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Monday, January 19, 2015

Pretty Little Liar Recap "Fresh Meat"

Hey PLL Fans! Time for another recap and this episode was kinda intense.

Alison is still saying she didn't kill Mona and that the girls will be next to be in jail or killed by A. Emily wants to go see Paige for Spring break so she needs to get more money which she offers to help Ezra cook food for his bookstore opening. Aria is still freaking out about not getting accepted into any colleges. Hanna mom wants to leave the company she works for but Jason doesn't want her to leave.

Toby finds a bloody knife behind Mona property but hides it back in the leaves. The bloody knife is Toby's knife it belongs to his family, Toby wants to do the right thing and turn it in but Spencer wants not to touch it if Toby will not turn it in and leave it alone. Alison calls Jason from jail but Jason doesn't want to speak to her. Hanna tours a college but leaves to find Officer Holbrook. Caleb tells Spencer about his past with being accused of murdering someone. Caleb thinks his prints might be on the knife since he used that knife a lot and he can not go to jail so Caleb and Spencer go to get the knife.

Aria is applying to a college where Ezra ex Jackie is a admission officer. Hanna goes to a trailer park where Holbrook is suppose to be taking care of his sick father but he is not there. Caleb and Spencer find the knife. Hanna walks back to her car to find a stuff college bear with bloody organs coming out of it.... Creepy....

Aria wrote in her paper for college admission how wrong it was to date a older guy in high school and how it ruined her life. Spencer and Caleb want to make the knife non existed. A locks Caleb in a room with heat. Jackie read the letter that Aria sent and said she would keep it a secret. Can you actually trust Jackie?? Spencer saves Caleb!! Hanna goes to see Alison in jail and Alison tells Hanna that she went to meet Cyrus on Thanksgiving and that she didn't kill Mona. Emily has a break down about Paige. Jason father kicks him out for turning in his sister to the police. Spencer and Toby argue about the knife. Jason kisses Hanna mom and they have Sex?!?! Aria finds a book mark with the writing about about Ezra in a book. Hanna sees Jason buttoning his shirt going down the stairs at her house! Alison gets a note saying "You Friends will See You Soon."

CES <3

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What's In My Work Bag? 2015

Hey everyone! Today I am showing you what I keep in my work bag. I work at Sears as a Cashier and we can only keep this plastic bag at the register.

Okay so first I like to keep medicine in my bag since I do have bladder pain and I never know how I will feel one day to the next. I also like to keep moist wipes, band aids, and anti bacterial hand liquid. 

Next is beauty products like makeup, perfume and makeup remover.

Of course I have to keep these in my work bag because my periods are so abnormal and crazy.

I keep some work information and papers in my bag to study when I get breaks.

Next I keep my Kindle and a pen in my work bag. I like to read sometimes when I get lunch at work. Right now I am reading Insurgent the second book in Divergent.

Okay so I like to keep some food in my bag that I can easily eat on lunch. 

Last is this little wallet that I keep in my work bag. I can put my credit card in there or a little bit of cash.

CES <3

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pretty Little Liar Recap "Through A Glass, Darkly"

Hey PLL Fans! Are you excited that Pretty Little Liars is back on? I know I am. Here is my episode recap for Season 5 Episode 13 I think. Now this episode takes place 3 months later after Mona was murdered.....

The girls attend Mona funeral even though Mona body was not found yet. Alison shows up at the funeral and gets slapped by Mona mom! New evidence pops up and there is a witness that says they seen Spencer that night with Bethany and that witness is Alison mom. It took this long to show up because Wilden kept it hidden for so long. Toby is now a Cop! I love Toby and glad that he is okay now. Anyways is Ezra opening up a book store? We see him and Aria at a new place trying to set up the book shelves. Ezra told Aria that he would talk to Mike about Mona. Hanna tells Caleb that she wants to see Mrs. Grunwald and he doesn't think that's a good idea.

