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Sunday, December 25, 2011

December Favorites 2011 Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I celebrated Christmas yesterday with the Family so today we are just relaxing and watching Movies. I am Watching 10th Kingdom lol even though it has nothing to deal with Christmas. Anyways I thought today I would Share my Favorites for December.


1. Clearasil Daily Cleaning Face Pads

2. Olay Bikini Soothing Lotion

3. Physician Formula Happy Booster Blush

4. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Mauve Pink

5. Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara

6. Maybelline Twilight Rays Eyeshadow


Favorite Movie: ELF

Favorite TV Show: Roseanne 

Favorite Food: Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

Favorite Song: I will be home for Christmas by Rascal Flatts

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with Lots of Love from Christine<3

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas+What I got!!

Hey! Merry Christmas to the one's who celebrate and happy Holidays! Today I spent my day at my Grandma's we just ate dinner and open Presents. I seen some family that I didn't really know that well and some that I haven't seen in a while. Then I just came home and relax and My Parents let us open up our presents tonight.

Got Bath Stuff from my Grandma!

Got this Zebra Shirt from my Cuz Ash.

A Walk to Remember and Sweet Home Alabama for Christmas from my Mom!!

My Mom also got me this!

Hope Ya'll have a Merry Christmas! Lot's of Love<3

CES <3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jane by Design 2012 Preview!!

Hey! So I been seeing previews for this show and I actually think it looks good so I am gonna give it a chance to impress me so here is a Preview and you tell me what you think and would you give it a chance.

CES <3

The Lying Game 2012 Preview!!

Hey! Lying Game was a show that I was into at first but after a while I stop watching it but I think soon before it comes back on I am gonna catch up with the Episodes. So I am doing 2012 show previews on here to see what ya'll think and soon I will let ya'll know what shows I will be recaping on.

CES <3

Vampire Diaries Epic Return 2012 Preview!!

Hey! So another show that I am excited for is Vampire Diaries! It's gonna be Amazing!

Returns Jan. 5th

CES <3

Switch at Birth 2012 Preview!!

Hey! So I am really into this show and I can not wait for it to return on Jan. 3rd.

CES <3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

EOS Lip Balm Review+Thoughts

Hey! So I went to Walmart today to finish up Christmas Shopping and now I can say I am Done!! I am so glad and I can not wait to see my Family and Boyfriend open their Gifts up. Anyways while I was at Walmart I bought no Makeup which I am still sticking to my Makeup Project but I might get Makeup as a Gift though but we shall see, Though I did finally pick up the EOS Lip Balm because I heard so many good things about it and I was like Yes it's about time for me to try it out. So I picked up EOS Lip Balm in Mint.

Packaging: I love how it is shape as a Egg. And when I go to turn it to open it, it's very easy. I hate Packaging that it's very hard to open or turn things.

Smell: The Smell is AMAZING! I love how it smells like Peppermint Candy Canes. When it's on my lips I can still smell it and I just love it. It's not too over powering like some smells can be.

The Feeling: The feeling of it on my lips is very smooth. My lips don't feel rough when this is on. It gives them just the right amount of moisture they need. It doesn't dry out my Lips at all.

Staying Power: I am still testing this out....

Rate1-10: I give it a 10 because it's amazing and I didn't think I would love it this much but I have to say the smell is so amazing and the way it feels on my Lips is so wonderful!

* So what Flavors should I try out next? How do you feel about this Product? Which Flavor is the one that You love the Most? Comment down below because I would Love to know! :) *

CES <3

Wednesday Wisdom: A Journey

Hey! So lately I been really into Wisdom quotes and they just remind me to stay Positive. So now every Wednesday you will get a New Wisdom Quote from me.

CES <3

Pretty Little Liars Season 2B Preview!!

Hey! are u excited as I am that we have less than 2 weeks until Pretty Little Liars Returns!! Well Check out this preview:

Hope You Enjoy this Preview!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Monthly Heath Update December 2011

Hey! so time for another update about my Health. I realized during this month that I don't eat as Healthy as I should and I don't eat regular meals throughout the whole day. I know it's bad and I shouldn't do that.
  Anyways my Bladder hasn't been hurting me that bad this month because the Medicine is finally kicking in but I won't get the full effect till probably in about 2 months hopefully. I only been on it for about a month so far.
  So For about a week now I have been having a horrible cold. I can't seem to get rid of it. I take Dayquil and Nyquil.

Any Suggestions on home Remedies to get rid of a cold?

CES <3

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Ways of getting over a Cold

Hey! So I have a Horrible Cold and I thought I would share with you ways of getting rid of a Cold. I live in Texas so this Weather has been getting colder lately and has been Raining.

1. Herbal Tea- Drinking Herbal Tea can help get you your antioxidants that you need to get feeling better

2. Vicks Rub-Helps to make you breathe more easier

3. Cough Drops-Helps to fight those Coughs and get rid of them

4. Chicken Soup-Soup is always best when Sick

5. A Hot Bath-helps with Congestion

*I hope these Tips help you and I hope I can get rid of my Cold soon*

CES <3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Must See Show: Once Upon A Time!

Hey! I really been loving this show called Once Upon A Time, It's on every Sunday on Channel ABC. It's all about all the Fairy tale Characters and how the Evil Queen had cast a Spell on them to made them forget who they are. I am actually watching it right now as I type this. I just love how detailed it is and it shows how each Character became who they were. This was in my November Favorite's.
  I am really a big fan of Fairy tales, Magic and Fantasy's.

I heard that it is only getting 12 episodes till they see how the ratings are, I really hope this show goes well!

The show takes place with Emma Swan, She is the Daughter of Snow white and Prince Charming, but she doesn't know. She has a son but puts him up for adoption but on her 28th birthday he shows up at her front door. Her son now lives with the Mayor who is actually the Evil Queen. Henry is trying to get Emma to help the People of Storybrooke remember that they are actually Fairy Tale Characters. The Evil Queen is out to make sure they don't do it.

Emma Swan/Jennifer Morrison
Brave, Protective, and Key to breaking the Evil Queen Spell.

Is the Daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

I Think Jennifer plays the part of Emma Swan very Well. She shows that Emma can be Guarded and held back of her Emotions but we all see her Brave and Protects who she loves.

Evil Queen/Lana Parrilla
The Evil Queen who cast the Spell on the Fairy Tale Characters to made them forget who they are.

Has No Soul No Compassion....

Snow White took everything from her and Ruined her Life.

The Mayor of Storybrooke.

Emma Swan son Henry lives with her.

Snow White/Ginnfer Goodwin

She had ruin the Evil Queen life and is now number 1 target.

She fell in love with Prince Charming and had a Daughter(Emma Swan)

Mary Margret is a Teacher of Storybrooke.

Has compassion for others.

Took Emma Swan in when no one else would.

Doesn't know that Emma is her daughter.

Prince Charming/Josh Dallas
Once was a Farmer, now is called Prince Charming.

He fell in love with Snow White. Father of Emma Swan.

In Storybrooke he doesn't know who he is and he awakes out of a Coma.

Henry/Jarod Gilmore
Is son of Emma Swan.

He knows that everyone in Storybrooke are Fairy Tale Characters and wants to stop the curse and make everyone believe again.

No one believes him so he has his own plans of breaking the Curse.

*Hope you will Watch this Show, It's Amazing!!*

CES <3

Friday, December 9, 2011

You know You want to know more about Me Tag!!

Hey! so I have done Tags in a while and thought I would do some. I got this from Arianne Cruz. So Here is this One:

1. The things you can't leave the house without?
- I would have to say with clothes on first duhh lol and probably my purse. Plus making sure I look somewhat decent lol

2. Favorite Brand of Makeup?
- Covergirl, Wet n Wild, ELF

3. Favorite Flower?
- Yellow Roses

4. Favorite Clothing Store?
- I would have to say I get most of my clothes from Walmart

5. Favorite Perfume?
- I don't have one just yet but will let ya'll know when I do!

6. Heels or Flats?
- I live in Flats!! love them and they are so comfortable.

7. Do you make good grades?
- Yea I really try to. my grades usually stay in between c and b's which I can't complain.

8. Favorite Color?
- All About Yellow!!!

9. Do you like Energy Drinks?
- No I hate them

10. Do you drink Juice?
- I drink Orange Juice

11. Do you like Swimming?
- I can't swim and sometimes I feel like when I get into water I wanna have a Panic Attack

12. Do you eat fries with a Fork?
- Hahaha No

13. Favorite moisturizer?
- I don't really have one that is my fave

14. Do you want to get Married later on in Life?
- Yes I would love to.

15. Do you get Mad easily?
- It just depends on what makes me mad

16. Are you into Ghost hunting?
- Um NO

17. Any Phobias?
- Fear of Water, Fear of Heights, Fear of Death, Fear of being in tight places.

18. Do you Bite your Nails?
- Yes I do and I know it's a bad Habit. I did this ever since I was little and I can't stop. one time I stop for about almost a year.

19. Have you ever had a Near death experience?
- Well I died for about 2 minutes when I was Baby. Then they brought me back to life.

20. Do you drink Coffee?
- No I hate the Smell and I can't have it because of my Bladder.

*Hope you enjoy this!!*

CES <3

Monday, December 5, 2011

You Can follow me on Tumblr and I'll follow you!

Hey! I forgot to tell ya'll I have a Tumblr so if you Want you can add me and I will follow you!
My Tumblr is stuff I reblog that interest me or that I love.


*If you have a Tumblr put your URL in the comments below and I will follow You!*

CES <3

Last Week of the Fall Semester of College!

Hey! So this week is the last week of college till my Spring Semester. I am so glad that this Semester is almost over because I need a serious break. I went to class this morning and took my Infant and Toddler final, so all I have left today is my English final. Hopefully I do good on my English because my Semester average isn't that good right now. Tomorrow I have no finals. Wednesday I have Child Growth and Thursday is Math. After this week of School, I should be able to do a lot more Blog Post! I have some ideas in mind for some coming up.
Next Semester of College doesn't start till January 17th and I am taking 4 classes. I also have to do 32hours of Lab for the Spring Semester.

So for all the People in College Good Luck with Finals this Week!!!!!

*Make sure to get plenty of Rest and eat right and Major STUDY!!!!*


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy December+My Makeup Project

Hey! Happy December, I really can't believe this is the last month before a New Year begins. I am ready for what the New Year has to offer me:)

Anyways I decided to have a Makeup Project where I don't buy anymore Makeup except if I need a new Mascara or a new Primer because I have tons of makeup that I should really use up. So I am gonna try my best not to buy anymore Makeup unless my mom buys me some for Christmas. I also been using Makeup products that I bought that I usually don't use a lot so I can really see how I feel about the Product. I will update ya'll on how it goes!

CES <3

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Favorites 2011

Hey! I am sorry that I didn't do an Oct. Favorites..Well I might have but I can't remember if I did or not. Anyways I can't believe that This Month has gone by so quickly. December is right around the corner and christmas for people that celebrate it will soon be here.
So Here's what I Love!!!

1. Loreal Paris Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair
I Just Recently got my hair dyed. It was a Redish Brown now its Brown with Blonde Highlights in it. This Shampoo doesn't leave my hair dried out or anything. It's very Moisturizing.

2. Clearasil Pads

3. Covergirl and Olay Simply ageless Concealer

4. Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara

Favorite Movie:
I Loved this Movie! I love how the wedding scene was so detailed and how bella was when she was pregnant.
Of Course though I am Team Jacob!!!!

Favorite Book:
This is what I am currently reading now and so far I like it!

Favorite TV Show:
Once Upon a Time on ABC. Comes on every Sunday at 7pm. I love this show! I love movies, books, and shows about magic and fairytales.

Favorite Song:
Without You by Usher and David Guetta

So I Hope you liked this!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Current Celebrity Style Icon Nina Dobrev

Hey! Lately I been liking Nina Dobrev fashion style so here is a few of my Favorite photos of her style:)

I Love how she can Dress laid back and then she can be Glamorous. I really love her style when she is on the Red Carpet, She never goes to much she always finds the perfect Balance that works for her.

CES <3

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!! (US) What I am Thankful for...

Hey! Happy Thanksgiving to all the people that are celebrating it. I thought I would share picture of how I looked today and What I am Thankful for.

So Today I wore a Turquoise Turtle neck Shirt, Skinny Jeans, and Black Boots. I had on Peacock Earrings from in the Local Mall and a half of a heart that says Daughter on it, My Mom got the other half that says Mother on it(Have no idea where she got it at though.)

What I am Thankful for:

-My Family
-Having a Roof over my Head
-My Health starting to be better
-My Boyfriend

CES <3

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Monthly Heath Update November 2011

Hey! So I thought I would do a Update on how my Heath has been for this Month.
So Lately I been feeling a lot better since I been on this new Medicine that my Doctor prescribed me. I been on it for almost I think 2 weeks now. I can tell that I been feeling like my self again and been feeling so much better. Just what is a Pain to do is having to take pills 3 times a day, everyday, for a year or even more. It is hard for me to remember to take my Medicine at certain times of the day.
Anyways so I been doing Yoga too, My Doctor said it was good for me to get some exercise in. So I do have a Yoga Mat and I do have a Yoga DVD that I do work out to.
Lately I haven't been having to much Soda since I can't have a lot of Caffeine. So I have been Drinking Water and Sprite.

