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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "My Name is Trouble" 06/28/2011

Hey! Time for another Recap/Review of this Weeks PLL. This Episode is the third one in Season 2. So it starts off Where Spencer is dreaming that her and The girls are in a Movie Theater and Gets attacked by A or Who they think is Ian. When Spencer wakes up, Melissa is looking for her Engagement ring. Spencer starts to wonder what exactly is Melissa up to and Who would blame her? Melissa is acting a little Strange. Also Spencer is Shocked when She finds out that Toby new Job is for working with Jason. Can She trust Jason? Anyways Spencer knows something is up with the way Jason acts and No Telling what is behind The Whole "Jason Thing". I know When I saw Toby working with Jason and His Shirt was Off I was like "He Is HOT!!"
I would Love to see Toby like this more Anyone else Agree? I just Hope Toby doesn't get caught up with Jason and Something happens to him. Next up is The Girls meet up to talk without anyone knowing and this is when Aria tells them she is taking a Class at Hollis. The Girls wonder if it is just to be close to Ezra. I know I would have done the same thing! Aria and Ezra are perfect for each other and start to see each other more in Public now. But When they Kiss someone sees them and that person is...Ezra Ex Jackie. I wonder what will happen now with Aria and Ezra relationship if Jackie is gonna be around more. This probably won't go good and a lot of Jealously is gonna happen.
With this Face I wonder what Jackie will do and If we will see more of what Happen between her and Ezra. I know Aria is gonna keep a eye out for her or I hope she does. When Aria starts her Class she is Surprised by who is in the Class with her. We all can guess this one though. Aria Sure is not gonna be happy with Jenna in the Class. When Aria is asked for her name she lies and says "anita" I think I am correct about that name if I heard it right. When Class is over Aria and Jenna are left alone. Jenna asks for Aria help and When she Does Jenna tells Aria about how it hurts to be blind and not being able to see the things she Loves. This Makes Aria sad and When Aria Talks Jenna Finds out it's Aria and Tells her to get out. This doesn't seem good but will Jenna ever forgive them? I think not but you never know.
Even when I was watching this Part I felt bad for Jenna. Even though Jenna is Up to something. Next Emily shows Hanna a Letter from the College she wants to go to. Emily changed the Letter up her self so she can make sure she doesn't go to Texas. Emily feels Bad so She tears up the Letter not wanting her mom to see it. But at The End her Mom comes into the Room with the Letter and When she Opens it, It's the Same one Emily had written. You know who is behind This one... A!! This Person doesn't want Emily to go to Texas. If she does All the Fun is gone Right? A send Emily a Note Saying "You can't Play Cat and Mouse if the Mouse goes to Texas" Well It is true so to say.
Hanna Starts the Get Close to her Dad but she doesn't know if she can Trust him. When her dad says he is having Trouble with his Fiance maybe Hanna wants her Dad back with her Mom, Because Hanna Deletes A Message from her dads Phone from his Fiance. Good or Bad for Her? Finally We now see Lucas Again!! I think He is so Cute and Sweet. When Hanna Sees him staring at a Girl, Hanna wants to help him out. Hanna goes over to her and Starts making Conversation with her bringing up Lucas Name. Could Lucas be getting a Girlfriend Soon? I Hope So He needs Someone!! So at The end of this Episode Spencer finds Melissa Ring and Pawns it so she can Help Toby get the Truck he wants. How Cute are they? But At the End it shows Someone buying the Ring and it's not Spencer could it be A? Probably so nothing gets Passed A. When Spencer Finds Melissa leaving the Girls hide and Go Find out what exactly she is up to. When a car shows up and the Person gets out we are shocked to see that it is Wren!! He is back!! When Melissa and Wren talk, Wren hands Melissa a bag of Medicine but this Can't all be for her. Hopefully next Episode we will find out more.

Alison Flashback: 

So This Episode showed a Alison Flashback. It showed When Emily and Spencer were having a Sleep over when Alison Came in and Look Scared. Alison asked Spencer if she could stayed the Night and Spencer said it was okay. When Alison looks at her reflection she Starts to Cry Which I Have Never seen. I always thought Alison was a Tough Girl. She says Jason is always Drunk and Partying. I wonder what Really Happened when She was over there that night with Him. She look really hurt and Scared.

