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Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 2011 "My Favorites"

Hey! So Who agrees with Me that July went by So Fast? It's almost August and I have to start Focusing on School and Work again. Anyways Time for Me to share what I have been Loving for the Month of July!

Favorite Beauty Products:
1. Pure Seduction body mist and lotion By Victoria Secret!
2. Tresseme Heat Tamer
3. Conair Straightner
4. NYC Nail Polish
5. Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
6. ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer
7. ELF Shimmer Eye Pencils
8. ELF Eye Shadow Quads
9. ELF Lipstick in Seduction
10. Vintage Shorts by 1955 Vintage

Non-Beauty Favorites:

Favorite TV Shows- Pretty Little Liars and Switch at Birth
Favorite Movie- Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Part 2
Favorite Book- Pretty Little Liars 4th Book Unbelievable 

Favorite Song- Rolling in the Deep by Adele and Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Surface Tension" 07/26/2011

Hey! Time for another Recap of Pretty Little Liars. Let me know if you would like to see me Recap other Shows as well down Below:) This is Episode: 7
So starting off the Girls are thinking they should trust Garrett the Police Officer if they wanna find things out like Who really killed Alison. They are at Hanna's House discussing what They should do next, When a Basket of goodies showed up with a note that said....
So if you can see it, It says "What Fun Two Little Liars under One Roof You're making It So Easy-A" So Everyone should know by Now that A knows Everything. When Emily finally moves over to Hanna's House Emily wants to start things off well so she makes Breakfast for Hanna and Hanna's Mom. Emily is Just thankful that she could stay in Town instead of going to Texas but this Makes Emily only Train harder as a Swimmer so she can get a Scholarship for real instead of the Fake one that Her Mom still doesn't know about. At Spencer house Toby is Hired by Her dad for him to help Clear up the land and fix it for them. Toby starts a Day earlier to Clear up the Grounds when Spencer shows up and Shows him a little Affection. It seems like their Relationship is Going Strong so Far though. When Toby is digging he Comes across a Hockey Stick.
The Hockey Stick is broken and has "Hastings" name on it. When we see a Flashback during the show it shows That the Hockey Stick belonged to Melissa and Alison was Borrowing it to Try to Learn Field Hockey. When Toby finds it Spencer Dad shows up to tell him He will take Care of it and not to worry or to tell Spencer about it. But Toby does.
At School Hanna and Emily sees Caleb doing another Dirty Deal with a Guy. When Hanna tries and talks to him about it He just tells her not to worry about it. Hanna is Worried though about if He gets caught. When the Girls are at School Hanna Mom and Aria Mom meets up to talk about the Fashion Show. They are starting to realize that Something in the Town of Rosewood is not right and that they shouldn't have Separated the Girls.
At Ezra Office Aria Tries and talks him out of coming to Her Family Dinner Party that they are having tonight. Aria doesn't want him to come but Ezra thinks it is a Good Idea that he should come. He wants them to take "Baby Steps" so that Aria Parents Warm up to Ezra being around in Aria Life. Aria soon finds out later that Jason is also coming to the Party!! Uh Oh How is Aria going to deal with this?
At The Party everything seems to be going well. Ezra talks to the People there about his Journey and Bicycling when Jason joins in to discuss it. It seems like their getting along. Aria soon steps out to go to her Room to get a Call from Spencer talking about the Hockey Stick that could Possible be a Murder Weapon. The Party is soon Interrupted when the Cops showed up at Aria House! Come to find out the Cops have Mike Downtown Arrested because He was breaking into another House again. Why do You think Mike is doing this? Could it end of Worse for Him?

