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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Maze Runner Book #1 Book Review

Hey everyone today I am doing a book review on the first book of the Maze Runner.


Thomas is thrown into a new place called The Glade with his memory wiped clean. He can't escape because there is a huge maze with monsters called Grievers and no one can find a way out because the walls of the maze change all the time. Thomas becomes somewhat of a friend to Chuck while the other boys are not so sure of him. Thomas gets attack by a boy who is going through the change by getting stung by a Griever. Thomas decides that he wants to become a runner which a runner is who goes into the maze to find a way out. All of the sudden the game changes when a girl is thrown into the colony.... There is suppose to be only be guys in the Glade. The routine was that they get one new person a month but she was sent 2 days after Thomas arrived. She came with a warning that she is the last person ever to enter the Glade. A Griever died in the maze so Minho and Alby went to get it to see how it died. Alby got attacked and Minho couldn't get to the doors before they close at night so Thomas ran in after them and the doors closed behind him. Minho leaves Thomas and Alby to defend for themselves and Thomas comes face to face with a Griever for the first time. Thomas uses vines to his advantage to redirect the Griever to him instead of Alby. Thomas manages to get away from one then four come after him and Minho finds him and grabs him. Thomas and Minho survive the night which has never been done before. They go back to the Glade and everyone is not happy with Thomas. There is a certain order that takes place in the Glade and everyone has jobs. Thomas disobeys so the council decides his fate, Thomas has to spend one day in jail but gets elected as a runner. Alby goes through the changing from being stung which brings back memories from his life before the Glade. Alby remembers Thomas before being put in the Glade. The girl that arrived had been in a coma but for some reason can talk to Thomas in his head. Her name is Teresa and she told him that it has to end. She also said "We did this to them, to us." Thomas starts training as a runner. The girl spoke in Thomas head again and she said that she just triggered the end then she wakes up from the coma. The Gladers are in trouble..... No Sun, No Supplies and No protection from the Grievers. Everyone is trap in the homestead while the Grievers invade. Thomas and Teresa figure out that the maze is a code, The maps that the runners collect spells out letters. The map code was "Float, Catch, Bleed, Death, Stiff and Push." Thomas got stung by a Griever so he could have memories of his life before being put in the Glade. The maze was actually a test to see who is strong enough to survive. A gathering was called by Thomas so he could talk about what he saw in his memories. Thomas tells the group that him and Teresa were part of the maze trials from the very beginning against their will. They help design the maze with the creators called WICKED. WICKED mission is to serve and preserve humanity no matter the cost. Thomas told them that the only way out is to go back into the maze and find the cliff. They have to go over the cliff and find a computer so they can enter the code to find a way out. 41 Gladers enter the maze and the Grievers are waiting for them..... Battle Begins...... 21 out of 41 survive and they come face to face with the creators. Gally was with the creators. Gally threw a knife at Thomas but Chuck throws himself in front of him and Chuck dies!!! A group of people come to rescue the Gladers and they explain to them that the outside world was burned and a plague kills millions. The maze trials tested who can survive and help beat The Flare. The group settles into a new place where they hope is safer than the Glade. All they can do is have some hope.....

My Thoughts:

The beginning of the book is a bit slow and the language is hard to understand because they use words like Shuck, Shank, Greenie, etc. It starts to pick up when Teresa enters and she triggers the end of the maze trials. I love this book because it is so different than what I usually read. It is filled with a lot of action and mystery. I was the most upset when Chuck died because I loved his character and his friendship with Thomas. The next book is called The Scorch Trials so I am curious to know what happens not only to Thomas but what happens with the rest of the Gladers that survived. 

Next Book:

Book Made Into Movie:

 Maze Runner is in theaters now!!!! I haven't seen it yet but hopefully soon.

CES <3

Sunday, September 28, 2014

3 Different Parenting Styles: What is your Parenting Style?

So we all know that every parent is different and has a different parenting style...... There are 3 different parenting styles that I learned in Child Development that I would like to share with you.

1. Authoritarian: Always try to be in control and exert their control on the children. These parents set strict rules and standards for the children. Parents tend to focus on bad behavior rather than positive behavior. Children are often punished. 

2. Permissive: Give up most of the control to the children. The parents usually will make few rules and the rules are not usually enforced. They don't want to be tied to routines they want their child or children to feel free. These parents give children as many choices as possible and they tend to accept a child's behavior whether it's good or bad behavior. 

3. Democratic or Authoritative: These parents help their children learn to be responsible for themselves and to think about the consequences of their actions. They monitor their children behavior to make sure they follow through on rules and expectations. They do this with a love and warming manner. They try to reinforce the good behavior rather than focus on the bad behavior.

What is your Parenting Style?

To figure out what is your parenting style try to think about what you want your children to learn. Research parenting styles and find what fits best for you. Make sure you are consistent and encourage your child to make the right choices so they can build confidence. The most important is not to compare one child to another because every child is different. Express your love to your children and allow them to have some fun. Play time can allow for expression and learning. Do things you and your children will both enjoy.

CES <3

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Day In My Life: 9/11/2014

Hey everyone! Here is a day in my life for September 11, 2014.

The Alarm went off at 7:30am because today I take Chloe to her 18 month Check Up. I got my self and her dressed and headed in to town. Her appointment was not until 9am but we got seen a little early. She weighs 22 pounds and is 31 inches long. Chloe got 1 shot which she hates and it always makes her just want to sleep. Anyways we got home and ate something about 10am and then we went outside around 10:30am for a little play time outside. At 11:30 I did the dishes.

At 2:30pm Chloe took a nap and I cleaned the room and watched Sex and The City Movie. Chloe slept all the way till about 5:15pm which normally I don't let her sleep that long but after she gets shots they always make her feel a little crappy so I just let her sleep and get some rest. After she wakes up we got supper and we went on a walk about 7:30pm. I been putting going on a walk to Chloe bed time routine because I feel like it will help her calm down and get ready for bed. We came in about 8pm and I gave Chloe a bath. After bath Chloe got a bed time snack and we brush teeth. Then we usually will read books and Chloe was asleep about 10pm.

Waiting in the waiting room to see the doctor.

This was the design on the wall in the doctor office room. They have a different theme in each room.

Chloe was snacking on raisins while waiting on the doctor to show.

Playing outside for a little bit.

For some reason she loves sitting in this container. Usually the container holds her stuff animals but she will throw them all out and sit in it. Chloe got this for Christmas.

She loves this butterfly headband!

Poor baby....Every time she gets a shot it makes her not feel good.

*Here is a day in my life! I will do a full day on everything I do very soon. Chloe is still with her dad right now. Enjoying a break while I can.*

CES <3

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Toddler Haul: September 2014

Hey everyone! I haven't done a haul in a while so today I am sharing what me and my mom picked up for Chloe this month. We mostly got her some clothes and pajamas, I also finally found Chloe some house slippers or house shoes. Chloe favorite themes or cartoon characters right now is Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty. I picked up these Clothes at Walmart and Dollar General for very inexpensive cost.

My mom bought these pajamas for Chloe at the Dollar store. Chloe loves the frog.

I picked up these Minnie Mouse pajamas at Walmart for $5.44. Chloe is obsessed with Minnie right now.

I love these owl pajamas! I got them for $5.44.

Chloe has been loving Hello Kitty lately. These pajamas were $6 I think.

My mom picked up this outfit for Chloe at the Dollar Store. I love the top!

My mom also got this outfit from the Dollar Store.

Picked up from the Dollar Store.

My mom bought Chloe two long sleeve outfits for the fall and winter. This is the first outfit..... I love the zebra print.

This is the other long sleeve outfit that my mom bought for Chloe.....

These are the house slippers that I bought for Chloe. Again Chloe has been loving Hello Kitty lately. These are really cute and the size is 5/6. 

Picked up some socks because all of Chloe old socks were too small for her.

We also got some baby wash and some non fluoride training tooth paste.

CES <3

Monday, September 22, 2014

Toddler Style: Spring and Summer Edition (What Chloe Wore) 2014

Hey so I am going to show you what Chloe wore for the Spring and Summer. I am so glad that Fall and Winter is right around the corner because it has been so hot here in Texas plus Chloe is switching to all of her 18 month clothing which is crazy! I thought this would be a fun blog post to do showing you Chloe style for the Spring and Summer. I will be doing a Fall and Winter edition as well....

CES <3

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mommy And Toddler Outfit Of The Day (9/11/2014) Chloe 18 Month Check Up

Hey everyone! Here is what me and Chloe wore to her 18 month check up.


Skull Sheer Top: Social Misfits (Spencer's)
Black Under Tank: Faded Glory
Leggings: Motherhood Maternity
Boots: Faded Glory

Toddler Outfit:

Top: Carter's
Pants: Carter's
Sandals: Children's Place

CES <3

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Week In Pictures: September 8-14 2014

Hey Everyone here is my week for September 8-14 in pictures.....

Monday Sept. 8:
She is such a diva.

We been adding taking a walk to her bed time routine and it seems to help calm her and get her ready for bed. Only thing is though I need to take her out earlier because it is getting dark early now here.

Watching Under The Dome!

Tuesday Sept. 9:
She took a picture of her self. She loves taking pictures....

This time it was getting dark so fast!

She is very smart she can flip to different pictures and turn on the videos on my phone.

Wednesday Sept. 10:
Chloe lunch today she had beans and weenies with mix veggies and bread with water.

My lunch I had Cheddar and Broccoli pasta with toast with tropical punch drink.

 Chloe favorite snack is raisins.

Thursday Sept. 11:
Waiting for Chloe 18 month check up.

Each doctor room has a different cartoon/disney theme. Cat in the Hat.

Waiting for the doctor to come in so she had her raisins.

Friday Sept. 12:
She was not happy on our walk.....

We got to see the cows on our walk!

Brushing her teeth all by her self.

Saturday Sept. 13:
She wanted to sit at the table.

She loves her baby dolls.....

Sunday Sept. 14:
Chloe took a picture of her self again.

CES <3