Favorite Quote:
"Your Not Lying your Just Re-telling the Truth"

Favorite Hottie This Episode:
Yes I chose Jason Because He is so Sexy!! I love the Actor Playing Him and I don't care what Anyone else thinks:)

Best Dressed:
I chose Aria Because I totally Loved her Outfits!! I just wish I found a Picture of what She was Wearing. What I really loved on her was The Feathers that you can see in this Picture. Lately I been Obsessed with Feathers that I want one!! I really wished I had Aria Style because She doesn't care what other people think about what She Wears and she picks out Clothes that we might thought might not go together but she makes them look Amazing.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb= Well they haven't showed Caleb in this Episode but Hopefully the next one because I really want to see them back Together
Spencer and Toby= Spencer Did something for Toby which was really sweet of her to do. Toby even told Her I Love You!!
Emily and Samara= I see that they have been getting Close Lately but will Emily take things to the next Step?
Aria and Ezra= They are now taking their relationship out to the Public now. I think they are perfect together but will it last long with Jackie around?

CES <3

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Movies

Hey So I thought I would share with ya'll what Movies I love and That I could watch a Billion times if I wanted too. Mostly the Movies I picked are based off Books.

1. The NoteBook- Loves this Movie!! I Love the Romance but Hates how it ends. It makes me cry every time I watch that. It is so sweet how he Tries everyday to make her remember the Love they used to have. The Actors play a Good job in the Movie and I like how it turned out. Of course this Movie was Based off the Book written by my Favorite Author Nicholas Sparks. He does a Fantastic Job on writing Romance but most of his books are sad. Next One is my faves too by Him....

2. A Walk to Remember- I love this Movie and How it starts till it ends. But Of course another sad Movie. Mandy Moore Is a Really good Actress and I love the song she sings to the Audience during a Play they put on at School. It's Sad though when She dies at the End, because I knew someone who went through Cancer but didn't Survive. Anyways Nicholas Sparks has done a Good Job with this. Even though I haven't read the book yet but It is Next on my Reading List.

3. Twilight Series- Yes of course I was gonna put this in Here. I loved The books so I was Excited about how they Movies would turn out. My Favorite Character in the Movies is Jacob with his Shirt off lol. Anyways I like the Romance and Drama this Movie has. I am really Excited to see Breaking Dawn!!

4. Harry Potter Series- I Loved the Books!! I love anything that deals with Magic and Fantasy Type stuff. When The Movies came out I was Hooked. I am so Excited to see Part two of the last Book. I know I am gonna be sad when There is no more books and Movies.

5. Step Up Series- So If you don't know Step Up is All About Dancing and I love it!!

*So Here Ya Go These are my Favorite Top 5 Movies Whats Yours?*

CES <3

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the week that Past #2

Hey so Yea another week gone. These weeks have been going by so Fast! This week was pretty okay didn't do a lot except for trying to get all my Lab hours done so I can sign up for Fall Classes.

Monday 20th: I didn't do much because I have a Bladder Infection so I couldn't get out of the House. Started taking Meds today to help with the Pain. It started working but another thing came up, Yea the time of the Month... It happen Twice :/ They are so messed up! It's really Annoying.

Tuesday 21st: I just relax today too, I didn't wake up till about 1pm. It's kinda nice for me to sleep in because I have Insomnia so I don't get a lot of sleep during the night. Also today was Pretty Little Liars! After I watched that, I started to watch Nine Lives of Chloe King. It's a Pretty good show so far.

Wednesday 22nd: Today i woke up at 8:05 and I got ready to go do some Lab hours at my College. I got there at 9am and Stayed there till 11am. I went home for a little bit to make me something to eat then relax. At 2:30pm I went back and put in more hours. I went home about 4:30pm. That Night I talked to two friends of mine on the Phone. They were just calling to see how I was doing.

Thursday 23rd: Today was just a Boring day. I didn't do much today because I didn't feel good. Usually when I do to much I start feeling really bad which I hate. So I just chilled and Watch Movies.

Friday 24th: Today I woke up early at 8:05 and got ready to put in more lab hours. I arrived at 9am and stayed till about 11am. When I was done I went home to eat and chill. Soon it was time for my Therapist Appointment. We just talked about my Health, Motivation and Confidence. She told me to make a Event Journal and When something happen that made me sad or angry for me to write it down and to express how I felt. I got out about 2pm and went Shopping for some Grocery's with my Mom and Brother.

Saturday 25th: Today was a relaxing day because I am trying to save my energy for the week coming up because it's my last week to put in and Finish all my lab Hours. I have 23 lab hours left. So today I just relaxed and watched Hook and Fired Up. I also Went in my Planner for the week coming up and calculated how many hours I would do in a Day and Hopefully this Will work. When My mom got home from work she told me that I would be hearing from a Lady that works in ChildCare and That There is an Opening. So I might be getting a New Job Hopefully!!!