When Byron and Ella wanted to talk to him about how he is Acting lately but Mike doesn't wanna talk about it. Wonders what He will do Next? Anyways when Aria Parents are getting Mike, Aria goes through Mike's Room trying to find out what He has been up to. Aria Suddenly finds a Handmade Candle that Jenna made. Aria wonder's why Mike has this and to find out Aria Kicks out the rest of her Guest. Also before she finds that Her and Jason are talking about Mike when Ezra sees them Together. When Mike gets Home Aria confronts Mike about what she finds. Aria wants to know what is going on with him stealing stuff and why. Aria was shocked to see that Mike had this in his Belongings.
Mike says He stole that because He thinks he can get some Money for selling it. He also said He found it in Garrett's Apartment but Aria doesn't believe it. Aria Soon believes him and Knows that The Girls shouldn't trust Garrett because He is Working with Jenna. It's about Time They find out about what is going on between them two. Aria Texted Spencer and rest of Girls to tell them NOT TO TRUST GARRETT.
Back to the Hockey Stick Spencer Dad is acting Funny about it and when Spencer tries to Talk to him about it He tells her not to worry about it and that Their Family didn't need anymore Drama in their life right now.
Spencer soon sees Her Dad about to Burn the Stick when She grabs it and Says It might be a murder weapon to Alison Death. When Fighting for the Stick Spencer Dad angrily Takes it away from her and Burns it in the Fireplace without knowing more Information on if That was the Murder Weapon or not. It seems the Girls will have to Work harder now to find out Who really Killed Alison and Who A is. So Here is the Questions I ask: Will the Girls find out what is going on Between Jenna and Garrett? Will Aria pick Jason over Ezra? What is going on between Spencer Dad and Alison Mom? Will Hanna Dad stay in Town and get Back together with Her Mom?

Alison Flashback:
Alison was in Hastings backyard with the Girls talking and While Spencer showed Ali how to do Field Hockey. The girls asked her Why she was so interested in Field Hockey but Alison didn't tell them why. Soon Jason showed up Saying Alison Mom was wanting her When Jason took The Hockey Stick from her and Alison was starting to get mad. Jason almost hit Ali with the Stick.

Favorite Quote:
"Hanna: Is this a Gay Thing? Emily: No it's a Brain Thing"

Favorite Hottie:
Ian is so sexy!! I just Love him in this Picture:)

Best Dressed:
I Love Spencer Dress! Usually I don't really like what she wears but this Dress is something I would wear. Her boots also goes Perfect with it. Her dress is from American Apparel. 

Couple Update:
Hanna and Caleb- Hanna is worried about Caleb still doing Dirty Deals. She is afraid he might get Caught. Caleb laters Opens up to her and telling her How it all Started. He never Told anyone before.
Aria and Ezra- Things will probably start to get Crazy between them two if Aria starts to see Jason more. Will Aria and Ezra take their Relationship Further?
Emily and Samara- Well we didn't see Samara in this Episode but I wonder How close will they get and If it will go further.
Spencer and Toby- Their Relationship seems to be Going Well but with Wren in town Could He get between them?

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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Advice on Dating and Relationships

Hey! So I thought I would share my thoughts on Dating and Relationships. I didn't start to date until about the 10th grade. At first I was nervous because I didn't know what was gonna happen between me and him. My first Relationship only lasted about almost 2 months I think. When I started to date it was hard for me to open up because I didn't know him that much yet. Just to let ya'll know You have to just be yourself and If a Guy doesn't like you for you then your not meant to be with him. You shouldn't have to change just to be with a Guy.
I believe if you go on a Date with someone a couple of days after the Date you should let the other person know if you would like to see them again. Please don't ignore their texts or calls just let them know nicely that if you wanna see them again or not. This happen to me not to long ago where I went on a Date then the Guy ignored me for about a week. I really don't like when someone does that. You should just be honest.
When it comes to Relationships it's all about Trust, you shouldn't lie to the person your with. It's not a healthy way to start off a Relationship. Just be Straight forward and Be yourself. Also In Relationships you shouldn't cheat on the Person you are with. This has happen to me before where the guy cheated on me with a Friend of mine. If you don't wanna be with your Partner no more just be Honest and let them know how you feel. Being open in a Relationship will help you get to know that person more and to develop trust.
If you been hurt alot like Emotionally like I've been then it will take some time for you to Open up again. You shouldn't rush into things if your not ready. It will only bring you down even more. When it's finally time for you to be in another Relationship you should try to take it slow and not rush the Relationship. Believe me when I say it will take some time for your Heart to heal but it will. When your not in a Relationship you should think about what you look for in a Partner and what you Value about being in a Relationship. This will help you for when you are ready for another Relationship.

"Love will always find you when you at least expect it to"

CES <3

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Never Letting Go" 07/19/2011

Hey! So Yes another PLL Recap, I just love doing these. So This Episode started off where the girls were in I think Emily or Spencer's room talking about the Fashion Show that's coming up. The Girls were also trying to figure out who killed Alison if Ian didn't do it. At Hanna House, Hanna is still angry at her Dad because she thinks He is still in Love with her Mom but he doesn't want to admit it. Hanna Dad though said He doesn't want to argue with her anymore, He doesn't wanna leave on Bad terms. The Girls soon get a Text from Alison Mom saying she wants to meet with them. The Girls are shocked and doesn't know why she wants to talk to them.
At Lunch Alison Mom talks to the Girls about the Fashion Show and wants the Girls to help out and be in the Show. Aria said she will take care of the Photos while Spencer will be in Charge of Running the Show. Ali Mom Gives them a Present with Dresses that Alison Picked out that Alison Mom would like them to wear in the Fashion Show. Which It brings back Memories of Alison trying on Dresses and Smiling at the Girls. Aria Decides to meet with Jason to show him Photo's that she would like to use in the Fashion Show also to see if he can Remember the night Alison went missing. Aria and Jason seem to be getting Closer and I have a feeling that Jason is Falling in Love with Her. What Does this mean for Aria and Ezra Relationship?
Anyways while Showing pictures to Jason and Asking him what he can remember Jason gets Upset with Aria and Walks off. He really doesn't like to talk about that Night because he really doesn't remember what Happen that night. At Spencer house Spencer overheard her Dad talking to someone on the Phone and she knew it was Alison's Mom. Her Dad said why is Jason back in Town and he Yells at her. When Spencer wants to talk to him about it He lies and says he was talking to someone who wanted him to donate to Charity. At Emily House, Emily was Trying on her Dress while Samara was helping her. It seems they are starting to get closer and you can tell Emily really is starting to have a lot of feelings for her. Later on that Day Emily and her Mom talks about Texas and How Emily Mom really misses Emily Dad. Emily Suggested that Emily Mom should go to Texas and Emily could meet up with them in the Summer. Emily Mom said that Emily talk to Hanna Mom and they are allowing her to stay with Hanna Family. How will Hanna and Emily get along now that Emily has to stay with her for a While?
At the Fashion show before it begin the Girls arrived early to get Ready and while Spencer arrived she found out that Mona is taking over the Show. Spencer was Mad and you can tell she wanted to just hurt Mona. But Who can Blame her? Mona is always a Controlling person. So Spencer had no Choice but to keep quiet and do What Mona said. Back where the Girls were getting ready at Samara showed up with a girl and Emily was getting Jealous by how close they were. Even the other Girls could tell that she was Upset. But Samara assured her that, that girl was just her Friend she knew for a while. Also When The Girls found out that Caleb showed up and they told Hanna she seemed like she wasn't worried about it. The Girls told her that Hanna should give Caleb another Chance which She should. Before the Show started Spencer saw her Dad arguing with Alison Mom over something. It really got Spencer thinking on What is going on between them two. What do You think it is?
Now Time to walk down the Runway Girls!!!

These are the Dresses that Alison Picked out a long time ago.

During the Fashion Noel Kahn was the DJ playing the Music while the Girls walked down the Runway. Why Would someone let Noel be a DJ? Anyways the Fashion show soon ended when Alison Picture showed on screen with Hateful words on Her Picture like Slut, Bitch, Etc... And with Red Lights all around. Everyone was Terrified and Alison Mom walked out of the Room. The Girls had no Idea what was Going on.

Aria soon found out that Noel was behind this. Jason saw Noel with Aria and Threatening her with a CD. Jason got in his face and took the CD from him and Broke it. I knew Noel was behind this something is not right about him. The Girls should watch their backs around Noel. Anyways after Alison Picture disappeared a Message came on the Screen that Said  " My Dresses, My Games, My Rules"-A Well A Sure knows how to Make something Good go Bad.

Alison Flashback:
I wanted to find a Picture with Alison in this Scene but Couldn't.
In this Scene was a Flash Back when Alison was in her room trying on Dresses and telling the Girls what they thought of how Alison looked in them. Alison Was Smiling and just having a good time and actually here Alison seemed really Sweet.