Aria got declined from 6 Colleges and wonders if it's her or A. Alison talks to Aria and Aria calls her A. Caleb has Mona's computer and is trying to open some of the files but not having much luck. Hanna decided to go see Mrs. Grunwald and she tells Hanna that Mona is not in Rosewood and that she is in a dark place. Poor Mona.... Spencer talks to Jason about Alison and getting Alison to tell the truth about killing Mona. Jason then confronts Alison and she tells him that she is being framed. Caleb helps Aria figure out why she didn't get accepted into any of the Colleges that she applied for. Spencer and Emily place a hair brush of Alison in Mona house and they find out that Mona was keeping cameras all over the house. Hanna had to convince Mona mom to tell the police to take another look around the house. Mona mom decided to set up a fund in Mona honor. A attacks Aria and takes Mona computer! Mrs. Grunwald sees Alison and tells her sorry for her loss.

The Cops confront Jason about Alison and they show him a tape of Mona being beaten and dragged. Jason tells the truth! The girls let Alison get arrested for the murder of Alison. "Don't say I didn't warn you."- Alison. Aria talks to Mike about her feeling for Mona and Mike opens up a little. Emily sees Paige at the Airport and Paige tells Emily that she is tired of fighting and just wants to leave Rosewood and finally feel safe for once. Police let Spencer go and tell her that Alison might have killed Bethany as well. A sends the girls fireworks and they thought it was Alison that was A. Well A is still around girls better watch your back.......

CES <3

Monday, January 12, 2015

Health Update: Going To See A Hematologist (Blood Disorder?)

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I posted on here I been working a lot lately at my new job. I been getting almost 40 hours a week and it's been tough with Chloe adjusting to it. Anyways today I am doing a Health Update....

So I went to the Doctor not to long ago and my doctor thought I might have Von Willebrand which is a genetic blood disorder because I been having abnormal periods lately. So she did a Von Willebrand test to check my blood and she said one of the test came back slightly abnormal.

I am now being referred to see a Hematologist so they can run more tests to see if I do actually have Von Willebrand. I have a appointment on January 29th and I have that day off from work. My doctor just told me to keep taking birth control pills to stop my periods till they figure out if I have a blood disorder.

Just a quick update for ya'll! I will do a update on the results I get probably in February!

CES <3

Monday, January 5, 2015

The "Me Time" Tag 2015

Hey Everyone! Today I am doing a tag that has been going around YouTube which is where I find all the tags that I want to do.

1. What do You Watch or Read during Me Time? - I usually will watch YouTube Videos or TV Shows. I was reading The Host but it's dragging it's a very slow book so I switched to reading Vampire Academy Book #3.

2. What Do You Wear during Me Time? - I mostly wear pajamas or whatever is comfortable to me.

3. What Are Your Favorite Me Time Beauty Products?

4. What's Your Favorite Nail Polish? - This is the current nail polish I am wearing. It's By OPI in California Raspberry I think....

5. What Do You Eat or Drink during Me Time? - I don't drink anything special during me time or eat any desert. I will show you my favorite mug right now that I been loving.

6. What Is Your Current Favorite Candle? - I don't burn a lot of candle but I do sometimes use my owl candle wax burner.

7. Do You Ever have Outdoor Me Time? - I am not really a outdoor person except for taking Chloe outside to play.

8. Would You Ever Go See a Movie Alone? - Yes I would love to if I ever could.

9. Favorite Online Shop? - Delias.Com

CES <3

Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Christmas Eve in Pictures (12/24/2014) Merry Christmas!!!

Hey Everyone! I am going to show you what me and Chloe did for Christmas Eve. What we did was in the morning we did open our presents then we go over to my grandma's house and open presents up there as well. Chloe is spending Christmas Day with her Dad since I got her for Christmas Eve. Here is our day in pictures......

CES <3

Thursday, January 1, 2015

What's In My Christmas Stocking? 2014

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope ya'll had a great Christmas to the ones who celebrate it. I love Christmas not because of presents but because of the overall feeling plus I love Christmas music and movies! Anyways here is what I got in my Christmas Stocking this year.

I had this Stocking ever since Kindergarten. It was made by my teacher family.


Cute little nail polish!

Eyeshadow and eye liner.

CoverGirl Concealer.

CES <3