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Saturday, January 17, 2015

What's In My Work Bag? 2015

Hey everyone! Today I am showing you what I keep in my work bag. I work at Sears as a Cashier and we can only keep this plastic bag at the register.

Okay so first I like to keep medicine in my bag since I do have bladder pain and I never know how I will feel one day to the next. I also like to keep moist wipes, band aids, and anti bacterial hand liquid. 

Next is beauty products like makeup, perfume and makeup remover.

Of course I have to keep these in my work bag because my periods are so abnormal and crazy.

I keep some work information and papers in my bag to study when I get breaks.

Next I keep my Kindle and a pen in my work bag. I like to read sometimes when I get lunch at work. Right now I am reading Insurgent the second book in Divergent.

Okay so I like to keep some food in my bag that I can easily eat on lunch. 

Last is this little wallet that I keep in my work bag. I can put my credit card in there or a little bit of cash.

CES <3

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