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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Born This Way Tag

"I was Born this Way because It Allows me to learn from my Mistakes, To stay strong, and to know that Everything Happens for a Reason"

So Another Tag But this One I found on Youtube By Many People. Basically It's about How people get Label for things just the way for them looking or how they act. There was a Episode on Glee called Born this Way That talks about Labels. This Is Important to me Because I have myself been Labeled and Been Talked about. It's Like the Post I did awhile back on Love is Louder than...
Throughout my whole childhood I was made fun of because of my Size, being Quiet, Being Called a Nerd, Just People saying I wasn't good enough. I have tried many ways to try and Deal with it but sometimes it just to hard to keep everything to your self. I believe that Just because someone is different than you doesn't mean you should disrespect that person because what if they Labeled you or Made fun of you. I wouldn't like it...
There is so much Hate in the world that some people just can't handle it and hate to say but thats when Suicide happens. It hurts to hear about that because it could have been one of your friends. We should just be careful about what we say to people because we don't know how it affects them.
My Size of being short, Being Quiet, not Popular, Being Smart, or just awkward....To You I say I was Born this Way.
No one can help who they are but they can control the Path they take in life. Its Always easy to assume you know how they feel but you don't until it happens to you. But we Don't go through it alone if You need someone to talk to please talk to someone about it, it will help. Whenever I am sad I know I always can count on my family and friends to talk to.

Spread this Along to your friends. I Tag All Of Ya'll to do this Tag and Talk about What Labels you had to go through in your Life........

CES <3


  1. Great post! And I think being short is great because you are not looking down on anyone, being quiet just means you are shy- nothing to be ashamed of, not being popular can mean that you do not act fake to make friends, beings smart means that you are going to get very far in life and make a difference and being awkward means that you are unique. Next time someone says any of those things to you, you should just say thank you (: