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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Toddler Haul: September 2014

Hey everyone! I haven't done a haul in a while so today I am sharing what me and my mom picked up for Chloe this month. We mostly got her some clothes and pajamas, I also finally found Chloe some house slippers or house shoes. Chloe favorite themes or cartoon characters right now is Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty. I picked up these Clothes at Walmart and Dollar General for very inexpensive cost.

My mom bought these pajamas for Chloe at the Dollar store. Chloe loves the frog.

I picked up these Minnie Mouse pajamas at Walmart for $5.44. Chloe is obsessed with Minnie right now.

I love these owl pajamas! I got them for $5.44.

Chloe has been loving Hello Kitty lately. These pajamas were $6 I think.

My mom picked up this outfit for Chloe at the Dollar Store. I love the top!

My mom also got this outfit from the Dollar Store.

Picked up from the Dollar Store.

My mom bought Chloe two long sleeve outfits for the fall and winter. This is the first outfit..... I love the zebra print.

This is the other long sleeve outfit that my mom bought for Chloe.....

These are the house slippers that I bought for Chloe. Again Chloe has been loving Hello Kitty lately. These are really cute and the size is 5/6. 

Picked up some socks because all of Chloe old socks were too small for her.

We also got some baby wash and some non fluoride training tooth paste.

CES <3

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