! I know soon Sutton family will know about Emma taking Place of Sutton. It's only a matter of time before someone knows the Truth. My Questions are: What does Alec know about their real Mom? Will Laurel be able to see the New guy? Will Mads get her Ballet Instructor? Will Ethan and Emma get together?

Drama Recap:
Alec and Sutton Dad knows that Emma and Sutton real Mom is still alive. Sutton Dad doesn't like Ethan. Char catches Laurel out on a Date with the New Guy. Sutton and Emma have the Same nightmare about not being able to breathe. Laurel takes the Fall of stealing the Laptop and Ethan is drop of all Charges. Mads Ballet instructor tells her they can not be together. Nisha tells Char about Mads and Ballet Instructor dating. Emma was trap in a fire when she was younger. Sutton finds the House where Emma used to live with their Real Mom. 

Favorite Quote:
"And the Oscar goes to Laurel Mercer for the Sutton Story"-Laurel

Favorite Hottie:
I love Ethan! So glad that he is drop of all charges linked to Sutton Laptop. Plus I just love this picture right here<3

Least Trustworthy Person:
I can Not stand Him!! Why does he have to Ruin Sutton and Emma life?

Best Dressed:
I love Laurel Style of clothing! I just love what she has on to wear on her date with the New Hottie in town.

*Excited for this week of Lying Game, Vampire Dairies, and Secret Circle!!!*


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