Sunday 26th: So today I woke up about 12:30pm to find that My Mom went to Hospital because Lately she been having Pains in her Back and Side. I haven't heard anything from them yet but Hopefully soon. My brother went with her because My Dad was at Work and I was asleep at the Time. So Just waiting now. Today I am just gonna relax and Probably just Watch movies and Read My book. Tomorrow is gonna be a Start to a very busy day...I just hope I am ready to get what I need done.

So This was how My week went. This week coming up is gonna be a Busy one because this is the last week I can Finish my Lab hours. I am just Hoping I can get them all done. Also I have to go see a Bladder Specialist during the Week to see if I have a Bladder Disease or not. We shall see how this Goes, I will Be updating how it goes. Sorry if I didn't write a lot on each day I couldn't remember what I did.

CES <3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

You Are Perfect To Me

Hey Guys so I am Going share this Video with you because I feel this should go out to everyone who thinks they are not worth anything when They Really are Worth If they are Capable of Showing People that This is who they are. I hope this Video helps you if you been having a Bad day to just know that No matter what people think of you, You are perfect and a Unique Person. You shouldn't have to change who you are for anyone, Just be Your self and Let people Love you For You.
This Video always helps me Remember that no matter what happens in my life that Things will get better with time.

Perfect By Pink

This Video is sad But it has a Good Message. I hope through this Video you can see It.

**Pink Is Awesome!!!!**

"Everything Happens For A Reason"

CES <3

A Book Review on Pretty Little Liars: Perfect 3rd Book of Series

Hey! So Yes another Review on a Pretty Little Liars Book. I finished this one the other day. It has 37 Chapters and 298 Pages. The Back Description on the Book says Aria can't resist her Forbidden Ex, Hanna is on the Verge on losing her BFF, Emily is freaking out over a Simple Kiss, And Spencer can't keep her hands off of Anything that Belongs to Her Sister.

This Book had a lot of OMG Moments that made me wanting to know what was going to happen next. The girls go through a lot in this book to try and Figure out who wants to ruin their lives. A stops them though from wanting to tell people about whats been going on by Revealing their Dark Secrets to their Family and Friends. It starts to Ruin Their Relationships and their Personal Life. The girls though have to stick together if they Wanna find out who A really is. During the End of this Book One of The girls know too much for their own good. I will explain in the Summary what this is exactly about.

**Spoiler Alerts In Summary If you Haven't read this book yet then Don't read this part coming Up**

Summary: Throughout this Book the Girls Relationships and Personal life is Ruin by A. Aria Is Dating Sean who is Hanna Ex. Aria Can't get over her Ex Which is Ezra When she is dating Sean. She Ends up Letting her Feelings for Ezra come back which Ends up not so Good For her. She Even Is kicked out of her own House because her mother doesn't want to talk to her after she knew that her Father Cheated. Aria goes live with Sean. At End of Book Aria Stays over Ezra House and Ezra Ends up in Jail when A Tells Sean Where and what Aria has been up to. Hanna and Mona Relationship goes down hill, When Hanna Starts talking to her old Friends Mona gets Mad and Cuts Hanna off of their Friendship. Hanna Goes to Mona Birthday Party and is Humiliated when She shows up wearing same dress as Mona. Mona Embarrassed her and Lucas Comes to Hanna Rescue. Hanna and Lucas Start Making out in Hollis College Library. When Hanna Starts to put everything together Hanna Figures it out Who A is and Tells the Girls to meet her at Their spot. When There Hanna Gets Ran Over by a SUV. A tells the Girls She Knew Too Much. Hanna Life is in Danger now wondering if she will Survive. Emily Mom finds out about her and Maya, She tells Emily it's Tree Tops or Go live with her Aunt and Uncle. SO Emily starts to avoid Maya thinking the feelings will go away but they don't. When Emily starts talking to Becka a Girl From Tree Tops Rehab Emily finds out Becka isn't over her Ex and Emily knows now that she can't change who she is. Emily goes to Mona Party hope that she can Apologize to Maya and that to Explain everything. When They Start talking and Getting Close Emily Mom shows up and catches them, Emily Mom says Emily now Is going away for awhile. Probably to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Spencer is Tired of everything that been going on that lately her grades been slipping but A tells her there is another way to get a good grade on a Essay. Spencer uses Melissa old Essay and makes it her own to turn in to her teacher not Thinking anything will happen. When the Teacher loves Her Essay so much He Nominates her for a Golden Orchid Award. Which is the Highest Award in the Country. Spencer starts feeling Guilty and knowing this won't end good. When Spencer starts seeing a Therapist she is reminded of Ali and Her fight before Ali went Missing. Spencer can remember almost all of the Memory but not how it ended. When something Happens that makes her Remember, Spencer starts to think she Killed Alison. At End of Book A sends Melissa a Text of her Essay and Wonders why she got this, Spencer parents reads it and says there is a Mistake but Melissa found out Spencer stole her Essay. Melissa and Spencer gets in a Fight and Melissa falls down the Stairs and Ends up in Hospital. Spencer doesn't remember it because She blacks out from time to time not remembering what she just did.

