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Welcome to My Blog. I just started this on March 6th, 2011. This blog will be about my life and my family.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Vlog of the week that Past #2

Hey so Yea another week gone. These weeks have been going by so Fast! This week was pretty okay didn't do a lot except for trying to get all my Lab hours done so I can sign up for Fall Classes.

Monday 20th: I didn't do much because I have a Bladder Infection so I couldn't get out of the House. Started taking Meds today to help with the Pain. It started working but another thing came up, Yea the time of the Month... It happen Twice :/ They are so messed up! It's really Annoying.

Tuesday 21st: I just relax today too, I didn't wake up till about 1pm. It's kinda nice for me to sleep in because I have Insomnia so I don't get a lot of sleep during the night. Also today was Pretty Little Liars! After I watched that, I started to watch Nine Lives of Chloe King. It's a Pretty good show so far.

Wednesday 22nd: Today i woke up at 8:05 and I got ready to go do some Lab hours at my College. I got there at 9am and Stayed there till 11am. I went home for a little bit to make me something to eat then relax. At 2:30pm I went back and put in more hours. I went home about 4:30pm. That Night I talked to two friends of mine on the Phone. They were just calling to see how I was doing.

Thursday 23rd: Today was just a Boring day. I didn't do much today because I didn't feel good. Usually when I do to much I start feeling really bad which I hate. So I just chilled and Watch Movies.

Friday 24th: Today I woke up early at 8:05 and got ready to put in more lab hours. I arrived at 9am and stayed till about 11am. When I was done I went home to eat and chill. Soon it was time for my Therapist Appointment. We just talked about my Health, Motivation and Confidence. She told me to make a Event Journal and When something happen that made me sad or angry for me to write it down and to express how I felt. I got out about 2pm and went Shopping for some Grocery's with my Mom and Brother.

Saturday 25th: Today was a relaxing day because I am trying to save my energy for the week coming up because it's my last week to put in and Finish all my lab Hours. I have 23 lab hours left. So today I just relaxed and watched Hook and Fired Up. I also Went in my Planner for the week coming up and calculated how many hours I would do in a Day and Hopefully this Will work. When My mom got home from work she told me that I would be hearing from a Lady that works in ChildCare and That There is an Opening. So I might be getting a New Job Hopefully!!!

Sunday 26th: So today I woke up about 12:30pm to find that My Mom went to Hospital because Lately she been having Pains in her Back and Side. I haven't heard anything from them yet but Hopefully soon. My brother went with her because My Dad was at Work and I was asleep at the Time. So Just waiting now. Today I am just gonna relax and Probably just Watch movies and Read My book. Tomorrow is gonna be a Start to a very busy day...I just hope I am ready to get what I need done.

So This was how My week went. This week coming up is gonna be a Busy one because this is the last week I can Finish my Lab hours. I am just Hoping I can get them all done. Also I have to go see a Bladder Specialist during the Week to see if I have a Bladder Disease or not. We shall see how this Goes, I will Be updating how it goes. Sorry if I didn't write a lot on each day I couldn't remember what I did.

CES <3