I decided that When the New Year comes I am gonna start eating Healthy more and gonna Work out more maybe try to get a Gym Membership.

*What are some of Ya'll favorite Healthy snacks?*

CES <3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where Have I been? Update!

Hey! So I am sorry I haven't been posting here for a while. Fall Semester of College is almost over and it just has been crazy for me with studying for finals and making sure everything is done. I am almost done with Lab hours which I only need 3 more left and I am gonna have them done by Tomorrow!! Anyways plus I already signed up for spring semester and is gonna take 4 classes: Child Guidance, Children with Special Needs, General Psychology, and Speech.
So for Health it's been up and down thats another reason why I haven't been posting because my Doctor just put me on a New Medicine. I have to take it 3 times a day for about a year until the Doctor thinks I don't have to take it anymore for my Bladder. I have been on the Medicine for about 2 days now.
As with a Relationship I am dating now I went back to my Boyfriend he is in the Marines and is station out in Hawaii which for Spring Break I am going to go visit him which Updates to come on that soon.

So thats a Update on me for now. I will be doing more Post Very soon. Fall Semester is over Dec.10th. I have ideas coming up for post so look out for them.

If you have any ideas on post you would like to see let me know down below:)

CES <3

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Book Review on Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Hey! So this was the First book that I started to read on my Kindle. If you would like a Review on the Kindle I use I can make sure I make one!
Anyways it has 286 Pages and I am not exactly sure on how many Chapters though.
As you can see this book was written by Alice Hoffman. This is my First book review done by this Author.

I really wanted to read this book because I saw the Movie based on this book. It has Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in it. The Movie is really good!
So I thought I would pick up the Book and see how it is with the Movie and if I would like it the same.

On My Kindle it took me about almost a Month to finish but thats because I have school and work. Anyways first I will go ahead and do my opinion about the book before I go into the Summary of what the book is actually about.

My Opinion:
So When I first started to read the book I was really liking it. It first starts out just giving u info about the Sisters and How the Curse on them Begin. Throughout the Book it talks about how the Sisters hated each other and how guys threw themselves at them. I didn't really like the Language in there because they used a lot of the word F***. I just didn't like how they used that word in the book. The book though I did like how detailed it was about everything. I could tell though that the Movie didn't follow the book really well. Throughout this book I kinda went back and forth if I loved this Book or not. I was wishing they talked about Magic more.
Rate: 1-10 I am giving this book a 6


This book is about the Owens Girls who are Cursed when it comes to love. When they get too close to a Guy the Guy dies. They are stuck with this Curse until one of the Sisters can break the Curse. The two main Sisters they talk about in this book is Gillian and Sally. Gillian is more of a Wild Child who likes to Party, Sleep with guys, and Pretty much do what she wants to do. Gillian and Sally end up living with their Aunts because Their Mom and Dad died. Gillian decides she has had enough with living with the Aunts and decides to run off with a Guy. Gillian gets married so many times but realizes she has made a Mistake. Her Last Mistake was a guy name Jimmy who is trouble with the Law and doesn't tell Gillian much about it. Jimmy ends up dead with Gillian uses to much of this Potion to get him to sleep for a little bit but instead it ends up killing him. Gillian freaks out and Takes him to Sally. Sally is more of a Conserved person who listens to what she has to do and she is always cooking and cleaning. Sally marry's her first husband and she has two children with him that she loves with all her heart. When her Husband dies, Sally takes her two Girls and Drives to live far away from the Aunts as she can get. Sally life seems to be going well until Gillian shows up with a Dead guy in her car. Sally wants nothing to do with Gillian but she reluctantly helps Gillian by burying Jimmy in Sally's backyard. Gillian stay's with her Sister and has started to fall in love with a Guy thats amazing and nothing like guys she had dated before but she doesn't want to get close because of what Had happen with Jimmy. Things seem to go slow until a Inspector name Gary shows up asking questions about Jimmy to both of the Girls. Gillian wants Sally to lie but Sally has a feeling that she can't lie to him. When Sally lies to him, Gary knows that the Girls are lieing to him. He tells them not to leave town. Gary starts to Fall for Sally and Sally knows that she is falling for him too. At end Gary drops the Case and Gillian marry's the Guy that is nothing like the other guys in the Past. Sally gets together with Gary.