Next Book Gonna Read: Pretty Little Liars 4th Book Unbelievable 

Do I Recommend this Book? Yes I feel this Book will make you wonder what could happen next. It has Drama, Romance, Murder and Mystery. 

CES <3

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Goodbye Look" 06/21/2011

Hey Guys So You Know What this Means a Recap/Review on my Favorite Show. So it started off where the girls were in a Green House talking about how Ian might be alive. Spencer took Melissa phone and she seen that there was a message saying that I can't tell you right now whats going on. Of Course Spence text back and ask a question only Ian knew which was What is the Name of their Baby, Which the answer was Taylor. I wondering though If It wasn't Ian if it was Just A Messing with their Heads as usual. I also Wonder If Melissa seen any Texts from that person.
It Seems Like Melissa could be Hiding something her self. Later on Spencer Finds out that Melissa left the house to go somewhere but she went on foot and didn't seem to go that far. Is there anyway that Melissa and Spencer gonna make up and actually be nice to each other? Well there is a lot that still unresolved between them so I highly doubt. Anyways there is a New person back in Rosewood, Jason is Back and Can You guess why? Anyways Jason is not played by the same person last season this Season He is Played by a Underwear Model and He is a Hottie! Anyone Agree? Well he is back and the Girls are curious why, even Spencer goes over to welcome him back and saying we can help each other out.
He doesn't wanna anyone to find out something because he starts building a Fence just for Privacy but the girls don't believe him. They are thinking he is hiding something but everyone in Rosewood is hiding something if I may say. We will just have to see how this works out. So in this Episode The girls try to pretend not to talk to each other but they still do. A might think otherwise, A sends the girls a Message saying "Look at you all alone in the Crowd, I win-A" How long though can the girls pretend without their family finding out what they are up to. It won't be long Secrets Don't stay buried long in Rosewood. Of course people also can't stay away from Rosewood long as shown by Jason and that Hanna Dad is Back for awhile. Hanna doesn't seem to trust her dad but her dad tells her something that Hanna must took to heart because soon after of talking to her dad, Hanna makes up with Mona. Next Is Emily, Emily doesn't want to move so she finds a way to stay but She might not have to look far because A College might be after her if she stays in Town. Could she convince Her mom? Also Emily goes on a Date with Samara at the movies. Do You think she will end up with Samara?
Toward End of Show Aria and Ezra relationship doesn't seem to be going well. She doesn't think it will work out anymore. After Ezra doesn't show up at the Apartment after she waits she goes to Spencer and found out someone broke in. Aria Takes a Look when She is Attacked by Someone. Could this Be Ian or A?
Aria Seems like she was okay afterward but Spencer wasn't sure. But there has been break ins all over Rosewood. Breaking into Garages and Stealing Camping Gear. Could this Be Ian? Well we are not sure right now but hopefully find out soon. The girls seem to wanna stick together but will A keep them apart? And Who will be next to be Hurt? Anyways at the End of Show Aria Changes her mind about Ezra and Runs to catch up with him before he leaves Rosewood high. When she finds him she runs into his arms and they kiss. I was shocked that they would do that a School! I was seriously about to cry!
Best Dressed: Hanna
I really liked Hanna outfits on the Show. I liked this Picture where she wears a Torn shirt and some Red Skinny Jeans. It would be something that I would be willing to wear. Later during the show she wears a Black glitter shirt. I really liked it!! She wears this when she is talking to her dad then goes to meet up with Mona to say She is Sorry.
Hanna Also Has my Favorite Quote: "Zombies Don't Text" I liked how she just threw that out there when they were talking about Ian in the Green House. Hanna probably believes Ian is dead but the other girls thinks he could still be alive.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb= Will Hanna Forgive Caleb so they can be back together? I Hope So!!

Emily and ?= So I am Wondering who will she date. Will it be Samara or Paige or Even Maya. Maya is suppose to be coming back but we will have to wait and see

Aria and Ezra=Will they stay together and work out their Problems? It seems like Aria is confused but she knows she loves him so Hopefully it will work out.

Spencer and Toby=They seem to be going strong but will it Last?

