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Monday, January 19, 2015

Pretty Little Liar Recap "Fresh Meat"

Hey PLL Fans! Time for another recap and this episode was kinda intense.

Alison is still saying she didn't kill Mona and that the girls will be next to be in jail or killed by A. Emily wants to go see Paige for Spring break so she needs to get more money which she offers to help Ezra cook food for his bookstore opening. Aria is still freaking out about not getting accepted into any colleges. Hanna mom wants to leave the company she works for but Jason doesn't want her to leave.

Toby finds a bloody knife behind Mona property but hides it back in the leaves. The bloody knife is Toby's knife it belongs to his family, Toby wants to do the right thing and turn it in but Spencer wants not to touch it if Toby will not turn it in and leave it alone. Alison calls Jason from jail but Jason doesn't want to speak to her. Hanna tours a college but leaves to find Officer Holbrook. Caleb tells Spencer about his past with being accused of murdering someone. Caleb thinks his prints might be on the knife since he used that knife a lot and he can not go to jail so Caleb and Spencer go to get the knife.

Aria is applying to a college where Ezra ex Jackie is a admission officer. Hanna goes to a trailer park where Holbrook is suppose to be taking care of his sick father but he is not there. Caleb and Spencer find the knife. Hanna walks back to her car to find a stuff college bear with bloody organs coming out of it.... Creepy....

Aria wrote in her paper for college admission how wrong it was to date a older guy in high school and how it ruined her life. Spencer and Caleb want to make the knife non existed. A locks Caleb in a room with heat. Jackie read the letter that Aria sent and said she would keep it a secret. Can you actually trust Jackie?? Spencer saves Caleb!! Hanna goes to see Alison in jail and Alison tells Hanna that she went to meet Cyrus on Thanksgiving and that she didn't kill Mona. Emily has a break down about Paige. Jason father kicks him out for turning in his sister to the police. Spencer and Toby argue about the knife. Jason kisses Hanna mom and they have Sex?!?! Aria finds a book mark with the writing about about Ezra in a book. Hanna sees Jason buttoning his shirt going down the stairs at her house! Alison gets a note saying "You Friends will See You Soon."

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