Favorite Quote:
"A Makes the Spotlight Extra Harsh"

Favorite Hottie:
Toby Looks Good in a Tux!!! :)

Best Dressed:
Samara Looks Amazing right here. Her dress is so pretty! I also Loved how Her hair Looks here. Her Style is really Girly and Every Episode she is in her Style keeps Amazing me.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Hanna Doesn't know if she can trust him again but she has been getting closer again to Caleb. He even showed up at the Fashion Show and Offered to walk her home afterwards. He is Sweet :)
Aria and Ezra: They didn't show Ezra in this Episode I don't think but Aria seems to be getting Closer to Jason. Jason might even be Falling for her. How will this End?
Emily and Samara: They are getting closer together but Emily doesn't want to move to fast because she is afraid of getting hurt.
Spencer and Toby: They are so Cute together!! They seem to be doing really good so far and you can tell their relationship is getting stronger.

CES <3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Besties Tag 2011

Hey! So When this First started out on Youtube I love watching this Tag and see what People liked using in the Summer Time. I figure this Would be a perfect Tag to do right now since it is still Summer. So Basically this Tag is about your favorite Products you Love to use in the Summer Time.

Favorite Summer:

1. Lip Product- ELF Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15

2. Blush- Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural 

3. Nail Polish- A bold color like a Teal, Yellow or a Hot Pink

4. Liquid Face Product- Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

5. Powder Face Product- ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder in Ivory

6. Hair Product- Tresseme Heat Tamer 

7. Eye Product- ELF Eyelid Primer

8. Self Tanner- I don't Use A Self Tanner

9. Fashion Accessory- Feather Earrings 

10. Clothing Piece- Shorts:)

11. Fragrance- Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Body mist and Lotion

*So I Tag anyone who would like to do this!!*

CES <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update on School-Fall Semester of College

Hey! So finally I am caught up on my school Lab hours. I was so ready to get them done and I did! I go back to  College on August 22nd. Which I think I am ready but just getting me to Focus again is gonna be hard. Plus I am also going back to Work! I been out of Work for about 3 months because of my Health but now it is control so I can make me some money again. Anyways this Semester will hopefully be a good one for me and My Grades will look better this time around than it did in my Spring Semester. My Major is still Child Development...

Classes I am Taking:
1. Infant and Toddlers-32 Hours of Lab Needed
2. Growth and Development-No Lab Hours Needed
3. Introduction to Sociology
4. Freshman Comp. English
5. Contemporary Liberal Arts Math

As for Financial Aid I was able to get the money I needed to sign up for these Classes, Get Books, and Other things I need. I am so glad I don't have to worry about this. I think My Money will come to me on September 1st. Well Hopefully.

*Hopefully When I start school and work again I will be able to do Post. I will try!Also More Outfits of the Day!!!*

CES <3

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Post Ideas!!!

I would love if you got any ideas on what You would like to see from me!!
Write down below Please :)

CES <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Devil You Know" 07/12/2011