*More to come soon of PLL :)

CES <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the week that Past #1

Hey guys I know Kinda late but I wanted to just talk about how My Week went and Let me say it was a Crazy week but also boring.
Monday my Ex came over to play video games with my brother and I had to say It was kinda Akward. Just we have this amazing Connection but we can't be together right now for reasons. Throughout that day My Mind kept thinking how things could have been if we had stay together but You can't change the past.
Tuesday was pretty boring except I didn't feel good at all. I stay in Bed mostly. But I couldn't get him off my mind still from Yesterday. It's hard when you have feelings for someone but you know you can't be with that person. Also I had my Doctor Appointment which She said I might have a Bladder Disease i go Back in two weeks.
Wednesday I went to my College to do a little bit of Lab hours. All I do is I observe Children and How the Teachers treat them. My Major is a Childrens Major. I wanna work in a Adoption Center or a Childrens Camp. I just need to Make up these Lab hours so in August I can register for my Fall Semester.
Thursday I just stayed home and Spent some time with the Family.
Friday: I had My Second Therapist Appointment. We talked about how my Confidence is Low and What had caused it. We also talked about My Health and How I felt about everything thats been going on lately. Now I won't lie to you....I really liked talking to her because it feels good for me to talk to someone about my emotions and what goes on in my life. Some people say it's a bad thing but if it helps you then it's not a bad thing at all.
Saturday: I spent the Whole day being in Pain. I felt like I couldn't do anything or hardly move. I was just really feeling the Pain. So i tried to relax as much as I could for this Day
Sunday: Today I Was In so Much Pain that My mom Had to take me to Hospital. So when we go there it didn't take long for them to see us. All they made me do was Pee in a Cup and come to found out I had a Urine Infection. So Oh Joy More meds I had now! Ugh :/ It's really annoying lately not knowing what day to day is going bring with my Health. Also It's Fathers Day!! So Just wanna Say To My dad that no matter what we do or what we fight over I still love you.

   So Yea This was how my week went. I will try and do these Vlogs every sunday and it will talk about the week that just past. Just so Ya'll can see what I do on a Everyday to Day Basis.

   Oh I am Almost Done with My Current book I am reading. I got so Far this week with the Book that I look forward to Writing a Review on Pretty Little Liars 3rd book Perfect. So Keep a Look out on that:)

CES <3

Friday, June 17, 2011


So I wanted to talk about this today because I went to see my therapist today and we talked about this Subject. Myself I don't have a lot of confidence and I guess it started ever since when I was little and I got Picked on by other people. Since then I haven't really had the Confidence to do stuff because I would feel like I wasn't good enough or doubt my self. I Learned that If I work at it I can get the confidence that I want. I know it's easier to say it than do it but If you work at it you can have the confidence your self. I know there is more people out there with the same problem that I have and I just want to say that your not alone and that We can eventually get the confidence we want. She taught me that you have to believe in yourself and when you do Confidence will come more easier. What she wanted me to do was make a Collage about stuff that makes me happy and every day when I wake up to look at that and let those bad emotions go away. I feel that everyone should do this it can help you realize whats Important and help you feel that you enough Confidence to do what you want. No matter how old or young you are you can have Confidence and believe that you can do the things you really want to do. I know I just have to stop thinking about the Negative things and just stay focus on the Positive. It will help you believe in your self more and get you the self achievement you want. Hopefully I will start to gain the Confidence that I want, I know it will take some time but I believe that I can get it.

CES <3

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get To Know Me Tag

Hey Guys I was Tag by 21SaraLoves to do this Tag. I thought it would be great to do this so Everyone can get to know me a little better.

  • Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Yes I think it's really sweet.

  • A big poofy dress or a short party dress? A Short Party Dress I hate Poofy Dresses

  • Are diamonds a girl's best friend? I believe thats true but They are expensive. I rather relies on other things than for someone to get me diamonds.

  • Is your hair up or down today? Down but Messy didn't feel like messing with it

  • Do you straighten your hair? Yes Sometimes but not alot. I would actually want my hair curly all the time.

  • Favorite mascara? I use ELF It works fine for me.

