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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the week that Past #3

Hey! So another week has Past and Now we are in July. It's Crazy how these weeks keep going by fast soon enough it will be another year. So This week has really Kept me busy.

Monday 27th: I Started my day off at 7:00am. But It took me forever to get out of bed like I always have trouble doing. I am just not a Morning person. Anyways I got at my College around 8am and Stayed till about 11am. I was working with children that were about 2-3 Years Old. At 11am I went home to eat and Just relax till I went back at 2:30pm. When I got there The Teachers were Short on Workers so I stayed till 5:30pm to help the Teacher that I was Observing. When I got home I spend the rest of my Day just relaxing and Hanging with the Family.

Tuesday 28th: Again I woke up About 7am and Got to College around 8am. This time I didn't go home till about 12pm because I needed to put those hours in so I can finish them. I hate waking up early but I love to hang out with the Little ones. They always can make me smile and Laugh. So At 12pm I went home to eat and relax. Then at 2:30pm I went back. I stayed till about 5:30pm again because they needed my help. Which I don't mind because Sooner I get these Lab hours done the Less I will stress about it.

Wednesday 29th: I woke up today about 7am and was feeling really tired. I knew I had to get this done and Tomorrow is my Last day of Lab hours till August! Anyways I got there at 8am and Stayed till 12pm. Today was Water day For the Kids, So On The Playground the Teachers would spray them with Water or Put on the Sprinklers. Which was Fun till I got Soaked by the kids lol And I had no Pair of Clothes that were dry to change into till I got home. So I was laying out in the sun trying to dry and not get a Sunburn. When I got home I got Changed and Made me something to eat. I went Back at 2:30pm and Stayed again till 5:30pm.

Thursday 30th: Today I was gonna go in early to my College but I didn't have a Ride. Which I still don't have my own ride yet which I hate. So I slept in which I love when I can. When I got up I decided to go at 2:30pm and Stay till 5:30pm. I now am Finished with all my Lab Hours! So Glad that I am. But I am sad that I won't see the Little Ones again till August.

Friday 1st: Well Today I was suppose to have my Bladder Appointment with the Specialist but she got sick and Canceled on me. I hate that now I have to wait probably by the end of this month. It just made me feel Depressed because It's about time for me to figure out why I been in Pain for almost 9 months now. So I just stayed home and Relax.

Saturday 2nd: Today was Just gonna be a Relaxing day till I Found out that my Best friend was in the Hospital about to have Surgery. She had stones in her Gallbladder. So My Other Best friend took me up to see her. I hate seeing my friends like that it really Scared me. When she went into Surgery Me and my Friend went to the Park to hang out till she woke up. Which was Fun because I haven't seen her in a while. When My Friend woke up from Surgery we went back to see her. She did great and I was glad she was okay. My Bestie told me that I can hang out with her for 4th of July. Which I was really glad I could go. I didn't get home from Hospital till almost 12am.

Sunday 3rd: Just A Relaxing day for me!

*So This is how my week went Hopefully next week won't be that busy. But Probably will with it being 4th of July and I have Appointments to go to.*

CES <3

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