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Friday, September 9, 2011

Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara Review!!

Hey! So this is my First ever Review on this Blog. So this one just bare with me till I figure out exactly a way I want to do these but IF you have any Ideas on how to Make my Review Posts better then Comment below:)
So I am sure Ya'll have seen the Commercial with Jessica B. in it. Credit of photo goes to: Citrine's Blog. Anyways this Mascara is Suppose to give your Lashes Volume and should make them curl easier. I been looking for a mascara that has More Volume and won't Clump. I got my Mascara at Walmart. I thought I wouldn't like this Mascara but I was really Impressed by it. The packaging is a bit big though as you can tell in this Picture. It's the biggest one I have out of all my Mascaras. I own 2 ELF Mascaras, Hard Candy Mascara, and out of them I like the Revlon Grow Lustrous Mascara the best. It is a Plumping Mascara so it's suppose to make your Lashes fuller and with more Volume.

Here I will show you some Pictures of me with the Revlon Mascara on:

Oh I don't use a Curler to Curl my Lashes, They are just Naturally like this.

So what Do you think about this Product? Have You tried it out yet?


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