  • Do you get your nails done? Nope I would like to though

  • Small or large purses? Large just because I will put anything I see in my purse

  • Jeans or sweats? Sweats because they are more Comfortable

  • Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? No Not really

  • Do you text message a lot? Yes I rather do that then talk on phone. Yes I am Weird like that lol

  • Whats your favorite color? Yellow is always my Favorite Color

  • Heels or flats? I love Flats 

  • Would you ever leave the house without makeup on? Yea Because I don't wear a lot of Makeup

  • Walmart or Target? Walmart

  • Do you think lip gloss is the best!? It's okay I used to be not all into lip products but my mind is Changing

  • Do you own any big sunglasses? Yea some Big White ones:":)

  • How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I would say maybe 10 mins just depends where im going

  • Gold or silver? I prefer Silver 

  • Do you like to wear dresses? Sometimes but I am more of a T-shirt and Jeans Girl more but I do wear Dresses

  • In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy? No Unless U count my Brother lol

  • Do you like to hold hands? Yes

  • What do you notice when you first meet a guy? Eyes, Smile, And Personality

  • Do you like making eye contact? Sure I guess

  • Would you kill for chocolate? Not really Chocolate makes me sick

  • On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping? 8 Just depends 

  • Do you yell a lot? Not really Only when someone makes me mad

  • Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work? No 

  • Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? No Because I wouldn't change my self for a guy

  • What makeup could you not live without? If I had to say Um Concealer Because I have bad Under Eyes 

  • Do you fall in love easily? I try not to because I been hurt so much in the Past

  • Do you have cramps? Yea

  • Do you think you have the bestest friend ever? No, I Have friends but not one thats really close to me. 

    So I Tag Anyone Who Would Want to do this Tag! 

    CES <3

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Pretty Little Liars

    Hey so Today Pretty Little Liars Season 2 comes on tonight and I am ready to see it. I been reading the books on them and I love it so far. I love How PLL Has romance, Drama and Mystery. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to know Whats gonna happen next.

    These Girls have an amazing Style. Hanna is more of a Girly/chic Dresser, Aria puts her own twist to outfits, Spencer is more Classy and Emily has a more laid back style. I was wanna ask Who do you think is A? I have my Suspensions. Here is who I Guess on the TV Show:
    1. Ian
    2. Jason
    3. Mona

    I mean I would be shocked if it wasn't one of these three people. But I guess we will just to have to wait and see who A really is on the show. Hopefully soon! A Has done so much to the girls that I am wondering what will happen to the girls in Season 2. Be ready for more Kick ass Drama, Romances to spring up in rosewood, and more Secrets to unfold. I don't know how the girls can handle all of it, if I was them I would have already have lost my mind. Well in This Season The Liars will have to see a Therapist. Also we will know What Happen to Ian, Is he Dead or Alive? What do you think?
    Now about the Couples in Rosewood, What Do you think?
    Will Spencer and Toby Stay Together?
    Will Hanna and Caleb Make up?
    Will Aria stay with Ezra or Find Someone New?
    Will Emily move to Texas? And Will Emily get together with Maya, Samara or Paige?

    Remember it comes on Tonight on ABC Family. I know I am gonna be Glued to The Tv. Let me know what you think....

    "Can You Keep a Secret"

    CES <3

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Five True Facts About Me

    Hey so I thought I would share some stuff about me that some people may not have known.

    Fact 1: I used to be a Blonde. My hair was a dirty blonde and I didn't like it. So I went to the store and looked at the Hair Dyes and I was in Love with this Reddish Brown Color. So I bought it and My mom did my Hair in our Bathroom. Haha Yes she did do my hair and I like it. Every time I would get my hair Dyed at a Salon it wouldn't stay that long and my roots would always go back to the Dirty Blonde color. I hated it.

    Fact 2: I Like to watch the Food Network Channel. I watch it all the Time but I can't Cook! haha I hate to cook anything. All I really like to eat is Microwave food! I just hate when food takes forever to cook. My Parents thinks it crazy that I love to watch food Network channel but I won't cook anything. Weird Huh? lol but it's just what I like. I just like watching people cook desserts:) I just hate to see how I am gonna be once I  move out of the House.

    Fact 3: Another food thing...I Don't eat Chocolate. Yea That does shock people when I tell them I don't really like it. It's because When I do Eat Chocolate it makes me sick and even I can't stand the smell of it. I can have small amounts of Chocolate but not a lot.

    Fact 4: I used to be really Athletic in Middle School and High School. In Middle School I was In Cheerleading for 2 years. I really loved it but I wasn't that Good at Tryouts because another Fact about me is that I used to be really Shy. Cheerleading was really Fun though and it kept me staying in Shape. In High School though in 10th grade I tried out to be in Cheerleading but I didn't make it :/ That really got me down but I decided to try out for my Drill team and I made it. I love to dance but I can't really do freestyle. It also kept me in shape but almost at the end I quit drill team because there was too much Drama. Yea I know I should have just Stayed. But since then I haven't been that Active. Now I am trying to atleast do some type of exercise. I now been doing Yoga. I am not that Flexible though but really trying to work at it though.