Hey! This Episode is the 5th and was full of shock, Sadness and Drama. It starts off where the girls are at school sitting down talking about the Note that was by Ian when they found him. The girls wanna stop thinking about stuff and just live their life but Emily knows something doesn't feel right with the Note. Emily soon gets a text from A and it makes her try to put the pieces together. Emily starts looking at the Note more to see what she can find out.
Emily looked at her past messages and found out that A wrote the Note, she went to tell the girls what happen. At school is where we also met Caleb step mom and she is not so nice. She is keeping the money that she gets for Caleb and is not letting him have any of it. Hanna over heard and went to talk to her. She told her If Caleb doesn't get any of the Money she was gonna report her. Hanna sure knows what to say to make people do what she wants. Go Hanna!! At Hollis College Aria was in Ezra class when Jackie saw them together first she was spying then she went into the Class and Aria was not so Happy about that. Do you think Jackie will mess up their Relationship? At Spencer House their phone was ringing non stop with Reporters and Family Members. Melissa you can tell wasn't taking Ian death so well and Spencer knew.
Spencer told her parents that Ian needed a Official Funeral so Melissa can have closure. Spencer mom Finally agrees and talks to Spencer saying she is sorry for not believing her and that she couldn't believe she let a monster into her house. Maybe now Spencer and her Mom can Mend their Relationship. Well...Hopefully. Aria got a knock on her door from Jason! But only to found out that Mike was trying to break into his House. Well now we know what Mike been up to...well sorta. Also that Mike broke into Spencer house and Garage for Camping Supplies. Good Mike gone Bad? When Emily was out of her House she went to Post office for a Package when she Knew the guy working the counter only to found out it was Logan who they think was working for Ian.
The Funeral soon begin and Surprisingly a lot of people showed up. In the church Emily wanted to talk to Spencer but Spencer had shut her down. Emily decided to talk to the Cop but they don't know that he is with Jenna. When she told the Cop, He went to talk to Logan and gave him money to leave town. At the Funeral it was sad and the Music was so sad but it went perfect with the scene. When the ceremony was over Aria was mad when Ezra didn't introduce him self as her Boyfriend to her Parents. So will they ever take that next step? After talking to Ezra, Aria went to talk to Jason because she saw him sitting alone.
Aria asked him why would he come here and all he said was he needed closure. He also told her that around when Alison died he doesn't remember much and He thought he killed Ali because when he woke up the next morning after Alison disappeared he had a note in his pocket that said "I know what You did" So did He Kill Alison? I don't think He did but that's just me. Also Do you think that Jason is Falling for Aria???!!!!
After the Funeral was over Spencer was in her Room looking up Engagement Rings!! When A texted her to tell Melissa the truth if not A will step in and make things worse which A always does. When Spencer was talking to Melissa, Ian phone rang and Melissa was shocked to see Spencer having his Phone. Spencer didn't even know she Had it. Melissa told Spencer she will never forgive her for Acting like she was Ian and to text her. Uh Oh A strikes again to mess things up with the Girls.
At Hanna house Caleb came over to check on Hanna and to say he got Money from his Step Mom. So I guess what Hanna said had worked, Hanna you Go Girl!! Anyways before he Left Hanna Gave him a Kiss!!! I hope this means that they are back together. When the girls got together they got a Text to go to the Cemetery. All of the Sudden a Video came on with Alison and Ian. Come to find out Ian did not kill Alison!! Then if He didn't then who did???

Favorite Quote:
"Whatever A gives Bitch takes Back"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
 Oh How I love Caleb!!!!

Best Dressed:
Hanna thought she could wear this to the Funeral. But I have to say I always have Loved Hanna Style, This Red Dress Is Amazing. 

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb: Hanna Kissed Caleb!! I hope this means that they are getting back together!
Emily and Samara: Will Emily date Samara? Will they go to the next Level?
Aria and Ezra: Well Ezra haven't yet told anyone that He is dating Aria Will he Ever? I think Jason is falling for Aria so Love Triangle will probably begin.
Spencer and Toby: Again no Toby in this Episode :(

CES <3

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Blind Dates" 07/05/2011

Hey! Sorry This one is Late but I really wanted to do this still. This Episode is number 4. So Lets start off with Spencer going back to the Jewlery store where she Pawned Melissa ring, When she went back to get the ring she found out someone bought the ring and made it look like she Pawned a Horse Shoe. When she goes to tell the girls what happen they get a Text from A saying "Just My Luck, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend." Now what is Spencer Going to do?
I Hope she can figure out a why because You know if she can't then A will find a way for her to handle this. But Remember A has the Ring! I wonder if A will give it back to Spencer if she does something, But I highly doubt that. At School Aria finds out that her Mom will be taking over Ezra Class and I don't think Aria likes this. At School Swim meet Emily Mom finally meets Samara!! How do you think this will go? Well Emily mom seems to like her and Even invites her over for Dinner. Is this Shocking to You??

