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Friday, September 16, 2011

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Premiere "Elena's Birthday"

Hey! So I am so excited that Vampire Diaries is back on:)
So It starts off with Elena and Damon trying to find Stefan but Damon doesn't tell Elena that he has found him several times.
So I am just gonna say it now I am in LOVE with Damon! and I think Damon and Elena should get together! but Damon does have a point though because Stefan has changed and he shouldn't be around Elena like that. So Damon tries and Cheers Elena up for her Birthday by giving her the Necklace she thought she had lost. Damon is sweet when he wants to be!
So Caroline Decides to throw Elena a Birthday party to get her mind off of everything that has been getting to her lately. Elena does deserve to be happy! So Elena thought it was gonna be a Small get together but it turned out to be something way more Bigger. Elena doesn't feel like going but she knows she has to at least show up for Damon and Caroline. Now Lets talk about Stefan and Klaus. Stefan is helping Klaus with a special project of finding this guy. Stefan doesn't know yet but Klaus wants to get an Army of Hybrids together. This is not gonna be good for Damon and Elena.
It was crazy how Klaus and Stefan had tortured this guy in this Photo. I don't think I like Stefan anymore :/ I don't know what Stefan is gonna do next. But the Reason why Damon can track Stefan is because of the way Stefan kills his Victims. Which After Stefan Kills them Stefan feels remorse for them so he goes and tries to put their Bodies back together. EEWWW!
So What is going on between Caroline and Tyler? I think they should get together I think they look Perfect and they both understand each other very good which I think Caroline needs someone that she can relate to the Most. I don't think thats Matt because Matt has been Ignoring her Lately.
But When Caroline gets Jealous of Tyler dancing with another Girl, Matt comes to talk to Caroline. When Tyler sees her talking to Matt he asks her whats going on and Caroline makes Tyler date Leave. Go Caroline! Tyler gets mad and says either you wanna be with me or you don't. Well Caroline kisses Tyler!! Now we Get to see some Caroline and Tyler Action!! Plus Tyler is so Sexy:) So Caroline and Tyler take it up to a room and thats when Things Heat up. I think they should get together, Maybe they could make it work.
While at this Party Elena catches her Brother Jeremy doing some bad things he used to do. Jeremy been seeing Vicki and his Ex that are now ghost coming to seek his help. The reason he can see them is because of the spell that Bonnie did to bring him back to life. So I feel sorry for Damon because He loses his "Fake Girlfriend" like Alaric says it is. Klaus and Stefan kill her. Damon and Stefan go face to face and Stefan tells him to stop looking for him because he doesn't want to be found. Poor Elena, I don't know how she keeps it together through all this because She finds out that Stefan is alive and that Damon kept the truth from her. Elena is not so Happy when she hears that Stefan has been on a Killing Spree.
So Alaric was living with Jeremy and Elena but he decides that he couldn't live with them anymore and Tells Elena that she is 18 now and she can deal with her life now. I think Alaric has feelings for her! and I got from a Spoiler that He does! Wow Everyone wants her! Anyways so When Elena gets home she gets a Surprise call from Stefan but he doesn't say a word to her on the phone but Elena knows that it's him. She tells Stefan to hang on to their Love and that she still Loves him. Well we shall see what Stefan will do. Oh almost forgot! So Caroline gets shot by Tyler Mom! What is she gonna do with Caroline? And what will Tyler do wants he finds out?

So Hope Ya'll Enjoyed this Episode as much as I did!

CES <3

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