    Fact 5: I have a Huge fear of Heights and Drowning. Every time I get into the Water at the Lake I feel I wanna have like a Panic Attack. I just hate feeling that way though. I guess it's because I am not the best swimmer out there. You would think me being 19 years old that I would know how to swim but I don't :/ I really do need to learn though. Next is Heights I hate it so bad. I won't even get on Rides that are high like even roller coasters. I did though when I went for my Senior trip to Six Flags I did go on a Few Roller Coasters but nothing that would flip or turn upside down. I am sorry but I really hate rides like that. My stomach just I feel gonna fly right out lol.

    So I hope you enjoyed this :) Some might sound weird or Stupid but hey Nothing I can do, This is Just way I am.

    CES <3

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    A Vlog on Next Couple of days to Come

    Hey guys to this is gonna be a like a Vlog just talking about what I have to do in next couple of days to come. Today which is Friday I went to my College to do some Catch up Lab Hours but I only did 2 hours because I started to not feel good :/ I need though to get Motivated and Finish the Hours so I can register for my Fall Semester Classes. The rest of today I spent laying down. I started to get a Major pain in my life side, Probably having to deal with whatever is wrong with my health. Which doctors now think is my Bladder but won't know for sure till this Tuesday...Well Hopefully. So Tomorrow I am going to my Bestie house for her birthday day party she is turning 21. They are having a get together at her house then going to Club but I am not going to the Club. It would be nice for me to show up so I told her that I would show up to her house. First Birthday Party I been to in a while. Anyways I can't believe how fast we are growing up kinda sad though. Sunday is basically a Lazy day for me. It kinda always is. Just gonna relax and try to save my energy because Lately I haven't been getting a lot of sleep. I Actually Have Insomia because I have hard trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Monday hopefully I am gonna try and get some more Lab Hours done. I need to get in as much as I can. Once done with Lab Hours I can finally stop worrying about it. Tuesday is when my Doctor appointment is. It's where they will check my cuts on my Stomach and Then Look into if I have something wrong with my Bladder. Hopefully at this Appointment I will finally have a answer to what is causing me to be in Pain for 8 months. Later that Night is Pretty Little Liars Season 2!! Yes I am excited.

    So Yea this is just a look in to my next couple of days of what I will be up to...

    CES <3

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    Born This Way Tag

    "I was Born this Way because It Allows me to learn from my Mistakes, To stay strong, and to know that Everything Happens for a Reason"

    So Another Tag But this One I found on Youtube By Many People. Basically It's about How people get Label for things just the way for them looking or how they act. There was a Episode on Glee called Born this Way That talks about Labels. This Is Important to me Because I have myself been Labeled and Been Talked about. It's Like the Post I did awhile back on Love is Louder than...
    Throughout my whole childhood I was made fun of because of my Size, being Quiet, Being Called a Nerd, Just People saying I wasn't good enough. I have tried many ways to try and Deal with it but sometimes it just to hard to keep everything to your self. I believe that Just because someone is different than you doesn't mean you should disrespect that person because what if they Labeled you or Made fun of you. I wouldn't like it...
    There is so much Hate in the world that some people just can't handle it and hate to say but thats when Suicide happens. It hurts to hear about that because it could have been one of your friends. We should just be careful about what we say to people because we don't know how it affects them.
    My Size of being short, Being Quiet, not Popular, Being Smart, or just awkward....To You I say I was Born this Way.
    No one can help who they are but they can control the Path they take in life. Its Always easy to assume you know how they feel but you don't until it happens to you. But we Don't go through it alone if You need someone to talk to please talk to someone about it, it will help. Whenever I am sad I know I always can count on my family and friends to talk to.

    Spread this Along to your friends. I Tag All Of Ya'll to do this Tag and Talk about What Labels you had to go through in your Life........

    CES <3

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Fun Random Tag

    Hey guys to I just found out I was Tag by 21SaraLoves to do this Tag. SO I thought I would share some stuff about me.

    1. Favorite Nickname? My Friends call me Shorty or Crissy. Shorty because I am only 4'11.2. Favorite Color? Yellow Is my Favorite. Has been since I was Little.3. Are you outgoing? Yes I am. And I get Hyper on my Own I don't need candy to start it lol
    4. Are you more cautious or curious? I would say more Curious
    5. Cat lover or dog lover? I would say a Dog Lover because cats tend to get on my nerves more.
    6. Goldfish or shark? haha Goldfish
    7. Do you like the movie Jaws? Um I can't remember If I seen it or not. I don't watch a lot of scary Movies.
    8. Scary movies or comedies? Comedies. Just because I love when They can put a Smile on my face.
    9. Are you social? Well at First I am not but When I open up to someone I just never stop Talking.
    10. How many schools have you attended? Elementary 3, Middle 1, High School 1
    11. Do you know sign language? I know How to do my Name thats about it lol
    12. Can you dance? Not good at Freestyle but Choreographs I can do really well. I use to be in Drill Team.
    13. Texting or talking on the phone? I hate talking on phone so texting is what I love
    14. Do you sing in the shower? Haha Yea Sometimes I do
    15. What are you wearing right now? White T-Shirt and Black Shorts
    16. How charged is your phone right now? I would say about 85% Charged
    17. Are you eating something right now..If so what? Nothing Now
    18. Favorite sport? Doesn't have One
    19. Favorite song of the moment? Plain White T's "Swing to Rhythm of Love"
    20. What time did you wake up today? about 12 something