When at their House Emily Mom seems like she is getting along well with Samara, They even talk about scrapbooks. When Emily mom brings up College Samara helps out by telling her Mom that not one College may be after Emily there might Be More! This only gets Emily Mom excited even More! At School Hanna is Talking with Lucas, He doesn't wanna go on the Date. Lucas Wants her to Join them but she doesn't want to. At Lunch table Caleb Joins her to talk about a Double Date but Hanna Agrees and Says we are not going on a Date we are just WingMen Joining Lucas with his Date. Good or Bad Double Date? Well Lucas Date thinks that Hanna is still having feelings for Lucas, So Hanna Flirts with Caleb so Lucas Date will Focus more on Lucas. After the Date Lucas thanks Hanna for helping him and Says that she is nothing like Alison used to be but this Makes Hanna go to see the Therapist to talk about her Relationship with Alison.
The Therapist tells Hanna to Picture that Alison is in the Chair and What would Hanna like to tell Alison. At First Hanna couldn't do it but when she went back the Second time She finally Could. Alison Appeared in the Chair and Hanna told Alison that she had no more Control over her life and that she was So Over Missing Her. I was shocked that Hanna did that but it did made Hanna feel better. But After Hanna and The Therapist left, The Therapist Office got Trashed and on the Wall was Written "Noisy Bitches Die" So I guess A didn't like the Convo I wonder will the Therapist Survive if A goes after her Next? We never know what A has up it's sleeve. After School Aria goes to find her Brother Mike to give him something when she finds out he is not at the Place he says he's been at. On the Basketball court Aria talks to Jason about if he sees Mike here Playing but he says he hasn't been here in a while. Uh Oh What has Mike been up to? Anyways This Scene was HOT!!! I mean Jason was shirtless and he Looked AMAZING. He even reminds Aria of her Pink Highlights she had back then and That He loved how Aria stood up for her self. It seems Chemistry is Happening here. Will they Get Together? Will She Pick Jason over Ezra? So many questions I have hopefully we will find out the answers.
When Spencer goes looking for Melissa in the Barn, Spencer finds a Luggage and Opens it to see Supplies for Guy.
Spencer Goes through the Luggage to only Find out what Ian ID was in there! I Guess Melissa knows Where Ian is At...What does this mean for the Girls? To find out more Spencer goes to talk to Wren at the Hospital to see what He knew and if He will help her Find Ian. At first he Declines because He doesn't wanna get involved more but then He finally agrees to help her. Does He still have feelings for Spencer? When Wren goes off to Melissa to the Place Ian is hiding the Girls Tag along and try not to be seen by Melissa. But when they Hear Melissa Screaming in a Deserted Barn, Spencer and the Girls go running to see what is going on. When they arrive in the Barn the Girls are shocked by finding Ian Dead!!! He has a shot to his head and a gun by his side with a Note saying He killed Alison. Now can you see all along that the girls were telling the Truth... Is Rosewood People gonna be different to the girls now that Ian is Dead? Did Ian really kill Alison? Will people come to his Funeral? Do the Girls believe Ian killed his Self?

Favorite Quote:
"We are Just the Girls who cried Wolf"-Hanna

Favorite Hottie:
Jason!! He is soo Sexy right here...Sorry Ladies but I had to put him again for Favorite Hottie. 

Best Dressed:

I Loved how Hanna was dressed for the Double Date. Her Style is more put together and Classy. I really liked her Shirt in this Picture. It's something that I would wear out for a date or a Night on the Town.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb: As You seen in this Episode Hanna and Caleb were hanging out more and Even out on a Double date. I think they look Perfect together and Hope they can get together again and figure a way to make it work between them
Emily and Samara: Samara finally met Emily Mom and they seem to be getting along well. Will Emily take their Relationship to the next Level?
Aria and Ezra: It seems like their Relationship is going good but will they tell People and Aria Family about their Relationship?
Spencer and Toby: It's sad we didn't get to see Toby in this Episode but I still feel like their Relationship is still Strong.

*Sorry for this being Late usually I post this the day after the Episode appears on Tv But I had stuff going on. Next will be the "Devil You Know" Recap.*

CES <3

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whats In My Makeup Bag?

Hey! Sorry I haven't did a Post in a while my Computer is still in the Shop getting fixed and I really Hope it will be fix soon because I have some Posts I would Love to do. So I thought Today I would share what I have in my Makeup Bag. My Makeup Bag is just a Small simple Black Bag, Yea I know I need a Better one.

1. Small Eye shadow Brush, Blush/Bronzing Brush, and a All Over Face Brush.
2. Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15-Fave to wear in the Summer!!
3. ELF Eyelid Primer-Is Long Lasting and Helps Eye Shadows Stay in Place
4. ELF Under Eye Concealer-Love this because I have Horrible Under Eye Darkness
5. Maybelline Expert Wear in Twilight Rays-Very Pigmented. Has Range of Blues, Pinks, and Grays.
6. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural-All Time Fave Blush to wear!
7. ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer in Luminace-It's a Very light Shade
8. Hard Candy Glow All The Way Luminizer-When comes out of Tube It's a Pink color and Pretty on Face!
9. A Chapstick
10. ELF Conditioning Lip Balm in Mellow Melon-Love this! Has SPF and Just a Tint of Color
11. Covergirl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm in Coral-Has SPF 15
12. ELF Lipstick in Seductive-Love this Color. It's a Red Color but not too Over the Top.
13. Hard Candy Take me Out Liner in Abyss
14. Hard Candy Ginormous Lash Mascara

