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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty Little Liars "Goodbye Look" 06/21/2011

Hey Guys So You Know What this Means a Recap/Review on my Favorite Show. So it started off where the girls were in a Green House talking about how Ian might be alive. Spencer took Melissa phone and she seen that there was a message saying that I can't tell you right now whats going on. Of Course Spence text back and ask a question only Ian knew which was What is the Name of their Baby, Which the answer was Taylor. I wondering though If It wasn't Ian if it was Just A Messing with their Heads as usual. I also Wonder If Melissa seen any Texts from that person.
It Seems Like Melissa could be Hiding something her self. Later on Spencer Finds out that Melissa left the house to go somewhere but she went on foot and didn't seem to go that far. Is there anyway that Melissa and Spencer gonna make up and actually be nice to each other? Well there is a lot that still unresolved between them so I highly doubt. Anyways there is a New person back in Rosewood, Jason is Back and Can You guess why? Anyways Jason is not played by the same person last season this Season He is Played by a Underwear Model and He is a Hottie! Anyone Agree? Well he is back and the Girls are curious why, even Spencer goes over to welcome him back and saying we can help each other out.
He doesn't wanna anyone to find out something because he starts building a Fence just for Privacy but the girls don't believe him. They are thinking he is hiding something but everyone in Rosewood is hiding something if I may say. We will just have to see how this works out. So in this Episode The girls try to pretend not to talk to each other but they still do. A might think otherwise, A sends the girls a Message saying "Look at you all alone in the Crowd, I win-A" How long though can the girls pretend without their family finding out what they are up to. It won't be long Secrets Don't stay buried long in Rosewood. Of course people also can't stay away from Rosewood long as shown by Jason and that Hanna Dad is Back for awhile. Hanna doesn't seem to trust her dad but her dad tells her something that Hanna must took to heart because soon after of talking to her dad, Hanna makes up with Mona. Next Is Emily, Emily doesn't want to move so she finds a way to stay but She might not have to look far because A College might be after her if she stays in Town. Could she convince Her mom? Also Emily goes on a Date with Samara at the movies. Do You think she will end up with Samara?
Toward End of Show Aria and Ezra relationship doesn't seem to be going well. She doesn't think it will work out anymore. After Ezra doesn't show up at the Apartment after she waits she goes to Spencer and found out someone broke in. Aria Takes a Look when She is Attacked by Someone. Could this Be Ian or A?
Aria Seems like she was okay afterward but Spencer wasn't sure. But there has been break ins all over Rosewood. Breaking into Garages and Stealing Camping Gear. Could this Be Ian? Well we are not sure right now but hopefully find out soon. The girls seem to wanna stick together but will A keep them apart? And Who will be next to be Hurt? Anyways at the End of Show Aria Changes her mind about Ezra and Runs to catch up with him before he leaves Rosewood high. When she finds him she runs into his arms and they kiss. I was shocked that they would do that a School! I was seriously about to cry!
Best Dressed: Hanna
I really liked Hanna outfits on the Show. I liked this Picture where she wears a Torn shirt and some Red Skinny Jeans. It would be something that I would be willing to wear. Later during the show she wears a Black glitter shirt. I really liked it!! She wears this when she is talking to her dad then goes to meet up with Mona to say She is Sorry.
Hanna Also Has my Favorite Quote: "Zombies Don't Text" I liked how she just threw that out there when they were talking about Ian in the Green House. Hanna probably believes Ian is dead but the other girls thinks he could still be alive.

Couple Update:

Hanna and Caleb= Will Hanna Forgive Caleb so they can be back together? I Hope So!!

Emily and ?= So I am Wondering who will she date. Will it be Samara or Paige or Even Maya. Maya is suppose to be coming back but we will have to wait and see

Aria and Ezra=Will they stay together and work out their Problems? It seems like Aria is confused but she knows she loves him so Hopefully it will work out.

Spencer and Toby=They seem to be going strong but will it Last?

*More to come soon of PLL :)

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  1. Love Pretty Little Liars! It's my favorite show at the moment, until Weeds comes back on!

  2. I definetely like the actor playing Jason this season wayyyyyyyyyy better than the actor last season!

    But is it just me or did they totally change his personality between last season and this one?


  3. No I agree with you I feel like they did change his personality up a bit. Heard him and Aria might have something going on.