    So i Hope this Help you get to know me a little better :)

    I tag Whoever wants to do this. I would Like to see what Yours Would Say!!

    CES <3

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    A Book Review on Pretty Little Liars: Flawless 2nd book of Series

    Hey guys so I just got done finishing This book last Night. It has 37 Chapters and has 330 Pages filled with Mystery and Drama. As some of Ya'll know the Series of Pretty Little Liars got changed into a TV Show which Is Very Good show! The Book I just got done reading was the second book to the series of Pretty Little Liars. The Back Description on back of the Book says Spencer stole her sisters Boyfriend. Aria is Brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya...As more than a Friend. Hanna's Obsession with Looking Flawless is Making her Sick.

    I only started reading these books because I started to watch the show and I loved it. Once I found out that it was based off of books I had to get the books and read them. The only thing I hate though is that When books go to Movie or Show they always change things up and sometimes I hate it. This time though I am really interested to find out how their Characters are in the books. It makes me understand them a little more when I read about them. I Love How each chapter you read gives you Drama and it keeps you wanting to Know whats going to Happen Next. 

    Summary: The Series is about four girls who are haunted by their past. When their friend Alison goes missing and ends up dead, All the liars secrets starts to come out. Hanna Used to be Fat and not Popular but Once Ali goes missing She changes her look. Now she is Most Popular in School but has a Tendency to Steal. She is Devastated when Sean breaks up with her. Aria is a Artsy girl who Makes things of her own and loves to Design things. Aria Was going out with Her English Teacher Ezra when He broke things off with her. Aria was Heartbroken. Things got worse when She found out her dad was Cheating on her mom and A who is making the girls life Hell Sent a Note to Aria Mom Saying Her Dad was Cheating and Aria Knew the Whole time. Emily is a tomboy who is on the Swimming team and is trying to find out who she really is. Emily and Ben break up when Ben Catches Emily Making out with the New Girl in town Maya. Maya is staying in the House where Ali used to live. Emily Started to Avoid Maya though Because she didn't want people to find out how she felt about Maya. When A threatens her, Emily Starts to Think that Toby is A and that He killed Alison. Spencer is a Classy and Hard Working Student who tends to like guys that her sister Dates. She and Wren(Who was Melissa soon to be Husband) were messing around in the Barn when Her Sister Melissa Catches them. Spencer Parents soon stop talking to her and Cut off all her Credit cards. So Spencer goes behind their back and Starts to Date Wren. But when She doesn't hear from Wren in a Couple of days She Finally gets a Call Saying things weren't gonna work out between them. Wren and Melissa got back Together. So Throughout this whole book the Liars are trying to figure out Who A is and why A wants to ruin their Lives. A Sends them Text messages Saying Watch your Back and You hurt me so I am going to Hurt you. Pretty interesting huh? I think So.

    Next Book I am Going to read: Pretty Little Liars: Perfect 3rd book of Series

    Do I Recommend this Book? Yes I really Recommend this Series to people who Love Mystery and Drama. I Also Hope U watch the Show on ABC Family, The Second Season comes on June 14 at 7/8pm.

    P.S-More Post To Come on Pretty Little Liars. So keep eye out on them.

    CES <3

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Recovery and What Happens Next

    Well as some of Ya'll know on June 1st I had Surgery to find out why I been in Pain for almost 8 months. The Surgery went well and I found out that my Female Parts are okay and that I don't have ENDO. My stomach has 3 cuts on it and they are healing up pretty good. Sometimes it hurts to sit or walk but I am relaxing as much as I can. The Doctor said that I might have a Bladder Disease so thats what they are gonna look into next. I just wish I already knew what was wrong with my Health. In two weeks I go back to Doctor and Hopefully thats when they will tell me for sure whats going on.
    After I find out whats wrong with my Health and get the Meds I need I can start getting my Life back together. As Of Finishing My Lab Hours and Going back to work.

    CES <3