*Hope You Liked this and Soon Better Post to Come!*

CES <3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June 2011 "My Faves"

Hey! So I thought while I am still using my Dads computer till mine gets fixed I can do my June Favorites. Theres not a lot but still worth showing I say.
Oh Sorry no Pictures this Time Usually I show Pictures on Post like these but I can't while I am using his Computer!

Beauty Products:
1. ELF Eyelid Primer-Love this When using this Product my Eye Shadow stayed on for about 8 hours!
2. ELF Beauty Book Neutral Eye Edition-The Colors are really pretty and They stay pretty good. I love this Pink Color they have in it, it's kinda like a Soft Pink.
3. Ponds Evening Soothe-I use this at Night and It helps relax me.
4. Tresseme Heat Tamer-I use this before I Use a Heat Product and It works really good and The smell isn't so bad!
5. Tinted Moisturizer-I love using this because it has SPF 15 in it and I love using it in the Summer time. It's By Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer.
6. ELF Shimmer Eye Pencil-I love using different colors on my water line to add a Pop of color If I am doing a Neutral Eye.

Non-Beauty Products:

Favorite Color: YELLOW!!!!
Favorite Song: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
Favorite Movie: Around the World in 80 Days
Favorite Show: Pretty Little Liars~~Season 2
Favorite Book: Pretty Little Liars 3rd Book Perfect

Current Book I am Reading: Pretty Little Liars 4th Book Unbelievable

CES <3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Update! And Computer Issues

Hey! So I just wanted to let ya'll know that right now I am having Computer Issues with My Computer. I am Using my Dads right now to Update ya'll. Hopefully it will be Fix This week so I can do The Blog Post that I been wanting to do. Also Yesterday was a Fun day I spent it with my Best Friend at The Bridge where the Fireworks were for our Town. I took Pictures and Videos of It. Today I took my Computer to Shop where they gonna fix it so Hopefully by end of this week I can have it back and it will be fix. Then I had a Therapist Appointment it last about 45 minutes. Today later on I have another Appointment but not for Therapist this one is a Check up I think.
Pretty Little Liars comes on Tonight!!!

Upcoming Post to look forward to this week:
1. June 2011 Faves
2. My 4th of July Events/Pictures and OOTD #5
3. Pretty Little Liars Blind Dates Recap

CES <3

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the week that Past #3

Hey! So another week has Past and Now we are in July. It's Crazy how these weeks keep going by fast soon enough it will be another year. So This week has really Kept me busy.

Monday 27th: I Started my day off at 7:00am. But It took me forever to get out of bed like I always have trouble doing. I am just not a Morning person. Anyways I got at my College around 8am and Stayed till about 11am. I was working with children that were about 2-3 Years Old. At 11am I went home to eat and Just relax till I went back at 2:30pm. When I got there The Teachers were Short on Workers so I stayed till 5:30pm to help the Teacher that I was Observing. When I got home I spend the rest of my Day just relaxing and Hanging with the Family.

Tuesday 28th: Again I woke up About 7am and Got to College around 8am. This time I didn't go home till about 12pm because I needed to put those hours in so I can finish them. I hate waking up early but I love to hang out with the Little ones. They always can make me smile and Laugh. So At 12pm I went home to eat and relax. Then at 2:30pm I went back. I stayed till about 5:30pm again because they needed my help. Which I don't mind because Sooner I get these Lab hours done the Less I will stress about it.

Wednesday 29th: I woke up today about 7am and was feeling really tired. I knew I had to get this done and Tomorrow is my Last day of Lab hours till August! Anyways I got there at 8am and Stayed till 12pm. Today was Water day For the Kids, So On The Playground the Teachers would spray them with Water or Put on the Sprinklers. Which was Fun till I got Soaked by the kids lol And I had no Pair of Clothes that were dry to change into till I got home. So I was laying out in the sun trying to dry and not get a Sunburn. When I got home I got Changed and Made me something to eat. I went Back at 2:30pm and Stayed again till 5:30pm.