Next Book Review: Inkheart book 1

*Hope you enjoyed this Book Review and down below let me know if you have read this book and if you would like a Review on the Kindle that I got.*

CES <3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special "First Secret" Recap

Hey! So I was really excited about this Episode just because we got to see more of Alison and how she treated the girls. We also got to see how some of the Girls first got their Secrets or their First Lie.
So wondered what the Girls dressed up as for Halloween?
Emily: Indian Girl or Pocahontas
Hanna: Brittaney Spears
Aria: A Witch
Spencer: Mary Queen of Scots

If I had to choose which one was my favorite I would have to say Emily just because I loved her Costume and the way she looks in it.

Now it Starts off with Alison telling a Scary Story to a Boy that Hanna was Babysitting. She told a Story about two twin Sisters that were playing with dolls and getting along. Until There was this one doll they started to fight over the one girl grab a Knife and put it into her Sister stomach as a Sweet smile came across her face as her Parents watch their child blood go everywhere.
So at School there was a Rumor going around that Emily slept with Noel Khan. The Girls asked her if it was true and Emily didn't deny it. Later on while walking with Alison, Emily told Alison that she didn't lose her V card to Noel. Alison said that she just can't figure Emily out.
Also at School we see Mona and Lucas get Bullied by Alison. As Usual...
While Alison and Aria were walking home, Aria saw her Dad kissing a Student from his College Class! This is when we first see how Aria Dad cheated and How he got Aria to lie for him.
Aria said she will never forgive her Dad for doing this to their Family.
Also Alison fixed the Ballot at School so that Spencer can win Class President.

Alison Was the First One out of The Girls to get a Text From A!!!!!

So When the Girls were walking home, Noel drove up next to them and Invited them to his Halloween Party. The Girls were all excited to finally go to Noel Party.
As you can tell the Girls were all having fun at the Party except for Aria who was still Depressed at her Dad. Aria told the Girls that she wasn't going to go to the Party but Alison threaten to tell the Girls and her Mom about Aria Dad Cheating. Alison do you always think you can get your way?
So We now got to see how Alison and Jenna First met. Alison was in a Halloween Store getting stuff for her Costume when She seen a Girl getting the Same Costume as her. Jenna said she was new in town and that she got invited to Noel Party. Alison said she was going too but as Lady Gaga and that Jenna couldn't go as that.
Well when Jenna showed up at the Party, Alison saw that Jenna was dressed as Lady Gaga too! Uh Oh Jenna and Alison show down could be Interesting. Anyways Alison said that she would let Jenna join her Group but Jenna said "Thanks but I like to Pick my Own Friends." Go Jenna!! I am sorry but someone needs to stand up to Alison. I don't like Jenna now but I like her back when Alison was still around. So out on the  dance floor, Emily was dancing with a Guy when she Notice Jenna dancing and you can tell that Emily was checking Jenna out and Alison seen Emily do that and Decided to say something to Emily. As Usual Alison always has something to say to Emily or the rest of the Girls.
Alison said to Emily "Don't you wish you can taste her Cherry Chapstick? Don't worry Em, Your secret is Safe with me." Emily just shook off what Alison said and Kept on dancing with the Guy.
So At the End the Girls were looking for Alison and didn't see her no where in Sight. The Girls finally got a text from Alison saying that she is in trouble and to meet her at the Abandon House. When the Girls got there they walked all over the House and calling Alison name. They finally decided to Check up stairs for Alison when Alison pulled the Girls in a Room saying that someone was trying to Kill her. The Girls were trying to Call 911 but their Phone wasn't getting a Signal. Alison left the Room to get a Signal when Alison got Attack by a Mask Person in a Costume.
Alison tried her Best to Fight off the Mask Figure. She almost got stab a few times but they Missed. When she finally could get away she ran off. The Girls were trying to Save Alison but the Door was lock and they couldn't get out so they went out a Window and went back inside the house to try and Find Alison. They looked all around but didn't find Alison in Sight.

When they Finally saw Alison, Alison laughed and told the Girls that it was just a Joke and that Noel was in the Mask. The Girls were upset with Alison and didn't want to believe what had just happen wasn't real. Alison told the Girls "I know now that You will come to my Rescue and that I can count on ya'll to be here for me when I need ya'll."
At the End we found out that Noel wasn't the One in the Mask at the Abandon House and Alison now has no Clue who she was fighting off in the House. So now it leaves us with wanting to know more about Alison and How A had a Important role in Alison life before she died. I wonder if A did kill Alison.