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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Advice on Dating and Relationships

Hey! So I thought I would share my thoughts on Dating and Relationships. I didn't start to date until about the 10th grade. At first I was nervous because I didn't know what was gonna happen between me and him. My first Relationship only lasted about almost 2 months I think. When I started to date it was hard for me to open up because I didn't know him that much yet. Just to let ya'll know You have to just be yourself and If a Guy doesn't like you for you then your not meant to be with him. You shouldn't have to change just to be with a Guy.
I believe if you go on a Date with someone a couple of days after the Date you should let the other person know if you would like to see them again. Please don't ignore their texts or calls just let them know nicely that if you wanna see them again or not. This happen to me not to long ago where I went on a Date then the Guy ignored me for about a week. I really don't like when someone does that. You should just be honest.
When it comes to Relationships it's all about Trust, you shouldn't lie to the person your with. It's not a healthy way to start off a Relationship. Just be Straight forward and Be yourself. Also In Relationships you shouldn't cheat on the Person you are with. This has happen to me before where the guy cheated on me with a Friend of mine. If you don't wanna be with your Partner no more just be Honest and let them know how you feel. Being open in a Relationship will help you get to know that person more and to develop trust.
If you been hurt alot like Emotionally like I've been then it will take some time for you to Open up again. You shouldn't rush into things if your not ready. It will only bring you down even more. When it's finally time for you to be in another Relationship you should try to take it slow and not rush the Relationship. Believe me when I say it will take some time for your Heart to heal but it will. When your not in a Relationship you should think about what you look for in a Partner and what you Value about being in a Relationship. This will help you for when you are ready for another Relationship.

"Love will always find you when you at least expect it to"

CES <3

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