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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Blind Dates" 07/05/2011

Hey! Sorry This one is Late but I really wanted to do this still. This Episode is number 4. So Lets start off with Spencer going back to the Jewlery store where she Pawned Melissa ring, When she went back to get the ring she found out someone bought the ring and made it look like she Pawned a Horse Shoe. When she goes to tell the girls what happen they get a Text from A saying "Just My Luck, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend." Now what is Spencer Going to do?
I Hope she can figure out a why because You know if she can't then A will find a way for her to handle this. But Remember A has the Ring! I wonder if A will give it back to Spencer if she does something, But I highly doubt that. At School Aria finds out that her Mom will be taking over Ezra Class and I don't think Aria likes this. At School Swim meet Emily Mom finally meets Samara!! How do you think this will go? Well Emily mom seems to like her and Even invites her over for Dinner. Is this Shocking to You??

When at their House Emily Mom seems like she is getting along well with Samara, They even talk about scrapbooks. When Emily mom brings up College Samara helps out by telling her Mom that not one College may be after Emily there might Be More! This only gets Emily Mom excited even More! At School Hanna is Talking with Lucas, He doesn't wanna go on the Date. Lucas Wants her to Join them but she doesn't want to. At Lunch table Caleb Joins her to talk about a Double Date but Hanna Agrees and Says we are not going on a Date we are just WingMen Joining Lucas with his Date. Good or Bad Double Date? Well Lucas Date thinks that Hanna is still having feelings for Lucas, So Hanna Flirts with Caleb so Lucas Date will Focus more on Lucas. After the Date Lucas thanks Hanna for helping him and Says that she is nothing like Alison used to be but this Makes Hanna go to see the Therapist to talk about her Relationship with Alison.
The Therapist tells Hanna to Picture that Alison is in the Chair and What would Hanna like to tell Alison. At First Hanna couldn't do it but when she went back the Second time She finally Could. Alison Appeared in the Chair and Hanna told Alison that she had no more Control over her life and that she was So Over Missing Her. I was shocked that Hanna did that but it did made Hanna feel better. But After Hanna and The Therapist left, The Therapist Office got Trashed and on the Wall was Written "Noisy Bitches Die" So I guess A didn't like the Convo I wonder will the Therapist Survive if A goes after her Next? We never know what A has up it's sleeve. After School Aria goes to find her Brother Mike to give him something when she finds out he is not at the Place he says he's been at. On the Basketball court Aria talks to Jason about if he sees Mike here Playing but he says he hasn't been here in a while. Uh Oh What has Mike been up to? Anyways This Scene was HOT!!! I mean Jason was shirtless and he Looked AMAZING. He even reminds Aria of her Pink Highlights she had back then and That He loved how Aria stood up for her self. It seems Chemistry is Happening here. Will they Get Together? Will She Pick Jason over Ezra? So many questions I have hopefully we will find out the answers.
When Spencer goes looking for Melissa in the Barn, Spencer finds a Luggage and Opens it to see Supplies for Guy.
Spencer Goes through the Luggage to only Find out what Ian ID was in there! I Guess Melissa knows Where Ian is At...What does this mean for the Girls? To find out more Spencer goes to talk to Wren at the Hospital to see what He knew and if He will help her Find Ian. At first he Declines because He doesn't wanna get involved more but then He finally agrees to help her. Does He still have feelings for Spencer? When Wren goes off to Melissa to the Place Ian is hiding the Girls Tag along and try not to be seen by Melissa. But when they Hear Melissa Screaming in a Deserted Barn, Spencer and the Girls go running to see what is going on. When they arrive in the Barn the Girls are shocked by finding Ian Dead!!! He has a shot to his head and a gun by his side with a Note saying He killed Alison. Now can you see all along that the girls were telling the Truth... Is Rosewood People gonna be different to the girls now that Ian is Dead? Did Ian really kill Alison? Will people come to his Funeral? Do the Girls believe Ian killed his Self?

Favorite Quote:
"We are Just the Girls who cried Wolf"-Hanna

Favorite Hottie:
Jason!! He is soo Sexy right here...Sorry Ladies but I had to put him again for Favorite Hottie. 

Best Dressed:

I Loved how Hanna was dressed for the Double Date. Her Style is more put together and Classy. I really liked her Shirt in this Picture. It's something that I would wear out for a date or a Night on the Town.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb: As You seen in this Episode Hanna and Caleb were hanging out more and Even out on a Double date. I think they look Perfect together and Hope they can get together again and figure a way to make it work between them
Emily and Samara: Samara finally met Emily Mom and they seem to be getting along well. Will Emily take their Relationship to the next Level?
Aria and Ezra: It seems like their Relationship is going good but will they tell People and Aria Family about their Relationship?
Spencer and Toby: It's sad we didn't get to see Toby in this Episode but I still feel like their Relationship is still Strong.

*Sorry for this being Late usually I post this the day after the Episode appears on Tv But I had stuff going on. Next will be the "Devil You Know" Recap.*

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