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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Lying Game "Double Dibs" Recap 08/29/2011

Hey! So lately I been feeling really horrible and been so stressed out so I thought today I would do the Recap of The Lying Game. I am pretty sure this is Episode 3. So it starts out with That guy who stole Sutton Laptop handing it to Alec(Mads Dad). So What does He know About Sutton and the Secrets she is hiding? So The Guy wanted to throw it in the River but instead Alec had a Different Idea which I will tell you later in this Post.
I wonder if this Guy is gonna be in more Episodes and if one of the Girls will start liking him. Well I hope not because He can't be trusted at all. Anyways Ethan wakes up to a Video Chat with Sutton, and She is not happy at all that He kissed Emma. I think that Sutton only said I Love You to Ethan because she didn't want him going with Emma. Ethan and Emma look way better than Sutton and Him. To tell you the Truth I don't think Emma is messing up Sutton Life she is doing pretty well I'll Say. So There is a New Guy in Phoenix and can I say that He is Hot!! So Laurel was the First person he met and He seems to really like her. But At School Char sees Him.
Char really thinks he is Hot and wants to show him around. Poor Laurel I don't think she knows what to do at this Point but Emma sure wants to help her. So I guess we Know How this Episode got it's title from. Char thinks it's best to throw a Party and allure him that way but really He is not interested with Her as he is with Laurel. So Emma helps Laurel out by giving him her Address and He shows up at her House! He asks her if she would like to go out on a Date. Please don't let this guy turn out to be a Creep. So Sutton and Thayer look for Clues to find where her real mom might be hiding at and Goes to a Library where she works. When they see her the Lady takes off running and Sutton Yells Wait Mom! So They go somewhere and The Lady tells Sutton that she is not their real Mom that she was only Hired to be on Birth Certificate.
Come to Find out Emma was supposed to go to a Rich Family in Beverly Hills but Somehow she ended up in Foster Care. Sutton doesn't know how this happen and wants to know the truth about what Really happen to their real parents. So Sutton and Thayer decided to take a Trip to Beverly Hills where Emma was suppose to be raised at. They Guy told her that One day Emma Real Mom showed up demanding to have Emma back and she Took off with her. They never seen Emma since then. The Parents that Were suppose to Have Emma said they knew the Adoption was fake and Sutton asked if her Parents knew too and He said They did. Uh Oh so that's One thing we know Sutton Adoption parents were hiding!! So Emma Parents invited Ethan over for Dinner but Ethan doesn't think it's a Good idea and tells Emma to call it off but she couldn't. At Dinner everything seemed to be going well and they look like they were warming up to him till His Cop Brother showed up and took Ethan. Emma wondered what Happen and Followed them outside.
Ethan brother told Emma and Ethan that he found Sutton Laptop in Ethan's Jeep!! Now we know that was Planted but Ethan Brother probably doesn't. But Emma doesn't know that if she can Trust Ethan anymore but she knows she does have feelings for him. So Sutton being all shook up by what she heard today asked Thayer if she can stay at His house tonight! I really think Sutton has feelings for him and she just doesn't want to admit that she does. So at Thayer place he finds out that someone was using his Laptop. While Sutton was talking to Emma, Alec was just outside the door Listening! So He does know about Sutton and Emma. Why is this so Important to Him?? While Sutton is talking to Emma, Sutton shows Emma a Picture of Their Real Mom and when Emma was a Baby.

Drama Recap:
Sutton worried that Emma is messing up her Life. Char and Laurel both compete for the New guys Heart. A Women was Hired to have her Name be put on Emma and Sutton Birth Certificate. Emma was suppose to end up with a Rich family in Beverly Hills but ended up in Foster Care. Ethan is invited over Sutton house for a Dinner. Ethan Got framed for Sutton Laptop. Emma doesn't know if she can trust Ethan. Sutton family does know about the Fake Adoption. Mad's likes her Ballet Instructor. Emma is Falling for Ethan. Someone was using Thayer Laptop. Sutton got a Picture of her real Mom and when Emma was a Baby. Alec Knows about the Twins.

Favorite Quote:
"I haven't got my Official Invitation to the Wolf Pack"-Laurel

Favorite Hottie:
The New guy is so Cute!! I hope he stays around for a long time. And I Like to see him with Laurel better than Char.

Least Trustworthy Person:
Now he knows about Emma and Sutton!! Why is this so Important for him?

Best Dressed:
I Love Laurel outfit here! I have something that is very similar like this in my Closet but mine isn't Pink it's Yellow:)

CES <3

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