Thursday 30th: Today I was gonna go in early to my College but I didn't have a Ride. Which I still don't have my own ride yet which I hate. So I slept in which I love when I can. When I got up I decided to go at 2:30pm and Stay till 5:30pm. I now am Finished with all my Lab Hours! So Glad that I am. But I am sad that I won't see the Little Ones again till August.

Friday 1st: Well Today I was suppose to have my Bladder Appointment with the Specialist but she got sick and Canceled on me. I hate that now I have to wait probably by the end of this month. It just made me feel Depressed because It's about time for me to figure out why I been in Pain for almost 9 months now. So I just stayed home and Relax.

Saturday 2nd: Today was Just gonna be a Relaxing day till I Found out that my Best friend was in the Hospital about to have Surgery. She had stones in her Gallbladder. So My Other Best friend took me up to see her. I hate seeing my friends like that it really Scared me. When she went into Surgery Me and my Friend went to the Park to hang out till she woke up. Which was Fun because I haven't seen her in a while. When My Friend woke up from Surgery we went back to see her. She did great and I was glad she was okay. My Bestie told me that I can hang out with her for 4th of July. Which I was really glad I could go. I didn't get home from Hospital till almost 12am.

Sunday 3rd: Just A Relaxing day for me!

*So This is how my week went Hopefully next week won't be that busy. But Probably will with it being 4th of July and I have Appointments to go to.*

CES <3

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Makeup Routine

Hey! I thought that Today I would share how I wear my Makeup when I put it on. During Summer it is a bit different because I don't like putting a lot of Makeup on. That Post will be coming soon. Anyways I will Start off with Face Next Eyes Then Lips.

1. Hard Candy One Step Foundation-This has a Primer, Foundation, Powder, Concealer all in One.
2. Almay Clear Complexion Makeup- I just put this on any Blemishes that I might have.
3. Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer-This has SPF 15
4. ELF Under Eye Concealer- This I use alot because I have Bad under Eye Darkness. Lack of Sleep Yes I know.
5. ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer- The Shade is in Luminance
6. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush- The Shade is in Natural. I love the way this Smells and It's My Favorite Blush.

1. ELF Beauty Book Neutral Eye Edition- The Color that I put on the Lid is a Golden Color that Is Matte. Then Under the Brow I use a Soft Pink Color. This Color I really Love!! If you have the Elf Beauty Book the Pink is on the Top Row next to a Brown Shade. The Golden Color is on the Second Row Next to Dark Brown Colors.
2. ELF Shimmer Eye Pencil- I love Using These To just add a Pop of color on my Water line. The Color I used in Picture is a Teal Color.
3. ELF Length and Defining Mascara- This works pretty good on my Lashes and I don't even have to curl them or add fake Lashes. Which To say I don't like Using Fake Lashes because My Lashes are pretty Long already which I like.

1. ELF Plumping Lip Glaze- The Color is Called Baby Doll.

*So I Hope Ya'll Liked this. Next Makeup will Be my Summer Makeup Routine.
Just a Note that I won't be doing a lot of Post coming up for about a week or Two because I am sending my Computer off to be fix. It's not Charging like it's suppose to. Just a Heads up On That.*

CES <3

Friday, July 1, 2011

OOTD #4 06/30/2011

Hey! Sorry I haven't done one of these in a while. I am gonna start trying to do these more often though. So this outfit I wore going to College to go spend time with the Kids at Child Development.

These Photos were taking by my Phone Sorry. I am Getting a Camera soon so Better Quality will be coming!
Anyways the Shirt I got at Walmart. I liked the Butterfly and The design it had on it. I haven't wore it in a While so I thought I would today:)
The Pants are just Black Skinny Jeans that I got also from Walmart. There might be a lot of Skinny Jeans in my OOTD Post because I just Love wearing them.
For Shoes I am wearing White Flats that I got from Target.
As For Jewelry I am just wearing two rings that my Grandma got me.

As For Makeup I am wearing my Everyday Makeup Well Makeup that I use when I do put Makeup on. This Makeup I am doing a Post on Next To Explain it More so Look Out for it:) This Routine will Be my Next Blog Post and Should be up by Tomorrow!

So I Promise That Ya'll will be seeing more of these Soon. Sorry about the Quality I should be getting a Camera in September Hopefully.

CES <3