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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where Have I been? Update!

Hey! So I am sorry I haven't been posting here for a while. Fall Semester of College is almost over and it just has been crazy for me with studying for finals and making sure everything is done. I am almost done with Lab hours which I only need 3 more left and I am gonna have them done by Tomorrow!! Anyways plus I already signed up for spring semester and is gonna take 4 classes: Child Guidance, Children with Special Needs, General Psychology, and Speech.
So for Health it's been up and down thats another reason why I haven't been posting because my Doctor just put me on a New Medicine. I have to take it 3 times a day for about a year until the Doctor thinks I don't have to take it anymore for my Bladder. I have been on the Medicine for about 2 days now.
As with a Relationship I am dating now I went back to my Boyfriend he is in the Marines and is station out in Hawaii which for Spring Break I am going to go visit him which Updates to come on that soon.

So thats a Update on me for now. I will be doing more Post Very soon. Fall Semester is over Dec.10th. I have ideas coming up for post so look out for them.

If you have any ideas on post you would like to see let me know down below:)

CES <3

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