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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 12) Mid-Season Finale! Who Is Dead???

Hey PLL Fans! Are you sad that we don't get to see anymore episodes till October? Pretty Little Liars is doing a Halloween Special and I also heard they are doing a Christmas Special as well so we shall see. Anyways this is the Mid-Season Finale and the title is called "Taking this one to the grave."

Aria, Emily and Hanna are outside of a house with the police. Detective Holbrook announces that someone is dead and they are ruling it a homicide. Who is dead? Let's go back about 36 hours earlier and find out what happened to cause a murder on Thanksgiving.....

About 36 Hours Earlier.......

Alison goes to the cops to tell them the truth and she gets a lie detector test. The girls turn to Mona for help. Mona calls someone and sends out a code A on Alison. Mona army turns on her because of Alison now they just call Mona "Crazy Mona." Paige kisses Emily! The girls still think that Alison is A and the liars unite to take down Alison. Aria family invites Ezra over for Thanksgiving dinner. Toby surprises Spencer in his police uniform, Toby is graduating! Lucas decides to stay on Mona side and help her out. Emily sets up her family house for Christmas.... "Read her boobs, the girl loves Christmas"- Hanna talking about Emily to Caleb. The liars watch a video of Alison taking the lie detector test and talking to the cops. Police are saying that Spencer killed Bethany and there is a warrant out for her arrest. Spencer and Mona go undercover to Radley to get information on Alison connection to Bethany. Alison and Emily talk..... Alison knows that the girls are calling her A. Detective Holbrook shows up at Radley and calls out Aria. Spencer and Mona find tape recordings and they find out that Alison mom was having a affair with Bethany dad and that Alison might have known Bethany. Toby calls Spencer because she didn't show up to his graduation and he gets into a car accident! Poor Toby!!!!

On Thanksgiving Day.......

Toby is okay he is in a leg cast. Paige tells the girls that she seen Alison with a bunch of people and that Alison is creating a army. Spencer gets arrested for Bethany murder. Mona calls one of the girls and tell them that Alison lured Bethany that night to Rosewood because Alison was jealous of her and wanted Bethany dead. Mona had proof that Alison is A. Aria, Hanna, Ezra and Emily show up at Mona house to find blood all over the house. The police didn't find Mona body but said that Mona is dead and they are ruling it a homicide. What happen was that when Mona called the girls to tell them about Alison someone showed up in the black hoodie and the person had blonde hair. Did Alison kill Mona to shut her up? Anyways at the end we see A open up the car trunk and we see Mona dead body in the trunk. 

My Questions:

Did Alison Kill Mona?

Is Alison really A? Is Alison Head A or is she just working for A? Did she just make a deal with A?

What is going to happen to Spencer?

Is Emily and Paige getting back together?

What will Toby do now that Spencer is going to jail and him being in a leg cast?

Is Aria next to go to jail for Shana death?

How will Hanna deal with Mona death?

*I am going to be starting a new series called Pretty Little Liars Fashion Recap. I will show what the girls wore each episode and share my favorite outfit for that episode. It will be in 3 parts.*

CES <3

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